I'm Leveling Up Too Quickly

I’ve thought of every possible solution, tried every possible method, worked till he forgot to eat and sleep, and toiled constantly… in order to just cultivate a little slower, but the system just wouldn’t let him! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for breathing for the first time, you have received 300 level-up points. Congratulations on leveling up! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for eating for the first time, received 3000 level-up points, congratulations on leveling up! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for holding hands for the first time, received 30000 level-up points, congratulations on leveling up! … System, can you stop making me level up? In order to have fewer of your “special opportunities” I’ve been lying on the bed for the last 100 chapters. Why am I still leveling up so quickly? If I continue leveling up, my father, the emperor, would definitely kill me out of jealousy!

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I Want to Be a Domineering Prince

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To be honest, if not for the threat of the Mad Emperor, Zhu Zhenwu, and the plotting of the many Princes and Princesses, Zhu Wuyang might really have slowly developed feelings for the palace maids.

Although Zhu Wuyang, who had experienced the baptism of modern ideas, remembered the basic laws and regulations of monogamy, in modern society, if one was not married, one could have many girlfriends.

As long as they didn't get married, it was fine. On Earth, with his good figure and strong physique, Zhu Wuyang had many girlfriends before. Occasionally, he would go to bars to play as well.

Therefore, Zhu Wuyang did not mind dating the palace maids. Moreover, he did not have to worry that they would cling onto him if he were to date them.

After all, with Zhu Wuyang's status, he could determine their fate with a single sentence. Although such a relationship was much less fun, it was also much less troublesome.

Perhaps the other Princes and Princesses would feel that Zhu Wuyang's actions were a little lowly. After all, he was the Crown Prince of the Jiu Zhao Nation. It would be a piece of cake for him to get these palace maids. How could he talk about love?

It was simple. They had to obey him whether they liked it or not.

In the Imperial Palace of the Jiu Zhao Nation, there was no room for these palace maids to resist, even though many of them were stronger than Zhu Wuyang.

However, to Zhu Wuyang, who had come from modern society, although it was not necessary to share a bed with his partner, even if it was a temporary love, it had to be consensual.

You took a fancy to my strong body, and I took a fancy to your beautiful appearance. Only then could we have a happy life.

The palace maids in the Crown Prince Palace all looked like idols. Zhu Wuyang did not even know most of the palace maid's names, but to put it bluntly, any palace maid's looks could beat the girls Zhu Wuyang had dated on Earth.

The entire territory of the Jiu Zhao Nation was much larger than the country where Zhu Wuyang was from in his previous life. Although its population was far inferior to the country where Zhu Wuyang was in his previous life, it still had more than 100 million people.

In addition, the spiritual energy in this world was abundant. Many women also practiced martial arts to nourish their bodies. Therefore, their skin, looks, and temperament far surpassed the girls on Earth.

They were the top beauties carefully selected from so many girls. It could be imagined how beautiful they were.

Even an ordinary palace maid in the Crown Prince Palace could beat the so-called top 100 beauties on Earth.

Zhu Wuyang did not feel that dating these girls was degrading at all. Instead, he would feel a sense of accomplishment.

After all, there were so many people on Earth. How many of them could date the world's most beautiful women?

Although transmigrating to this world meant a life filled with danger, to be honest, there were still many good things.

"Congratulations to the host for having your hormones flare up for the first time in your life. You have obtained 1,000 breakthrough points. Due to the importance of strength, 90% of the breakthrough points will be used to increase the host's strength!"

Zhu Wuyang fell silent. He closed his eyes and stopped thinking about it. He began to focus on cultivating the Azure Dragon Concealment Art.

No, before that, he had to absorb this wave of breakthrough points first. Zhu Wuyang felt like he was eating sh*t, absorbing the breakthrough points that swarmed over with difficulty and constantly increasing his strength.

At this moment, Zhu Wuyang vaguely understood the thoughts of some rich people on Earth. If I had a choice, I would rather be an ordinary person. This way, I might be happier.

If Zhu Wuyang was just an ordinary person, he would be able to enjoy all kinds of things at this moment… Earning breakthrough points at an astonishing speed, increasing his strength to his heart's content, and obtaining stronger combat strength.

Unlike now, where every increase in strength brought him closer to death. What was originally a very happy thing had become so tragic.

I really don't want to break through anymore. Extraordinary Encounters System, can you wait until Mad Emperor Zhu Zhenwu dies before forcefully injecting these breakthrough points into my body?

Extraordinary Encounters System: "Nonsense…"

Zhu Wuyang was immersed in cultivation and would occasionally be whipped by the Extraordinary Encounters System.

"Congratulations to the host for drooling for the first time in your life. You have obtained 300 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for sweating for the first time in your life. You have obtained 400 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for hearing the cry of a lark for the first time in your life. You have received 200 breakthrough points…"

… .

Zhu Wuyang, who was already in despair, faced the whipping of the breakthrough points again and again. He only shifted his body a few times before mechanically absorbing the surging breakthrough points, and his strength kept increasing.

When there were no more breakthrough points, Zhu Wuyang focused on cultivating the Azure Dragon Concealment Art. He wanted to raise the Azure Dragon Concealment Art to the Perfection realm as soon as possible. This way, he would be confident in dealing with the detection of Late-stage and Perfected Xiantian martial artists.

It was just that staying in the house was a boring thing, and cultivating a difficult top-notch secret technique like the Azure Dragon Concealment Art was even more boring, especially for a lively young man from Earth like Zhu Wuyang who liked to exercise and move his body.

After persisting in cultivation for a few hours, Zhu Wuyang also felt a little annoyed. Thinking that there were many miscellaneous books in the study, Zhu Wuyang decided to read some miscellaneous books and rest before continuing to cultivate.

According to the original body's owner's memories, he was literate, so Zhu Wuyang could understand the various books in this world.

If not for this, Zhu Wuyang would have to learn the words of this world from the beginning. If that was the case, he would definitely give himself away and be killed.

Fortunately, after transmigrating, their souls had fused together. Zhu Wuyang had obtained a lot of useful information and knowledge from the original body. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for Zhu Wuyang to survive in the palace.

However, although there was a good side, there was also a bad side. For example, the original owner's negative memories and some bad habits…

He casually picked up a random book and had just read a few pages when Zhu Wuyang was bombarded by a series of system notifications.

"Congratulations to the host for reading for the first time in your life. You have received 1,000 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for reading an erotic novel for the first time in your life. You have obtained 600 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for understanding the mysteries between men and women for the first time in your life. You have obtained 800 breakthrough points…"

… .