4 I Really Want to Be an Ordinary Person

With the help of this wave of breakthrough points, Zhu Wuyang's strength successfully broke through the bottleneck and stepped into the Perfected Fleshly Body Refinement Realm.

All the muscles in his body were connected, forming a single entity. With a single move, he could erupt with the strength of all his muscles, and he could easily crack rocks.

When this wave of breakthrough points was used up, Zhu Wuyang, who had been holding it in for a long time, could not help but shout.

"Damn… Can you slow down? Can you not be so fast!"

"Can we save the breakthrough points first and add them myself when I need them?"

"I really can't take it anymore!"

… .

Without knowing anything, he had broken through eight minor realms and two major realms in a row. Now, Zhu Wuyang was stunned.

When Zhu Wuyang was on Earth, he had also seen some television dramas and novels about transmigration. Some of the protagonists of those television dramas and novels had obtained golden fingers, but Zhu Wuyang had never seen such a violent and wild golden finger.

Zhu Wuyang didn't even know what was going on, but he had already obtained so many breakthrough points and broken through so many realms in a row. He was simply crazy.

Right, he had also obtained a flawless Dao foundation during this period of time. Currently, he had advanced to this level without even getting out of bed. Did he have to be so exaggerated?

However, facing the resentful Zhu Wuyang, the Extraordinary Encounters System did not answer his question. Instead, a mechanical voice sounded.

"Congratulations to the host for speaking for the first time in your life. You have obtained 300 breakthrough points. Due to the importance of strength, 90% of the breakthrough points will be used to increase the host's strength!"

"Congratulations to the host for speaking for the second time in your life. You have obtained 200 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for speaking for the third time in your life. You have obtained 100 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for complaining for the first time in your life. You have obtained 300 breakthrough points…"

… .

Damn it!

Zhu Wuyang was stunned, and then he was drowned by the strange power formed by the breakthrough points again.

How many times had it been!

Zhu Wuyang almost wailed. Then, he was immersed in the strange powers that surged over and advanced to a higher realm.

The blood essence power in his body continued to increase, becoming stronger and purer, far surpassing martial artists of the same level.

The pure and powerful blood essence power shuttled through his skin and muscles in an orderly manner, tempering his already tough skin and muscles to perfection before seeping into every tendon in Zhu Wuyang's body.

With the help of his skin and muscles, the Qi and blood quickly seeped into his tendons and began to improve each tendon.

This Qi and blood power either tempered, hammered, or nourished… According to the cultivation technique in the Endless Earth Technique, it quickly strengthened every tendon of Zhu Wuyang.

Soon, a dull sound came from his tendons. It was the sound of his tendons undergoing preliminary tempering. This also meant that Zhu Wu's strength had broken through the bottleneck of the Fleshly Body Refinement Realm and stepped into a new realm.

Early stage of Tendons Refinement!

As his tendons were tempered, Zhu Wuyang could clearly feel that his body seemed to have become a little more relaxed. His every move was incomparably agile. This was also one of the signs of Early-stage Tendons Refinement.

Another major realm had been broken through by Zhu Wuyang while lying down. He had really become stronger while lying down!

When this wave of breakthrough points was used up, Zhu Wuyang immediately opened his memories and absorbed the previous body's memories to understand the situation.

It turned out that the continent he had transmigrated to was called the Dongyuan Continent. The Jiu Zhao Nation was located in the southern region of the Dongyuan Continent. Because the spiritual energy in this region was thin, it was called the Southern Wasteland.

The Jiu Zhao Nation was a small kingdom in the Southern Wasteland. It only had nine prefectures, and each prefecture was equivalent to a few provinces on Earth. The size of the Jiu Zhao Nation had already surpassed Earth's China.

Zhu Wuyang was the new Crown Prince of the Jiu Zhao Nation and the 18th Crown Prince. The first 17 crown princes had been killed by the Emperor of the Jiu Zhao Nation, Zhu Zhenwu.

The reason why the Emperor of the Jiu Zhao Nation, Zhu Zhenwu, was so crazy was not by nature. Although Zhu Zhenwu's methods were a little ruthless decades ago, he treated his children well.

However, as he cultivated an evil cultivation technique decades ago, Zhu Zhenwu became more and more crazy and unreasonable. Moreover, he was suspicious, jealous, and incapable. He kept feeling that those princes and princesses were coveting his throne.

Therefore, Zhu Zhenwu began to be ruthless to the princes and princesses. All the outstanding princes and princesses had basically been killed by Zhu Zhenwu.

Especially the position of Crown Prince, the mortality rate was as high as 100%. And Zhu Wuyang was the 18th Crown Prince.

The reason why Zhu Wuyang could become the new Crown Prince of the Jiu Zhao Nation was not because of his background, talent, and skills… but because he had no background, poor talent, and skills… He was clearly a scapegoat!

The original owner of the body that Zhu Wuyang had transmigrated to was also called Zhu Wuyang. Perhaps it was because they had the same name and the original Zhu Wuyang had met with an accident that Zhu Wuyang was able to transmigrate to this body.

The reason why something had happened to the previous Zhu Wuyang was actually because he had been forcefully pushed to the position of Crown Prince.

In order to live a few more years in the position of the Crown Prince, it would be best if he could live until the crazy Zhu Zhenwu died from Qi deviation. Therefore, the original owner of the body decided to cripple a portion of his martial arts and drop two realms, lest Zhu Zhenwu felt that he had advanced too quickly as the Crown Prince and killed him out of jealousy.

In the end, the previous Zhu Wuyang was a little too heavy-handed. After all, he had never done this before. He directly crippled himself from the mid-stage of Tendon Refinement to the level of an ordinary person, and even his cultivation foundation was destroyed.

Seeing this outcome, the original owner of the body died from anger. Zhu Wuyang had picked up a handsome body for nothing, and it was the Crown Prince of the Jiu Zhao Nation.

However, Zhu Wuyang really did not want this body. He would rather transmigrate to become an ordinary person in the Dongyuan Continent than transmigrate to become the Crown Prince of the Jiu Zhao Nation.

He didn't want to die. Who would save a poor transmigrator like him?

It was no wonder that even with a flawless Dao foundation, and his strength had been soaring, it was clearly a great thing, but Zhu Wuyang kept feeling a huge worry in his heart.

It turned out that it was all because of Zhu Zhenwu. After all, as the Crown Prince of Jiu Zhao, the job with a mortality rate of 100%, the stronger his cultivation foundation was and the faster his cultivation speed increased, the more likely it was for him to attract the ruthless Zhu Zhenwu who was jealous of talents.

It was not that Zhu Wuyang did not want to improve, but he did not dare to. Compared to his own life, increasing his strength was nothing.

Unless he could surpass Zhu Zhenwu in one go, the faster he improved, the faster he would die.

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