I'm in Konoha, My Spiritual Power is Skyrocketing Everyday (MTL)

When Chen Wu was finishing the dice..., the spirit took the dice to cross into the ninja world and became a Konoha Shinobi who is about to graduate. The dice can be thrown once a day, and the number of points can increase the mental power. At the start, it was 666 for three days, and with the original 8 points of mental power, the mental power soared more than twice. One look can make Naruto and the nine tails in Naruto dance together! Naruto: What a ninja dream! Go to the special Hokage dream! Go to the savior! I'm not a ninja anymore! Nine tails: Go to such a special freedom, whoever told me freedom, who am I worried about! Shimura Danzo: Hiyazaki, I regret it, I shouldn't provoke Fengyi. Sarutobi Hiizaki: Fengyi is Hokage. Madara Uchiha: I don't dance anymore. (This is a MTL and I am just editing it.) Author: Rock Fox Link for mtl : https://mtlnation.com/novel/im-in-konoha-my-spiritual-power-is-skyrocketing-everyday-1 Link for raw: https://wap.faloo.com/1156634.html I hope you enjoy it. Disclaimer: I don't own anything from this. All copyright goes to their original owners.

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Young Chen Wu

The morning sun shines through the window.

It landed on the little boy who was sleeping on the bed.

A young boy with a handsome face.

Outside the window, the distant, but still incomparably huge Hokage Rock is also shining under the rising sun.

Suddenly, with a "squeak" sound, the door opened.

A smaller girl walked into the room.

Immediately afterward, the girl came to the bed of the little boy with a wicked smile on her face.

"Onii-san..." Then she whispered, and the next moment, she suddenly smiled proudly: "Get up!"

At the same time, she has already jumped high and then fell heavily while bending her knees and bombarded the little boy's stomach.

The next moment, the expected screams did not sound.

The little boy on the bed had already opened his eyes, and said lightly, "Yayi, can you get off my stomach?"

"Ah? Damn it, you dodged again. Since yesterday, Yayi's attack has been ineffective. Brother, how did you dodge it?" Yayi asked with a puzzled look.

"If I tell you and let you crack it, won't you then hit me hard like yesterday, almost smashing my stomach?" The little boy rolled his eyes and asked.

"Hmph, I'm training my brother, whose grades are at the bottom of the class. Unlike me, I'm at the top of the class," Yayi said proudly.

"Yes, Lord Taiwu Yayi, can you get off my stomach now? Don't always wake me up in such a violent way in the morning." The little boy rolled his eyes helplessly and said. However, in his eyes, there is doting.

Obviously, he is not someone who likes his sister, but he didn't expect that after crossing, he couldn't get angry with his sister no matter what. On the contrary, he loved her more and more.

Even if he had just crossed that day, her knee then hit him, and he almost fainted without pain.

But, strangely, he was not angry.

Yes, the little boy is a transmigrator.

A man named Chen Wu was playing a game of throwing dice to give out red packets.

Unexpectedly, he was suddenly struck by a thunderbolt.

Then he was woken up by the girl in front of him with a fierce knee smash.

Only later did I know that I had crossed over to Konohagakure from Naruto and became a genin of the graduating ninja school.

His name is Taiwu Fengyi.

There must be cheats while crossing.

Chen Wu's cheat is the dice that he used to play the red envelope game on the computer.

You can only throw once per day.

The greater the number of throws, the greater the possibility of obtaining a single attribute value, and the increase of a single attribute value compared to multiple attribute values ​​is simply a sky and an underground.

For example, in the first three days, Chen Wu threw the maximum value every day, for three consecutive days, 6,6, and 6.

Chen Wu also gained 6 mental strength points every day for three consecutive days.

The mental strength of ordinary people is only five or six points, and the mental strength of ordinary ninjas is only seven or eight points. Excellent ninjas, at most, ten points.

Therefore, with the direct blessing of 18 points of spiritual power and the ten-point peak spiritual power of Chen Wu as a traverser and the aboriginal fusion, Chen Wu's spiritual power has reached an astonishing 28 points in only three days.

