I'm reborn as Rudeus Greyrat

This is a fanfic based on the world of Reincarnation of the Unemployed with Rudeus as an assassin. Not that it's better than the original Rudeus, but I enjoyed the world, its characters, and the story. In addition to Rudeus' basic plushies, the character will have a game system, but a more willful one than usual in this type of fanfiction. Yes, it's the type of system that has a mind of its own and often trolls the protagonist. But in the end, the system ends up on his side. This fanfic was banned, I tried to change some things maybe now it will be ok. and the story is at patreon.com/FanFictionPremium

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Part 12

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It was a baby sister.

Honestly, I was pretty excited when the labour started. And, I didn't need to be a part of it, but in the end, I was a healer myself as good as mother, and even better. So I helped Lilia deliver Zenith's baby. I guess a son shouldn't see his mother at times like that, but it's worth noting that my help made it easier for her to cope. So Paul went into hiding somewhere.

And so, now I'm looking at a tiny baby with blonde fuzz of hair on her head, sleeping peacefully in Zenith's arms.

- Her name is Norn. Rudy, what do you think of your baby sister?

- She's red and shriveled up like a dried fruit. I hope she won't be so ugly when she grows up.

- Ha ha... Rudy, you used to be like that. And now you're a handsome boy. Don't worry, your little sister will be a real beauty.

After a while, Sylphie had a chance to look at the baby. In fact, it seemed to be nothing interesting, just lying there, crying and screaming a lot, sucking on a tit, in general, nothing special, an ordinary child. But still, I suspected in Norn a traitor and kept an eye on her, just in case. She didn't show anything extraordinary. And she also stopped being so scary, becoming just a cute little milk-sucker.

- Ohhh... she cries so much... - Zenith quickly began to lash out.

Norn was a demanding toddler and could start yelling in the middle of the night.

- That's how normal babies behave. - Lilia remarked, glancing at me.

- I just didn't want to disturb my parents, so I tried not to cry unnecessarily and wait until I was given enough attention.

- Ha-ha... y-yes, now I realise what a good child you were. - Zenith admitted cheerfully.

- Bae... bae... - Paul, on the other hand, was making faces at the infant.

And, he was especially pleased when Norn started laughing at him. Yes, after his daughter was born he breathed a sigh of relief, especially when she turned out to be a normal girl without the reincarnator's antics. But still, training with him had become simply useless. He couldn't teach me properly anymore, and when we just met in the yard, it was as if my father's hands were drooping and his gaze became guilty. I felt sorry for him.

Finally he suggested a possible solution.

- If you want to study further... I know someone... she'll be a better teacher than me.

- Ohhh, what are you talking about, father?

- She's a sword queen.

That is, a fighter who practices the sword god style at the royal level.

- Do you want to invite her here?

- Ahhh... no... she's serving in the city of Roa. If you go there, you can learn from her. I can make all the arrangements.

- What? You want me out of the house so I don't interfere with you and Lilia?

- No! Paul blurted out. - Rudeus... I'm very sorry for what I did, I was young and stupid then....

- You're still stupid now.

- Rudy...

- Ehhh, I'll think about it. But not now.

But it looks like it was indeed a worthwhile suggestion, because after this conversation, the system decided to remind itself.

Mission received!

Queen of Swords

Having suffered a psychological trauma, Paul can no longer teach you swordsmanship, but you have received an exclusive offer to become the apprentice of the Queen of Swords, a mighty pussy from the forest of beastmen! Become the sword queen's apprentice!

Reward: Random Talent

At first I snickered, but then I freaked out.

I mean, I'm used to getting a reward from the system for tasks like this in the style of "eat - get fed, fall in love with a girl - get a girl's love", but here they offered me a talent. And I've already learnt that talents are very useful! Although, it's a cat in a bag, or rather a cat, but maybe it's worth a try. Also, mighty puss? I mean, it seems that this acquaintance of Paul's belongs to the cat-type species of beastmen. Is it even worth it to turn down the opportunity to become an apprentice swordswoman-catgirl?

That's what he was thinking now.

