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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

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Really good book hope it get chosen soon..... Looking forward to the main lead couple become close. Similar to other romance book on this app.. If you like light fluffy comedy romance this is for you....


I feel like I have read this somewhere, especially the intro of coaxing the FL to drink the medicine. But alas, still can't remember after 60 chapters. Its a typically chinese novel, but this one is with FL that know that she can ask the ML's help for any issues, which she did. Can't say that I like or dislike with this type of FL yet, too early and not enough chapters to make judgement #eaaa. The pre face-slapping is quite cliche as in kinda dragged on and on with insults etc for more than 1 chapter, before 'wham'. You just got face-slapped lol. Hope we can read more on this novel.


Loving this book! Pure good feeling fun book! ML falls first and is so sweet to MC. Amazing looking, powerful ML similar to lots of books of this genre but the FL doesn’t let people walk all over her. The book is really enjoyable to read. Highly recommend this!


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Reveal spoiler


The only reason this is a high rating is because the translation quality & stability of updates, otherwise it'd be the lowest score. I've been keeping up with the current updates (don't ask me why) but I want to save others from falling into the trap of investing time/money in a story that doesn't deserve it. There's a lot of chapters that feel repeated because it's just the characters saying/thinking things they've already said. So, it feels like a scam to pay to read something that adds nothing new to the story. Aside from the way they met, there's nothing really to dislike about ML - he values FL & does everything in his power for her. Because of what FL has experienced, she's a character that needs to rely on others to the point of not being able to do anything for herself. It's not until around the 2000ish chapters that she starts to speak out/try to solve things herself (though she's still using the backing of others) but there was no good development for that so it seems a bit out of character for her. Her brother is a loyal to her too so that's nice, but it's silly how his true identity just so happens to still leave her with a connection to her. Also, the novel begins with him needing surgery & 2000ish chapters later & he still hasn't had it yet. I also don't like how he never showed signs of liking this one character (whose family doesn't have a good relationship with FL) but suddenly he does like said character. As for FL's friend, I'm sorry but she's annoying & it's ridiculous that she just so happens to end up having a relationship with the person she does (who happens to be much older & that's whatever but it feels sick as she just turned of legal age). The "love rivals" pose no actual threat to the relationship & serve as nothing but waste of chapters, often repeating the same schemes/conversations over & over again. I like ML's grandmother but his mom is a fool, to put it nicely, stubbornly acting like a child even though she knows her sons/family will not budge on their stances regarding the relationships. & one of the most irritating things about this story is how a certain character will get badly exposed (to the point of being a social outcast) yet somehow they manage to survive, even though the story made it seem impossible. Even after the things they've done, they still hold a high level though they shouldn't based on the writing, it's like the writer made everyone have amnesia.


Oh my gosh, no... I love the story BUT... No, man. So the FL is very hypocritical in handling the ML. When she needs his power in dealing with her trouble (which is alot of trouble for the week they've been married) she recognizes that he's her husband but when it comes to affection then she's all "oooh I haven't recognized him as a husband yet" blurrrgh ew She wants him to accept her and all her crap and gets angry when he questions her feelings for someone whom she had dedicated 10 yrs of her life to. It's only reasonable he would assume such since no one is totally over their ex within a week of being totally betrayed by him. BUT she doesn't want to accept that the ML genuinely likes her and keeps coming up with excuses to why he married her, I mean--- Anyway... The ML is AWESOME I love him to bits. Also the plot is a mixture of a whole lot of other stories I've read before so it's kinda predictable what's gonna happen next. The story gives us little to no background of the characters, but the trouble that keeps finding her maigot! it's too unrealistic visa the timeframe of the story. I'm only on ch274 and the timeline of the story is still just under a week or so but the drama, whoa it's like every hour there's drama.


If you have Mo Yosi as your husband to lean on, you could not ask for more. Here’s one male lead that is never arrogant to the female lead. Right at the start, he has consistently given her the protection and affections befitting for his wife. On the other hand, Qiao MianMian is one female lead that has been weaken because of her shortcomings in life. She was cheated by her fiance and deeply traumatized hence making her wary and not so warm towards Mo Yosi. But it feels so cute having her depend on her hubby. This novel is such heart-warming. The romance may not directly start with love emotions but it’s well-written and the plot is super nice. A must-have in the reading library. Kudos to the Author!


What is most interesting, why does this book go on snd on! Mo Yesi have his wife, his brother is married with a baby. AUTHOR SHOULDN’t you wrap this up by expose Tangula and Madam Mo along with SuZe and Quinan Ax. Stop with the same storyline and adding. different people. This is absurd.


This novel is a mess. How many chapters are in this book? Do not read its a waste of time and money . Some of the chapters are so unnecessary and repeat the sentences over and over .


Love this book so much! Currently at Chapter 700 but there are a lot of fluffiness and wife doting that are being shown still. How much do I love the ML! He's so honest with his feelings and very straightforward as well. If there are any dramas or misunderstandings, it gets resolved right away. This is truly a novel that revolved between a mature relationship. Give this novel a try! 2835 Chapters wouldn't seem long enough if you started reading this and get addicted as well like me ❀


This is a solid c-Tier story. The only thing that separates this from other similar stories is that both the major villains are white lotus's as is the female lead. All three girls will break into tears in front of men at the drop of a hat and it does get annoying (as white lotus's generally do).


This is a weird story where the main character gets raped(?) in chapter one. I don't understand China's fascination with marrying your rapist.


i liked it I am currently in 2044 chapter. I actually hate reading raw novels but this is soo good that I can't stop reading it. what I like the most in this book is no misunderstandings between male and female protagonist. so Great book I recommend it


I don’t really have much thoughts on the story yet as I feel like it was quite short. The story so far sounds good. At first it seemed as if I’d read this somewhere or was similar to a book I’d already read but then I got sucked into it and didn’t care to analyse anymore and just enjoy. Hope we get to complete it soon.


I really enjoyed this book, The free chapters really give you a good handle on where the story is going which I always appreciate it makes so much easier to decided if you want to continue on with story by spending you coins and free passes. The story easy to read an enjoy it just flows quickly characters are never one offs and they keep coming back some even show signs of growth both good and bad. I would recommend this book to anyone who just wants an enjoyable read.


Even though i like this book i did not give it a full five stars because the translation is off. Chapters repeating itself and character names are messed up.


Pls and pls we have read so many chapters with the same content...an example is how equisite Mianmian is and how handsome her husband is....


I have read to chapter 276, and im desided to drop this. The only reason i was able to continue to read is becouse of the ML. The FL is the most stupid, useless trash i have ever read. Shes completly useless, only skill she has is acting and "SOME TIMES" good whit words. She keeps pushing herself down and there is no character development on her from start to end, shes just as useless as she was in first chapter. Even i as a reader start to wonder how the ML even fell in love whit her, shes so god damn boring and bland, nothing about her is interesting exept her face.


I love it. I love the flow of the storyyyy! Some of the chapters are short but i still keep on reading because it’s addictive! I love it I also hope that one chapter is long because sometimes it becomes a cliffhanger. Lol so yeah i hope that some of the chapters are long cause oh my! I don’t have much fast pass and coins left. Huhu. In short my poor ass is so broke