Two days ago, at 22:00, Chen Wu was already able to use his mental shield.

Therefore, the habitual knee smash of sister Yayi did not hurt Chen Wu again.

As for the mental power scan, it is even simpler. The mental power value of 28 points allows Chen Wu to learn without a teacher.

The range is huge, in a straight line, it has exceeded five kilometers.

In the full range, it has already reached 500 meters and a half.

Like his sister and parents, Chen Wu always felt he could easily control them.

As for whether he can brainwash them after controlling them, he doesn't know because Chen Wu has never even tried to control people.

After all, Chen Wu is a person from the civilized world. Although he is not pedantic, he will not arbitrarily control others to verify his ability.

Therefore, you can only practice with cats and dogs, and there is no doubt that controlling cats and dogs is not too easy.

Don't even look at him.

In short, Chen Wu knows that he is very strong now, but to what extent he doesn't know.

Chen Wu also has no concept.

Moreover, although Chen Wu has strong mental strength, he is trash physically.

Physical skills, shuriken techniques, and even theory are at the bottom of the class.

Even the Three Body Technique has not been able to learn.

Yes, Naruto, who doesn't know how to use the clone jutsu, is at the bottom of the class, so Chen Wu was not in Naruto's class.

Naruto's class was an elite class, and Chen Wu's class was the famous bottom class of the ninja school.

The headteacher is a wretched middle-aged ninja who only knows how to follow the script. His name is Lese. He cares about the students in the class, let alone Iruka, even Shuimu.

To be honest, if Chen Wu hadn't crossed over and gotten the soul fusion with the added 18 points of spiritual power, Chen Wu couldn't even beat his sister.

"Yayi, did you wake up your brother? Come down for breakfast." At this moment, the voice of this life's mother came from outside.

The parents of this life are two Chūnin. Although they are two Chūnin, their strength is no different from Genin.

They are all logistics personnel who only know the Three Body Technique and then rise in qualifications, and have no combat power at all.

That is, mixed wages.

But, that's it, it's better than orphans.

"Come down here." Yayi heard her mother's call, so she got off Fengyi's body and said, "Nissan, I will definitely figure out how you escaped my attack, just wait and see."

Saying that, Ya Yi turned around and trotted down, but in an instant, she turned around and came back and said, "Nissan, come out to wash and eat."

"Well, I see." Chen Wu said.

This time, Ya Yi really went to the table first.

Chen Wu then took out his dice and threw them.

In an instant, a scarlet dot stopped.

"Shit!" Chen Wu scolded immediately.

With a "ding dong" sound, a red envelope collapsed from the dice.

Chen Wu opened it, and sure enough, it read.

Strength 0.01, Speed ​​0.01, Constitution 0.01.

"Forget it, no matter how small the number is, it is still numbers!" Chen Wu said helplessly.

The next moment, these numbers turned into a stream and disappeared into Chen Wu's body.

Chen Wu just felt a lot more energetic.

However, it is completely different from the pleasure of throwing six points and the spiritual power soaring.

This is what Chen Wu said, the higher the points, the better.

It's just that now, Chen Wu's luck in starting three consecutive 6, 6, and 6 games is hard to come by.

"System! Show me my panel."

Chen Wu is not discouraged.

Suddenly, a panel appeared in front of Chen Wu.

Host: Chen Wu (Taiwu Fengyi)

Spirit: 28

Strength: 7.27

Speed: 7.17

Constitution: 7.05

(The above values ​​are 5 for normal healthy adults and 10 for normal healthy adult ninjas.)

"Damn, this judgment still makes people complain. What is an ordinary, healthy adult ninja? I don't know the difference between low genin, average genin, or high genin. What's the difference between genin, chūnin, and jōnin? Oh, look at this. The value, I can't judge it at all." Although he was used to it, Chen Wu couldn't help but rolled his eyes and complained.

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