As for whether or not it's even possible to leave the family to Paul, well... actually, he's actually really remorseful for his mistakes, isn't he? Family is important to him, literally the most important thing in this life, and he's willing to lay down his life for Zenith and Norn if need be. The mistakes of youth, stupidity, debauchery, all this is juxtaposed with honesty and nobility. You can say that Paul is a contradictory person, but he tries to grow above himself. I've known him all my life. He won't do anything to Lilia. The worst that can be imagined is that he might change Zenith with someone else. I mean, half the girls in the village are looking at Paul.

Besides, even going to Roa and becoming a swordswoman's apprentice doesn't mean I'll stop developing as a mage. Besides, it's a good opportunity to get out of Bueno. It's not like I'll be putting down roots here anytime soon. I was gonna travel with Roxy, too. And probably take Sylphie with me. Or come back for her later when she's older. Oh, what about Lily? Maybe I'll take her travelling too, as my personal maid. When I can heal her. In the meantime, let Zenith help. They're good friends. Her father's afraid to go near her.

I spoke to Roxy, and she suggested I take this opportunity. And she promised to come visit me soon.

But the blow came from a place I never expected.

Sylphie noticed my reverie and asked me what was wrong. I told her I was thinking of moving to Roa for a while.

- Don't go! - She rushed straight to me.

And she bumped her head into my stomach and hugged me tight.

- Rudy... - The girl's eyes were already wet. - Don't leave me... I don't want to be alone again!

The look and pleading of a little girl that can break even the strongest will. Like a merciless shot of a subatomic weapon, her puppyish gaze pierced through the armour of my heart, reaching the depths of my soul and touching the most tender feelings. Anyway, I couldn't resist and hugged the girl back. She was so pretty.

- Why are you crying, Sylphie? I'm not leaving you. We'll still be in the same group, and I'll write you letters like Roxy. And then I'll come back for you. I can't miss out on such a lovely bride.

She lifted her head and looked at me pitifully.

- Bride?

And her eyebrows furrowed.

- Of course. We agreed that when we were older, I'd marry you. Have you forgotten?! - I was almost superstitiously terrified.

- No! Sylphiette was outraged. - I remember everything!

- Good. If you get lonely, just write me a letter and I'll reply as soon as possible. And don't forget to practise magic. You can use the books in your inventory too.

- R-rudy.

- Come on, don't cry. I'll come back to you.

- I don't want... I don't want Rudy to go... I don't want her to go!

That's probably the first time she's ever been this cranky. And, honestly, it made me feel good that she cared so much about me and desperately didn't want to let me go. On the other hand, taking her with me to Roa wasn't the answer. She has a family here and she's still a child. Did I really spoil her that much?

- Sylphie. - Sighing, I pulled back a little and looked into the girl's eyes. - I don't want to part with you either, even if it's only for a couple of years, but I'm used to you too, you're my sweet childhood friend, my dark servant, maybe my future bride.

She turned pink with embarrassment hearing all these epithets.

- We'll be together. In the meantime, don't waste this time while I'm gone to grieve. Get stronger, keep studying... hmm... okay, come on, I'll give you something.

- What?

- Proof that I'm not cheating you or leaving you.

So I lead the girl to that very tree. With a slight gesture of my hand, my secret hiding place emerges from the ground. With magic, I open it to reveal the box. There was nothing wrong with it and the rings were in place. I pulled out two of them.

- Ehhh....

- What are these?

- Wedding rings.

What am I doing?

- Give me your hand.

- Umm...

With her fist pressed to her lips, she held out her other hand to me and looked at me with such sparkling eyes....

- It means we are now engaged, you are my bride and I am your fiancé.

After all, it's not marriage yet, I just put the ring on her finger and the small hoop shrinks, becoming smaller, magical symbols flashing on its surface that glowed green.

Wind's wedding ring

Owned by Sylphietta.

Increases lifespan

Increases mana reserves

Accelerates mana regeneration

Focuses air magic.

Wow, these things turned out to be pretty good artefacts. But they seem to be tied to the owner, and it looks like they can't be untied afterwards. Maybe I shouldn't have given the ring to Sylphie until we were really grown up and married. I mean, it's a somewhat extreme way to comfort a child. But while I'm at it.

I'm putting a second ring on my finger.

And it, too, showed magical signs, glittering with gold on the inside. This one looked more like a ring that has power over all the others.

A lord's wedding ring.

