I'm Really A Superhero! Book

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I'm Really A Superhero!


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Thomas suffered a problem his entire life, he couldn't feel anything at all! No pain, no love, no emotions at all. He was going to die without feeling any pain, but fate got other plans for him. He'll meet an old lady, one who'll turn his life upside down. She'll send him to a world where superpowers and superheroes exist. As a comic fan, he starts to live his dream. But will things there be like how he read in comics? One man, holding a magical bonsai tree, armed with an artefact, will rule both the dream and real world. other superheroes will suffer and struggle to rise their powers up, but not for Thomas. He will find a path for his superpower to evolve, grow beyond anyone could expect, and will start a journey to make things right in the new world. He won't get stopped by superheroes or villains and will create his own path that won't follow any of this world's weird rules. Only one man will be a hurdle, one man with something Thomas will always miss in his new world and life. Join Thomas in his journey and watch the legend of a new superhero get born! ---------------------------------------------------- Release rate: 1 chapter per day. More chapters for Summoning Pens. ---------------------------------------------------- It's written in UK English. The cover is mine. A Discord server will be launched very soon with lots of pictures and information about the novel. If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to tell me in comments and I'll take all into consideration.


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