2 Breaking Through Six Realms in a Row

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At this moment, Zhu Wuyang had just stepped onto the path of martial arts and was in the first small realm of the Body Tempering Realm… Skin Refinement!

Under the effect of a large number of breakthrough points, Zhu Wuyang's skin was quickly tempered to become flexible and firm. Once he circulated his blood essence power, the skin all over his body would turn light brown.

This also meant that Zhu Wuyang had stepped into the early stage of Skin Refinement. Next, it was time to break through to the mid-stage of Skin Refinement.

There were still a lot of breakthrough points left. After all, 90% of the breakthrough points were automatically poured into Zhu Wuyang's body. It was impossible for Zhu Wuyang to refuse, so he could only focus on absorbing and digesting them.

As he had just fused with this new body, there were some areas that he was not familiar with. Zhu Wuyang had no choice but to focus all his attention on digesting the breakthrough points. He did not dare to think about anything else, afraid that he would not be able to control the surging power in his body and explode.

However, during the process of his cultivation breakthrough, his worry became stronger and stronger, enveloping Zhu Wuyang like a dark cloud.

It seemed that as he became stronger and broke through faster, this worry became heavier.

His strength was still breaking through, and Zhu Wuyang quickly stepped into the Mid-stage of the Skin Refining Realm. The skin all over his body became even tougher, far beyond his imagination.

If it was on Earth, he would have been easily knocked down by a person with a club with his previous physique. But now, no one could hurt him without ten clubs.

Zhu Wuyang's defense had increased by about ten times. It was obvious what kind of increase this was. The strange power formed by the breakthrough points seemed to be endless as they flowed in unceasingly.

The blood essence power in Zhu Wuyang's body became stronger and purer, and the tempering of his skin became more and more powerful.

The Body Tempering realm mainly cultivated the power of blood essence. The stronger the power of blood essence, the greater the benefits it could bring to martial artists.

When Zhu Wuyang circulated his blood essence power and a dark brown light flickered around him, he had already stepped into the Late-stage of the Skin Tempering Realm and was about to break through the bottleneck of Perfection.

The power gained from his three breaths was simply unimaginable.

Zhu Wuyang would never have thought that one day he would benefit so much from just taking three breaths.

Does it have to feel so good!

Half an hour later, Zhu Wuyang had completed the Skin Refinement Realm. Once he condensed his blood essence power on his skin, it would turn black and flicker with a dark light. Its defense was simply terrifying.

Perhaps it was because of his flawless Dao base and the fact that Zhu Wuyang cultivated the peerless body tempering technique, the Grand Earth Limitless Technique, that Zhu Wuyang's defense was at least ten times that of ordinary martial artists.

Such defense had already far surpassed that of martial artists who also cultivated the Grand Earth Limitless Technique. The two of them were not on the same level at all. This was also one of the huge benefits of having a flawless Dao foundation.

Zhu Wuyang had never thought that one day, his skin would become so hard and flexible. If it were on Earth, even an ordinary pistol would not be able to break through his skin. It could be imagined how tough Zhu Wuyang's skin was.

However, the strange power transformed from the breakthrough points had not been used up yet, so Zhu Wuyang's strength was still advancing rapidly.

The next realm after Skin Refinement was Fleshly Body Refinement. As the name implied, it mainly tempered the muscles.

The pure blood essence power was like threads that constantly shuttled into every muscle, tempering and hammering these muscles, making them stronger.

His muscles, which had been irregular, became symmetrical and firm under the pounding of his Qi and blood. Each piece was perfect and seemed to be filled with rhythm.

Well-muscled, not skinny, not fat!

This was an important sign of early-stage Flesh Refinement. In other words, in a short period of time, Zhu Wuyang had broken through from Skin Refinement Perfection to Early-stage Fleshly Body Refinement. Every move he made had more than 1,000 catties of strength, far surpassing martial artists of the same level.

Although Zhu Wuyang was also a fitness enthusiast on Earth, the muscles he had trained were far from perfect. They were only visibly bulky. Compared to his current muscles, they were simply worlds apart.

Just based on this alone, Zhu Wuyang felt that this transmigration was worth it.

But did I really transmigrate? That mechanical voice wasn't lying, was it?

And what was this thing that kept supplying him with the strange powers?

Most importantly, where had he transmigrated to? What was his new identity now?

… .

"Congratulations to the host for asking a question for the first time in your life. You have obtained 300 breakthrough points. In view of the importance of strength, 90% of the breakthrough points will be used to increase the host's strength realm!"

"Congratulations to the host for asking a question for the second time in your life. You have obtained 200 breakthrough points…"

"Congratulations to the host for asking a question for the third time in your life. You have received 100 breakthrough points…"

… .

Before he could receive an answer, Zhu Wuyang heard the strange and mechanical voice again. Another wave of breakthrough points arrived, forcing Zhu Wuyang to focus on absorbing and improving again.

The Grand Earth Limitless Technique circulated, condensing the strange power into pure blood essence. Wisps of it seeped into his muscles, either hammering, tempering, or nourishing them… It increased Zhu Wuyang's muscle density at an extremely fast speed.

By the time all the breakthrough points were exhausted, Zhu Wuyang's strength had already broken through to the Mid-stage Fleshly Body Refinement Realm.

His muscles became extremely full, and he could easily exert 1,000 to 2,000 catties of strength. If he was on Earth, he would be a superhuman.

Moreover, Zhu Wuyang's muscles were well-proportioned and aesthetic. They did not seem cumbersome at all and were filled with the masculine beauty of a man.

When he was on Earth, Zhu Wuyang had never hoped that he would one day have such good looking muscles. To be honest, with these muscles, even if he was ugly, he did not have to worry about lacking a girlfriend.

When this wave of breakthrough points was used up, the answers to some questions appeared in Zhu Wuyang's mind.

It turned out that he had really transmigrated. Furthermore, he had transmigrated with his soul. His body had already been destroyed by lightning. At the same time, during his journey through the transmigration, he had accidentally fused with a strange item formed from a collision between universes. This strange item was called…

Extraordinary Encounters System!

As the name suggested, this System could allow its host to obtain various breakthrough points based on some special encounters.

As for the number of breakthrough points obtained, it would be assessed by the influence of the fortuitous encounter, the depth of the memory left behind on the host, and the level of uniqueness, allowing the host to obtain different numbers of breakthrough points.

For example, the first breath, the first question… These were all special encounters. However, Zhu Wuyang was already 20 to 30 years old on Earth, and this body was not young after he transmigrated. Before this, he had also breathed and asked questions. Why were the breaths and questions just now counted as the first, second, and third time?

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