Owned by Rudeus Greyrat.

Increases life span.

Increases mana reserves

Accelerates mana regeneration

Focuses air magic.

And, still the same characteristics. Well, maybe I should pay more attention to air magic. In fact, I tested this effect right away. With the ring, it really became easier to use magic of this direction. And the effect was much more powerful than the magic wand that Roxy had once given me.

Engagement achievement obtained!

You have made a promise to make Sylphiette your wife, and henceforth your destinies are bound together

Reward: Isn't having such a cutie as a bride a reward already?

Yeah, I guess I was a little hasty.

On the other hand...

Longevity? Is this the system's way of wishing us to live happily ever after? How does it work?

- Rudy! - Sylphie threw herself happily around my neck.

- It's a promise that I'll come back to you, now we're even tighter, Sylphie.

- Yes... - She smiled.

At least it doesn't roar anymore.

- But, hey... - I looked away bashfully. - 'It's probably best for my parents not to know they're wedding rings... for now... you can say it's a magic trick, like a magician's wand, only in ring form.

- Okay. - Nodded the girl.

- And please don't cry again.

- I won't.

- That's good, just wait for me to come back for you, Sylphie. - Leaning over, kissing the girl on the forehead.

That's it for now.

As for the rings, I didn't bother hiding them this time. Later, when Sylphiette and I went home. I hid the box in my things. Then I told my father that I had decided to accept his offer. The next day he sent a letter to Roa.

- Rudy, are you sure? - Zenith doubted.

- Of course Mum, you know I'm a genius. I'm getting crowded in Bueno. I want to grow as a mage and a swordsman. But I'll definitely come back here and visit my family.

- Rudy... you're only seven years old!

- It's okay. - Father said in a soothing tone. - He'll be looked after.

- Lily, I'll leave you here to help your mum.

- Yes, sir. - The maid bowed politely.

- Umm... - Zenith was even a little confused by this herself.

However, it was too early to say goodbye.

From Roa they came for me only after a week. Until then, I continued to do my usual things in the village. I mean, teaching Sylphi, doing magic, and being alone with Lilia. I was even thinking about giving her another ring. Seriously considering it. But I'm not really sure I want Lily to be my wife. I mean, I'm not thinking about leaving her. I'm just too used to her as a maid, and I just can't imagine her in any other way.

And I wanted to clear up a few things with her, too.

- Lily, while I'm away, don't let Paul get his hands on you. You're my personal bedmaid.

- Of course, sir.

Putting my arm around the girl, I stroked her hand affectionately.

- 'Well, I mean, if it suits you... it didn't sound too rough?

- No, I liked it. - She smiled softly.

She's actually been smiling at me more often as of late. Though, the rest of the time, she's still as cold and distant as ever. And that smile makes me feel even warmer.

- I want you to look after Mum, help her like you used to. But perhaps I'll take you with me later.

- Sir?

- Not now... but, as I get older, it's not certain that I'll stay in this house. If I decide to start my own family in a new house, I'll take you with me.

- Very well, I will serve you, Mr Rudeus.

- Excellent, Lilia... now, let your master reward his faithful maid.

Anyway, I had a good time with her.

And in the process, I managed to finish one of my designs. Partially.

Specifically, I transferred the electromagnetic barrier spell into the form of a magic circle and created an amulet to activate it quickly. Alas, creating carbon armour is not that difficult, but it doesn't really fit the outline form. When I create this armour with my will, everything seems quite simple, but when I try to transfer this function to the magic circle and runescription, I get too many variable parameters that the brain controls naturally. Such an artefact is possible, it's more likely to be a whole grimoire with one single spell, but still it's not a fact that it will work as it should, unless I teach the artefact itself to think like a human, or close to that, like an artificial intelligence.

But here is an ordinary electromagnetic barrier, tightly enveloping my body with an electric skin, such a spell I managed to put into the amulet. And it may well give me enough time in real combat to activate carbon armour. Or do something else.

Along the way, I got an idea for another protective amulet.

More specifically, it's not even just a defence spell, but rather a life support complex.

Many destructive forms of magic can affect the environment. The same high rank fire magic literally burns out oxygen and creates a lot of smoke. If you overdo it, you can simply suffocate from the gas and smoke. And with the help of air magic, you can affect its composition around you. So, it is worth thinking about how to protect yourself from such effects.

