I'm reborn as Harry Potter

Not quite Harry, in a not quite standard situation. The magical world has long since written Potter off as dead, but he's the boy who survived, so there's no getting rid of him that easily. Advanced Chapters: pat reon.com/FanFictionPremium

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Guys about the next fanfic (want to write the whole thing anyway):

1) Marvel world, rebirth in 1970 (he will be born this year), There will be a system shop, but the volute will be your stones, so his power will depend on you. Accordingly, four walls will be broken. In general, a very complex fanfic but I think the idea is very cool. (nowhere I have not seen such a thing). But I'm worried that now in the top there is a fanfic to which everyone gives stones, so the whole concept may break. Just a super soldier serum would cost about 10000 stones, post an opinion (I'm really interested).

2) World of Mushoku Tensei, Reborn to Rudeus. I really like the world, but the main character is not clear to me.

3) EVERY Harry Potter fanfic, Harry learns about the magical world from a snake and by the time Hagrid arrives he is no longer a canonical Gryffindor.

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