I'm Really Not A Nen Exorcist (HxH Fanfic)

In a world filled with unknown Auras, bizarre Nen abilities evolved from strong personalities, dangerous calamities from outside this world, and Nen Artifacts crafted from Post-Mortem Nen. This is the world of Hunter x Hunter. An this world, anyone can gradually master the extraordinary power called "Nen", but those who can truly access "Nen" are extremely rare. Moses unexpectedly crosses over into this world. One day, after having just learned Nen, he suddenly heard a voice. “Because of your exceptional looks, Perception is very satisfied. Your Nen Exorcist count +1.” Advanced Chapters: patreon.com/ChickenGOD

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Chapter 149 Because It's You, It Doesn't Matter

Post-Mortem Nen…

Setting aside the ordinary attachments of regular people.

Post-Mortem Nen refer to the remnants left behind after the death of a Nen User.

Some Post-Mortem Remnants remain in the world as pure 'resentment energy'.

Others take the form of physical objects.

Among the most representative Post-Mortem Objects, apart from the Sonata of Darkness with the 'curse' attribute, is the 'Seed Urn' of the Kakin Empire.

Kakin Empire was once a small country surrounded by enemies on all sides in the era of warlords.

The reason it has become a superpower rivaling V5 now is closely related to the 'Seed Urn' that has been passed down.

Such a Post-Mortem Objects that seems to break free from the 'erosion of time' and survive forever, can actually turn a small country into a superpower.

From this, it can be seen how terrifying these Post-Mortem Objects left over from the long course of history are.

Kakin's 'Seed Urn' is one, and the 'King's Libra' that gave Moses a new life is another.

But whether it is 'resentment' left in the form of energy or Post-Mortem Objects that remain in the world as objects, they inevitably follow a certain principle.

First, go through death, then remain.

That is the existence and principle of Post-Mortem Nen.

However, Moses is obviously a living person, but he can conjure an object entwined with subtle Post-Mortem Nen.

This phenomenon that defies common sense instantly made Cheadle think of 'Libra' and the fact that Moses had died once.

'Now it seems…'

'The effect of the Vow obtained by Elena at the cost of enduring a fatal price not only successfully prolonged Moses's life, but also planted a seed of an ability related to Post-Mortem Nen in Moses's body.'

'No, perhaps.'

'The existence of Moses, in essence, is...'

'A Post-Mortem Remnant!'


After realizing this, Cheadle's heartbeat gradually accelerated.

'Sure enough, all the precautionary measures taken in the past were not in vain.'

Cheadle reached out and held Moses's arm, then said in a deep voice: "You must never let others know that you have the ability to conjure Post-Mortem Nen, do you understand?"

"I know."

Moses nodded.

The existence of Perception and the things derived from it are secrets that he will never reveal easily.

Now, he can use the experience of having 'died once' as an explanation, which is not bad, but who knows...

Perception is really closely related to the Post-Mortem Nen.

Its origin may come from Libra, or perhaps, traced back to an even more ancient era.

After all, humans within the Known World originally migrated from the Dark Continent...

Moses handed the Surprise Magic Box in his hand to Cheadle and said calmly: "Because it's you, it doesn't matter."


Cheadle stared at Moses for a while, and an indescribable emotion surged in her heart.

Seeing that Cheadle not moving for a long time, Moses gently opened Cheadle's hand, and then placed the Surprise Magic Box in her hands.

"This magic box is also a disposable item, and may be able to help you."


Cheadle suppressed the emotions surging in her heart and looked down at the Surprise Magic Box.

Moses explained: "It's called the Surprise Magic Box. Before opening it, you have to pay 50% of the current potential Aura. After opening it, there is a 50% probability that the thing you need most at the moment will appear, and a 50% probability that the thing you need least at the moment will appear."

When he first received the information about the Surprise Magic Box from Perception, Moses keenly perceived the most powerful feature of the Surprise Magic Box.

That is, the Surprise Magic Box does not limit its users.

This means that people other than Moses can also open this Surprise Magic Box by paying 50% of their potential Aura.

As a result, the upper limit of the Surprise Magic Box directly soared to a very high level.

If Moses is willing, he can even take the Surprise Magic Box to the world's top billionaire, Battera, who would spend billions of Jenny to save his beloved, and then let Batra open the Surprise Magic Box with his own hands...

This usage may allow Moses to effortlessly obtain 100 billion Jenny.

In his opinion, the only drawback of the Surprise Box is the 50% probability and the prerequisite that only Nen Users can use it.

"A disposable Nen Tool, this ability..."

Cheadle raised his head and looked at Moses, her eyes filled with amazement.

The Nen Ability of Ging's companion, 'Daydreamer' also has a similar mechanism.

However, if that ability is to be widely used, it must rely on the amplification effect of the 'Divine Script' and various stringent limitations.

Only then can it have an extremely long-distance application.

Moses smiled and said: "It's quite similar. In fact... the things I can conjure, whether it is the conjuring method or the type of use, are equally random. In short... it has a 50% probability of being able to help you."


Cheadle looked at the Surprise Magic Box, hesitation slowly appearing on her face.

'A 50% chance of getting the most needed item at the moment.'

'Such an ability is too precious...'

'If a patient with a terminal illness bets on this 50% chance, they would get a potion that cures their illness.'

'This possibility also applies to someone on the brink of death, such as getting a potion that can instantly heal a fatal injury.'

'A 50% chance to obtain a high-fault-tolerant solution to face death with ease...'

"Moses, this thing... in certain situations, it might truly become a lifesaving straw."

Cheadle did not unconditionally accept the Surprise Magic Box.

Although this disposable Nen Tool might bring a second opportunity for the Hunter Association, she had to make Moses realize the preciousness of this item.

"I know."

Moses said calmly: "But, as far as 'currently' is concerned, you need this Surprise Magic Box more than I do, don't you?"

A chance to get the most needed item at the moment.

Moses had naturally considered the possibility of a dying person opening the Surprise Magic Box to obtain a life-saving potion. Moses had also contemplated using the Surprise Magic Box to precisely locate Dis Mendeck.

The former represented the potential value that the Surprise Magic Box could unleash, while the latter is not enough to make Moses resort to using the precious Nen Tool.

His ideas have always been straightforward.

How could something like tracking down Dis Mendeck, which could be solved with money, use an extremely rare Nen Tool like the Surprise Magic Box?

In the unpredictable future, the Surprise Magic Box might become a life-saving tool at a critical moment.

But for 'now', it might serve as an opportunity to deal with major disasters.


Cheadle hesitated.

Moses could understand the reason behind Cheadle's hesitation, and he could also understand the importance Cheadle attached to him that was stronger than family bonds.

It probably stemmed from the protective duty she inherited from the deceased.

"Cheadle, I'll say it again."

Moses looked at Cheadle and said earnestly: "Because it's you, it doesn't matter."


Cheadle gazed at Moses in a daze.

For some reason, she, who was always good at reasoning, often found herself at a loss in front of Moses.

'Because it's you, so it doesn't matter…'

Cheadle hugged the Surprise Magic Box with a little force.

"Thank you, Moses."

She accepted this gift.

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded deep in Moses's consciousness.

"Your decision touches Perception, and your Star of Mankind's Shine +1."

The sudden reward made Moses's heart skip a beat.

"Star of Mankind's Shine?"


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