I'm Really Not A Nen Exorcist (HxH Fanfic)

In a world filled with unknown Auras, bizarre Nen abilities evolved from strong personalities, dangerous calamities from outside this world, and Nen Artifacts crafted from Post-Mortem Nen. This is the world of Hunter x Hunter. An this world, anyone can gradually master the extraordinary power called "Nen", but those who can truly access "Nen" are extremely rare. Moses unexpectedly crosses over into this world. One day, after having just learned Nen, he suddenly heard a voice. “Because of your exceptional looks, Perception is very satisfied. Your Nen Exorcist count +1.” Advanced Chapters: patreon.com/ChickenGOD

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Chapter 193 What a Scumbag!

Outside the hotel.

Moses hailed a taxi and went to a well-known simple restaurant on the street.

He made an appointment with Sanbica there.

Sitting in the back seat of the taxi, Moses took out his phone and looked at various daily photos sent by Menchi.

'It seems that she has been training seriously during this period.'

Moses smiled slightly.

He entrusted Menchi, who had a poor foundation in Nen, to Lisha before, so he could rest assured.

'Cheadle has been promoted to Triple-Star Hunter...'

Putting the phone away, Moses turned his head to look at the scenery outside the window.

The incident this time allowed Cheadle to be promoted from a Double-Star Hunter to a Triple-Star Hunter, taking the lead in becoming the second Triple-Star Hunter among the Zodiacs, ahead of Pariston.

Since Pariston did not participate in the pursuit of the Seirin Group and Davidson, he did not gain any achievement at all.

'If Wright had also participated in the operation, he should be able to be successfully promoted to Single-Star due to his achievements. If he finds out about this, he would probably regret taking on my commission."

Thinking about Wright's desire for the Single-Star title, Moses couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

'Speaking of which… Is there still no news about Dis Mendeck yet?'

Moses thought about it, but then decided to give up on the idea of actively contacting him for inquiries.

More than twenty minutes later.

The taxi stopped at the driveway outside the casual restaurant.

Moses got out of the car and immediately saw Sanbica standing outside the restaurant.

There is no way he didn't notice her, after all, Sanbica's unchanging dress is too conspicuous.


Moses shifted his gaze slightly and noticed that there is a woman standing next to Sanbica, who seemed to have come with Sanbica.

And he happened to know this woman.


Moses walked over and greeted the woman.

The other party is Fiona, who was responsible for protecting him during the operation a few days ago, a master who studied under the Shingen-Ryu.

However, Moses had never seen Fiona take action in that operation. He only noticed that her En and Ken were both superb.


Fiona nodded to Moses.

Sanbica looked a little surprised and asked: "Do you know each other..."

Moses glanced at Fiona, and seeing that she had no intention of speaking, he explained to Sanbica: "Well, during the operation to chase Davidson a few days ago, Fiona was one of the people responsible for protecting me."

"I see."

Sanbica's eyes curved slightly and she said seriously: "Fiona is very good at protecting people."

"I have learned from experience."

Moses smiled.

Sanbica looked at Moses and said softly: "I happened to meet Fiona on the way here. Knowing that she hadn't eaten yet, I made the decision and invited her to come with me. Moses, do you mind?"

"How could I? We usually have better appetite when there are more people."

Moses smiled and said, " Let's go in first."


Sanbica nodded slowly.

Fiona, who was listening to the conversation between the two, remained silent, but she would look at Moses from time to time.

She is very curious about this young man who stood up at the last moment to solve the Swamp Man Ability, and hopes to get to know him better and make friends with him.

In the world of Pro Hunters, it is a good thing to make friends with as many powerful people as possible.

Because of her personality, Fiona is not good at establishing friendship with others.

This can be seen from the situation that made Kanzai very angry at that time.

But this does not prevent her from practicing the concept of making one more friend and one more path.

The three of them walked into the restaurant and found a seat by the window.

Not long after.

Burgers, pizzas, fried food and other food were served on the table.

Moses picked up three pieces of pizza, stacked them into one piece, and stuffed them into his mouth.

Such a bold way of eating naturally attracted Fiona's attention.

Sanbica has long been accustomed to Moses's gobbling way of eating. With a smile in her eyes, she picked up a sandwich and ate it in small bites.

"Moses, are you leaving Swardani City in two days?"

After finishing the sandwich, Sanbica looked at Moses and asked softly.

"Well, I might leave the day after tomorrow, or I might have to stay for a few more days."

Moses put the cleanly chewed chicken leg bones aside.

He is waiting for a notification from Netero. He said it would be the latest day after tomorrow, but he did not rule out the possibility that Netero would stand him up.


Sanbica nodded slightly, hesitated for a moment, and finally plucked up the courage to ask: "Then Moses, where are you going next?"


Moses thought for a while and said: "First, I'll go back to Spice City to see Sister Lisha, and then, if nothing else happens, I will go to the Heavens Arena."

"Heavens Arena…"

Sanbica was slightly enlightened and understood Moses's motive for going to the Heavens Arena.

Fiona looked at Moses's face stained with many oil stains and food residues, and asked curiously: "With your strength, there is no need to go to a place like the Heavens Arena, right?"

"It is necessary for me."

Moses looked serious.

He planned to train at the Heavens Arena for a period of time and see if he could break through the Heavens Arena without using his 'Nen Abilities'.

Fiona couldn't understand Moses's intention.

And Moses himself didn't want to explain too much.

At this moment, on the street outside the restaurant.

As if guided by fate, Kanzai, who was out looking for food, happened to pass by the simple restaurant and inadvertently saw Moses and the others sitting near the window.


Kanzai looked at Fiona and Sanbica who were sitting with Moses.

Suddenly, he couldn't help but think of the 'civilized' scene between Moses and Pyon in the room on the airship that day, and then, his mind automatically imagined a series of scenes, which made him quite shocked.

"What a scumbag!"

As if he understood something, he quickly took out his phone and took ten photos in a row, then stepped aside and dialed Pyon's number.

After a while, the call was connected.

Kanzai asked angrily: "Pyon, where are you now?"


Pyon's lazy voice came from the phone.

Kanzai asked puzzledly: "What are you doing at a hotel?"

"Helping Moses clean the room."


After hearing Pyon's answer, Kanzai was silent for a moment, then glanced at Moses, who was chatting and laughing in the restaurant. And then, the image of Pyon cleaning up the messy sheets could not help but appear in his mind.

'What a scumbag, you damned winner in life!'

Kanzai took a deep breath.

"Pyon, the things I'm going to tell you later may make you... anyway, you must stay calm."


In the hotel, Pyon looked a little strange and she said curiously: "What do you want to say?"

"It's, um, this... I saw Moses and Fi... and another woman having dinner, eating and laughing, and there were even two of them!"

At this moment, Kanzai also already knew Moses's real name.

"And then?"

"What do you mean 'and then'?"

Kanzai was confused.

'Your man is cheating on you, and you're still so calm?'

On the other end of the phone, Pyon frowned and said, "You language idiot, did you call just to tell me about this?"

"That's right, aren't you angry?!"

Kanzai couldn't believe it.

"Isn't this a very normal thing? What's there to be angry about? I'll hang up."

After saying that, Pyon hung up the phone directly.

Kanzai stared at his phone blankly.

'Is this kind of thing... normal?'

'Then why am I...'


'It's not normal at all!'

'Yes, the abnormal one is that guy!'

Kanzai shook his head fiercely.

'That damn winner in life!!'

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