39 Not liking Doughnuts is very normal, okay?!

He came to the room just in time to see Rhodes take off with the suit. He watched him leave and turned to Tony, walking over and tapping on the helmet.

It opened and Viktor smiled "So much trouble just to give him the suit?" Tony smiled wryly and didn't deny it, replying "In the end your advice was useful." Viktor shook his head and sighed "I told you I wasn't going to let you die, do you like being alone?"

Tony sighed "Do I have a choice?" Viktor nodded and knocked on the armor, saying "You do. You can find a cure yourself." Tony shook his head and said "You don't understand technology. It's not that simple."

Viktor chuckled and replied "It's not simple, but not impossible. You're the third smartest person I know. First is my wife, second is me. I believe you can do it. Why are you giving up hope like a kid who had his parents divorce but only got one Christmas?"

Tony looked at him speechlessly and said "That analogy doesn't really apply…" Viktor stretched out his hand and said "Believe it or not, I know you can get out of this crisis. You just need to believe in yourself."

Tony took his hand and pulled himself up, retorting "You pick that up off a postcard, that's pretty good." Viktor grinned and replied "Close. A Poster. It had a unicorn on a psychiatrist chair and the Psychiatrist told the unicorn-"

He paused and coughed, "Anyway, I know you can do it. 'Cus if you don't I won't sell any comics." Tony stared at him blankly before laughing "That's reassuring."

Viktor patted his chest and said "I'm also a Psychiatrist." Tony didn't believe it, saying "Show me the PhD." Viktor froze and grit his teeth, Tony chuckled and looked outside, saying "Let's get breakfast."

Viktor checked the time and said "It's 3 am." Tony said instantly "After a nap." Viktor rolled his eyes and left while Tiny chuckled, looking at Viktor's back thoughtfully.

The next morning

Tony dragged Viktor out of bed and said "Wake up!" Viktor opened his eyes groggily and said "Hm? What time is it?" Tony said "8 am." Viktor rolled over on the ground and mumbled "It's only been 5 hours…"

Tony kicked him lightly and said "You're a doctor for god sakes, what if someones dying? Are you gonna ask me for 5 more minutes and tell me you don't want to go to school next?"

Viktor's eyes twitched and he said angrily "You're the one who never fucking sleeps!" Tony laughed and said "Driving is too slow and I don't want to take off the suit. We'll fly there."

Viktor stood up slowly and muttered "Hopefully you don't drop me…" Tony's lips twitched into a grin and he said "Who said I was carrying you?" Viktor questioned in confusion, "Well then how am I going to get there? Magic?" as he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

Tony knocked on his head, saying "Hello? I'm questioning your IQ! I'm giving you a suit, understand now?!" Viktor woke up instantly and said "What?! Have you finally lost your damn mind?!"

Tony retorted "You said you wanted one for your shop, we're partners. It's fine." Viktor punched his armor, saying angrily "It's not 'fine'! I was just saying! I didn't actually mean for you to give me armor! I don't want it!"

He frowned and muttered "Maybe the Palladium messed with your brain." Tony's lips twitched and he said "Well, you take it now or I ship it to your house. You choose." Viktor asked angrily "Why are you trying to find successors left and right?! I told you, I will not let you die! Can you calm down and listen to what you're saying right now?"

Tony patted his shoulder and said seriously "I'm perfectly sober right now. I mean what I said. Even if I cure myself I will say the same. How many times have you saved me? You took down my poisoning by 10% total. You know what I'm at right now?"

Tony didn't wait for an answer and said directly "94%. You know what that means? That means that without you taking away 10% I would be a corpse. You took out my shrapnel and saved my life again, is a suit worth more than my life? Stop being a little bitch and take the suit before I beat you and shove you inside one!"

Viktor glared at him and said "You'll regret it." Tony smirked, "I never regret anything."

A while later

Viktor and Tony were eating doughnuts inside a doughnut on top of a doughnut shop. Well Tony was, Viktor was eating Eclairs instead. He had a box full of them tied with a string next to him.

Tony waved his hands and said "Seriously, who doesn't like Doughnuts?!" Viktor frowned and said "I do! Is that okay with you?" He was fully armored in a black and gold suit!

A black and gold helmet was next to him as he stuffed an Eclair in his mouth, glaring at Tony, seemingly still upset that he was forced into a suit.

Tony chuckled and bit a doughnut provocatively.

Suddenly, someone yelled "Sirs! I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the Doughnut!" Viktor looked down at the black man and said "Aiya. I gotta go. See ya, Tony." as he put on the Helmet, grabbing the Eclairs and Kikoku.

Tony waved and the man yelled "Hey! Wait!" Viktor blasted off into the sky and disappeared.

Tony came down and said "Let's talk inside, I need a coffee." The man frowned and watched the sky, saying "I need to talk to him. Why does he have a suit?"

Tony replied "Suit? What suit?" as he walked inside. The black man frowned harder and followed him in, saying seriously "I hope you can cooperate." Tony replied "Can you leave him alone? He doesn't want to be bothered. He's just a Doctor, not a superhero."

They got coffee and the man spread pictures on the table, saying "A normal Doctor rushes onto a live racetrack, deflects a plasma whip, and cuts gym equipment in half?" Tony looked at the pictures and sipped his coffee saying "Well, he's the Best Doctor in the World."

The man tapped on the pictures hard, saying "Even if he's the best doctor in the motherfuckin' universe, he can't do this." Tony rolled his eyes, quipping "That's a good title, I'll tell him next time I see him." The man said "This isn't a game, Stark."

A woman sat down next to him and said "Mr. Stark, hello." Tony looked at her and said "Well… You're… Fired." 'Natalie' smiled and said "Well, that's not up to you." She looked at the pictures on the table and opened her mouth before saying nothing.

She indeed participated in this information, she was feeling very guilty. He saved her life last night and now she was going to harass him…

She just sighed and convinced herself it was for the sake of the safety of the people…

Back in Hell's Kitchen~

Viktor landed in an alley 5 blocks from his house before teleporting twice and appearing inside his living room.

People were ecstatic, shouting that Iron Man came to Hell's Kitchen.

Everyone's favorite Big Bear was a pretty smart cookie this time around.

Nobody saw where he landed nor did they see him disappear. They only saw 'Iron Man' flying over the city.

They didn't even see the color of the suit!

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