40 C40 Aliens?

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"I'm here to talk to you two about the Avengers Initiative." Fury, who just broken into Tony's mansion, reveals as he holds up a folder.

"Oh, do I finally get to know what the Avengers thing is all about?" Peter exclaimed as he rushed over to Fury and snatched the folder.

"Hey!" Fury shouted, trying to take the folder back, but Peter already made his way back across the room.

"What's this all about?" Tony mutters as he pours himself a drink and takes a seat next to Peter, who was flipping through the many pages in the file Fury brought.

"I know just about as much as you. I've only heard of this Avengers thing because the angry cyclops over there let it slip when we first met." Peter explains as Tony reads over his shoulder.

"The Avengers Initiative is a program created to bring together a group of remarkable people to face extraordinary threats." Fury explains as he takes a seat across from Peter and Tony.

The Avengers Initiative, which was originally conceptualized as the Protector Initiative or Phase 1, is a project created by Shield and Nick Fury to form the Avengers. A response team comprised of the most remarkable individuals humankind has to offer.

"The Avengers Initiative is supposed to defend the Earth from imminent global threats that are beyond the warfighting capability of conventional military forces." Fury continues.

"What could you possibly be expecting to happen?" Tony asks incredulously. "This seems like you're preparing for some alien invasion or something."

"Says the man who just fought a villain in a giant metal suit of power armor. Just saying that makes me think we live in some type of comic book world." Fury comments with an annoyed look. "The universe we live in is a lot more complicated than you would like to believe."

"One instance doesn't prove that we need to form some team of superheroes to handle nonexistent threats." Tony explains as he takes the folder from Peter's hands and tosses it toward Fury.

"Hey, I was reading that!" Peter snaps in annoyance.

"What? Don't tell me that you're buying this bullsh*t?" Tony asks incredulously. "This is obviously just a scheme to get any powerful people to be under the government in some way."

Before Peter could reply, Fury took out another folder from his black trench coat.

"I knew you would be doubtful, so I brought the report of something that happened in 1995." Fury says as he hands over the folder.

'He wouldn't...' Peter thought as he took the folder.

Opening it up, Peter began reading through the heavily redacted sheets of paper.

He was surprised to find it filled with information on the events that took place in the Captain Marvel movie. Carol Danvers name seemed to be redacted alongside many other things, but it pretty much depicted the small invasion of two alien races.

The Kree and The Skrull.

The Kree are a militaristic race of mostly blue-skinned humanoids from the planet Hala. One of the most technically advanced races in the galaxy, the Kree are skilled in genetic engineering and are responsible for the creation of the Inhumans on Earth. Though that wasn't mentioned in the file. Politically, they are a powerful intergalactic state, controlling a vast fascist empire.

Meanwhile, the Skrulls are a technologically advanced race of reptilian humanoids, native to the destroyed planet Skrulls. They are notable for their shapeshifting abilities, which allow them to replicate other lifeforms seamlessly, and infiltrate planets without suspicion.

These two races are in a constant state of war, where the Kree military is hunting down any living Skrull refugees they could find. The conflict is completely one-sided, with the Skrulls being the victims of the Kree's genocidal war.

No information about the Skrull's shape-shifting ability was mentioned in the file, which means it was most likely redacted.

If Peter remembers correctly, some of the Skrulls stayed on Earth, with many of them joining Shield. Fury probably wants to keep their ability a secret, as someone who can shapeshift probably makes the perfect spy.

Just look at Mystique from the X-Men.

Another thing that seemed to be heavily redacted, or most likely not included in the report was the involvement of the Tesseract, but Peter expected that.

"Wow, aliens, huh?" Peter comments as he looks at the many photos in the folder, which depicted some Skrull and Kree corpses alongside a spaceship and other proof.

"What?!" Tony exclaimed as he snatched the file from Peter's hand for the second time.

"Dude, if you keep doing that..." Peter says menacingly.

"Oh, calm down, Web-Head." Tony shook his head as he started reading.

After a minute of silence, Tony finished reading the file.

"Prove it." Tony says and tosses the file on the coffee table between them.

"How would you like me to do that, Mr. Stark?" Fury asks with a smirk.

He knew that with just this little bit of information that Tony and Spider-Man would at least take him seriously. After seeing proof of hostile advanced alien races, who wouldn't feel the need for precautions.

"These pictures show corpses." Tony says as he leans over and spreads the folder, showing the pictures. "You had to have preserved them. Show me."

"Fine." After a moment of silent thought, Fury took out his phone and made a short phone call. "Send the Quinjet to my location."

After those short words, Fury hung up and looked toward Peter and Tony.

"Are we going to a secret Shield lair?" Peter asked.

"More like a Shield facility, but yes." Fury nods.

After only a few minutes of waiting, where Tony and Fury engaged in some sort of d*ck measuring contest, Peter heard the sound of a jet engine over the mansion.

As soon as he heard it, the engine sound disappeared and was replaced by the sound of a propeller going off. Looking out the window, they all saw the Quinjet land in Tony's spacious backyard. The fans on its wings allow the jet to maneuver like a helicopter.

[Insert picture of the Quinjet cuz why not?]

"Come on." Fury calls out as he walks toward the jet.

Tony looked hesitant, but Peter patted him on the back.

"Don't p*ssy out now. This was your idea after all." Peter says as he drags Tony to the jet.

"I'm not... I just don't trust this guy." Tony says.

"It's okay, if he tries anything then I'll save you. We all know your useless without your suit after all." Peter says as he steps into the Quinjet, taking a seat across from Fury.

Sighing reluctantly and annoyed by Peter's comment, Tony steps onto the jet and sits beside Peter.


After a short and fast flight, the Quinjet flew low in a desert area and was headed straight at a rocky cliffside.

"Ohh, is your secret lair on the side of that cliff?" Peter says in awe as a portion of the cliffside opens up and the Quinjet flies inside.

"Eh, I could do better." Tony mutters, clearly not as impressed as Peter.

As a group of Shield agents come to welcome their arrival, the jet enters a huge hanger and lands beside some other aircraft,

"Good evening, Director." One of them says as he saluted. "Can I be of any assistance?"

"Take us to cold storage." Fury orders as the man motions for them to follow and leads the way.

After going down a very long elevator, they arrived at their floor and the agents that accompanied them turned back. They didn't have the clearance level to enter this area.

Following Fury down a hallway, he took them into a room, which was locked behind passcodes and key card access.

Inside, Peter saw many big glass vats filled with cold blue liquid and the bodies of both Kree and Skrull corpses.

[Insert pictures of Skrull and Kree people here]

"Interesting..." Peter mutters as he rushes over to a control terminal PC and starts typing.

"You won't be able to..." Fury says as the lock screen on the PC is instantly bypassed. "How did you do that?!"

"Shut up, he's working." Tony says as he walks over and watches Peter with an impressed look.

Suddenly, a video of an autopsy of the bodies was played, showing the alien insides alongside commentary of the scientists working on the Kree and Skrull bodies.

"I would say I believe now." Peter comments as he passed the videos and turns to Tony. "How about you?"

"Same, I never thought we were alone in the universe, but this is just... crazy." Tony says as he walks up the glass vats and looks over the alien bodies. "I'd like to perform my own tests on the bodies, but that can wait for another day."

"Do I have your cooperation for the Avengers Initiative now?" He asks with a smirk as if he already won them over.

"Sure..." Tony says but Peter places a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"Don't give in so easily. Let's talk terms." Peter says, instantly wiping the smirk from Fury's smug face.

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