Well, the solution is on the surface.

Magic doesn't just control the elements, it creates them. Water magic can create water, and so can the other elements, including air. That's what we should be basing this on.

In the meantime, I've made some special electric gloves.

Regular gloves with carbon fibre inserts with small magic circles engraved with lightning spells. It's been almost a year since I created this spell. And, the amount of my mana had increased so much that now I could throw these lightning bolts without any problems. Actually, the gloves have quite powerful circles built into them that can fry a person alive with a lightning strike. Although only in close combat, the attack distance of these lightning bolts is not high, because the circle has no way to accurately aim, so I set a small cone of attack of about five metres. But this is for an extreme case. In a normal situation, I can use the usual lightning myself and set the right power for it and set the target even at kilometre distances. 

And so...

Another day, she showed up.

Gilen Dedorudia

Queen of Swords level 25

Health - indestructible rock.

Mana is a decent reserve for a swordsman.

Strongest skill - swordsmanship.

Mood - intrigued.

Note - she's a bit daft, use that

Oh the valuable advice of the system.

As for Gilen...

She was a tall dark-skinned woman with well-developed musculature, which was perfectly visible due to her open suit. On her belt hung a sword in a scabbard. Though judging by the shape, it was more likely a sabre or katana. The girl's right eye was covered by a tight bandage, and her thick white hair fell sloppily from her head. And, almost most importantly, she has cat ears on the top of her head, and a tiger-like tail dangling behind her back, but completely white and ringed at the tip.

- Gilen, long time no see. - Paul greeted her.

- Yeah. - The cat nodded.

- Gilen! - Mother exclaimed happily, running up to her old acquaintance.

- Aha.

She held an infant in her arms.

- That's our daughter.

- Aha.

Is it just me, or is she kidding? The cat's lips trembled slightly in a smile.

- Her name is Norn.

- It's good that she's more like you.

Right, she probably has some troll blood in her.

- Heh... - Paul grinned miserably.

- Oh, and this is our son. - Zenith looked round.

- Rudeus Greyrat at your service. - I bow as politely as I can.

- Oh, polite... - The cat was surprised. - I'm Guillen.

- Pleased to meet you.

- So now that you're here, they've agreed? - Dad's clarifying.

- Yeah. - The cat nodded again.

No, I still get a kick out of it. Catwoman!

- Gilen! Why don't you come over to our place? We'll make you something to eat...

Before Zenith could finish, the cat gave a tiger-like growl. Or rather, it was her tummy rumbling. She looked back at the cart with the coachman with some hesitation, but eventually agreed to stay for a while. Although, as it turned out, she had originally planned to just pick me up and drive straight off into the dawn.

- What's your level? - She asked me at the table while Zenith and Lilia were busy cooking.

- Hmm, actually somewhere between beginner and intermediate, in all three forms of fencing. I'm also trying to learn to fight unarmed. But, if I use magic, it gets a lot easier.

- Yeah, ha ha, with magic he can even beat me. - Father laughed. - Rudeus is a real genius in magic, he's already reached saint rank.

- Yeah. - The cat nodded understandingly.

And indeed, when treats began to appear on the table, Gilen pounced on them like a hungry beast. Looking at this, I thought to myself that cooking skills might come in handy in the future. There's a high probability that the way to a beastgirls heart is through her stomach. And I was now seriously contemplating the possibility that another one of my wives could be a catgirl. It's unlikely to be Gilen, but, she's not the only one of her kind.

And then.

- I want to see what you can do. You can use your magic. - Guillen declared.

Well, the Queen of Swords was on a completely different level from the top level swordsman my father was. Honestly, I even felt a little bit of trepidation. After all, if Gilen fought seriously, she could easily kill or maim me. But she realised that herself, actually.

- Attack.

A gust of wind to reinforce the tug and I strike.

I didn't even realise what had happened.

I just crashed face-first into the ground and felt a hard blow on my back, so hard that I could feel it even through my carbon armour. And even pushing back didn't help. But, not confused, I roll over and immediately jump to my feet. And a stone pillar rises from the ground, lifting me up. And the ground around me becomes a muddy mire. As it turns out, even Gillen's lack of support can cause some problems. But, with a sudden movement, she just kicked up the mud and jumped right onto my tower.

- Nice defence. - Gilen commented, tapping me lightly on the head.

It was just to indicate that if it had been at full force, I'd be dead already.

- Thank you.

- But your swordsmanship skills are very weak. You don't have good fighting spirit.

- I'm sorry.

The girl tilted her head.

- No, for seven years old, not bad, I guess...''

Is that it? I mean, I thought we were going to keep fighting, but the cat was in no hurry to continue her attack.

- I get it. I can teach you...

And, I've officially been accepted as an apprentice.

Mission accomplished!

Queen of Swords

You have become an apprentice to the pussy swordswoman, Queen of the Blade!

Reward: Random Talent


You find it easier to train animals and some humans.

Well, that's to be expected from the system.

That was the end of my test. Gilen was about to pick me up, but Zenith delayed her again, persuading her to rinse off after this check, as the cat was covered in mud. I also helped create warm water afterwards. At this time also Sylphie came running in to say goodbye to me. She hugged me so desperately, as if it was the last time we would see each other, and she didn't want to let go until the last moment. She was pulled away from me by her mum when Gilen said she could have the girl too.

And finally, after packing up my things, I hid the ring box among them, then put it away in my inventory. Yes, it was also possible to store several things in one box there, if they were part of another item, such as a bag or suitcase. But, for the sake of appearances, I still took a small bag of junk.

And afterwards...

It was sad. I mean, leaving home. Despite some rifts with my father, I'd grown attached to this place. Zenith and Lily and Sylphie were here. On the other hand, I wanted to see the world. And Roxy promised to visit me in Roa. And I'm not really leaving forever.

- Rudy.

- Ohhh, Sylphie, don't worry, I'll be back. We've talked about this.

- Yeah, I'll be waiting.

- And keep an eye on my family, if you need anything, write me.

- Yeah!

Yeah, the adults stand back and chuckle awkwardly as we hold hands with Sylphie and say goodbye. In the end, I even gave her a kiss, on the cheek of course.

- Woah... - The girl panicked.

- See you later, Sylphie!

And ran off before she could hug me again.

The cart's on its way.

I looked at my family and my friend from here, realising that I wouldn't see them again for a while.

- Goodbye, Rudy!

- Good luck on your journey, sir. - Lily bowed.

Gilen, on the other hand, just sat on the seat next to her and watched the scene with a sort of soft smile.

- Sylphie, then. Yes, it's hard to tell, but you're definitely Paul's son.

- What are you talking about, Gillen? - I squinted.

- Nothing. - She covered her eye and shook her head.

'I don't really like it when people compare me to my father.

But for now...

After Rudeus left for Roa, events in Bueno went on as usual.

Everything was fine for a while.

But, not even six months after Rudeus left, several key events happened at once. Namely, a pregnant Ada came to Greyrat Manor, claiming to be carrying Paul's child. Well, yes, it didn't work out with the maid, and Paul remembered family values, but not for long. Ada, the young neighbour, had long dreamed of seducing the knight. Besides, having estimated the wealth of the family of high-ranking adventurers, she thought it was possible to try to ask for a second wife to the knight.

Then it turned out that Lily was also pregnant!

She had already felt something strange with her body, but didn't pay that much attention to it until her belly began to grow. The maid was desperately afraid to admit that she was pregnant with her masters' child.

- E-it's... it's definitely not mine... - Paul whispered palely.

- Don't lie! - Zenith became furious.

- It's... - Lilia lowered her head. - Mr Rudeus's...

But in the end, she felt it was simply criminal if her master's child was mistaken for Paul's child. Especially since Paul really hadn't even touched her, either for fear of his son's reaction, or because of guilt in front of Lilia herself, or maybe he had already found fun on the side back then.

- What?

Zenith and Paul forgot about the affair for a while and just bulged their eyes, staring at the maid, entering a state of complete prostration. Paul was the first to come to his senses, thinking that his son had taken after him. Zenith, on the other hand, struggled for a while longer to realise that she could be a grandmother in her mid-twenties.

The last time Rudeus had been highly aroused, he had been a little careless with the creation of the birth control spell, which had had its consequences.