I'm in Harry Potter Being a Demigod

Leo opened his eyes and found himself reincarnated as a little baby. As the years went by he discovered that he was special, different from others. Until one day at the age of eleven he received a letter of invitation that would change the course of his life. From that moment the wheels of destiny began to move in a world not as simple as it appears, numerous battles and wars take place in secret. Demigod gods, magicians and sorcerers, two different worlds that should not be together by chance of fate are inseparable from each other. In “Twilight of the Demigods,” bonds of friendship are forged in the heat of battle, secrets from the past emerge, and demigods face off in a battle that could change the fate of their worlds. Join us to see how Leo will survive in this HarryPotter fusion world full of strangeness.

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Leo didn't think much, at that moment his body and mind were screaming for one thing... to run away.

At this moment he was not interested in the reason for the existence of a Fury or what the purpose of his coming to the orphanage was.

He twisted his body and squeezed every last drop out of his body to run.

Without looking back he ran and took to the streets of London.

The Fury just looked at all of this with indifference and a hint of mockery.

"They always do the same thing, they just complicate things."

His wings spread like a dark cloak and with a smooth movement he rose into the air.


In a closed street Leo was exhausted but at no time did his feet stop moving. Several cars passed by from time to time, people returning from work and couples holding hands.

Leo tried to get as far away from them as possible, although he was in danger he did not want to implicate innocent people because of him. From left to right and vice versa; Leo passed alley by alley hoping to lose sight of his pursuer.

But as he ran away, when he turned a corner he bumped into a person or so it seemed, because he was as hard as a stone statue.

Feeling as if his body had been hit by a truck he fell to the ground.

And before he could come back to his senses, he felt a strong blow on his left cheek and his body was thrown off the ground for a few seconds before hitting hard with a concrete wall.

Leo felt as if the whole world was spinning, his stomach twisted and a kind of bloody saliva came out of his mouth.

And before he could recover, a sudden feeling of suffocation came, with his hands he tried to push away whatever was pressing on his neck.

But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop him, he punched and kicked until his hands bled, but soon he couldn't move anymore.

Just when he thought he would lose consciousness, the drowning feeling eased a little, giving him room to breathe.

When he caught his breath a little; He stared at the monstrosity in front of him...

"Mr. Jackson, we were able to talk calmly... you don't need to get so exasperated." "He said as he gently placed one of his fingers on my neck.

"You... Monster you want from me." Leo was in extreme pain but still tried to find solutions every second.

"Monster? Mr. Jackson pity my feelings; in my opinion his kind are the real monsters."

Apparently I struck a chord, I knew it when I felt his hand tighten a little more around his neck.

"The... of my class?"

"Yes; heroes, half-bloods or demigods, you are all the same, beings hungry for power and glory." He said as if it were obvious.

"Just disgusting..."

"What do you mean". Leo just stared at her fiercely while he gritted his teeth in pain, he felt a strong burning in her arms and back, he felt her body falling apart.

"Oh right, you shouldn't know what you are yet, right?"

"Well, that doesn't matter anymore."

"After all... The dead don't have to know anything."

While he was talking his finger slowly pierced my neck and slowly rose until it reached my temple.

Feeling the hot blood fall; Leo was honestly scared, never mind that he didn't want to die...not here...not this way.

'Will everything end, just like that?'

"However, although I would like to kill you, unfortunately I still have a mission to fulfill." Leo's eyes, although fearful, shone with a light, the so-called hope.

"Then Mr. Jackson, you have two options; first, tell me where the pendant of the gods is located."

"Or second option; die here, but while I search for the pendant, I will go to the orphanage and exterminate one by one each person you love or are related to."

Leo's eyes shone, but this time all the fear and trepidation was replaced by anger.

"You... you're even worse than a monster, you're a demon! Everyone in the orphanage is innocent, it has nothing to do with whatever this means."

The Fury was not angry at his words; she just laughed hard.. very hard.

"I am always prepared to incite chaos and destruction wherever I go!" Seeing how his face distorted Leo realized his mistake, this was a demon, his mental madness is expressed in the chaos he enjoys creating outside.

Naturally her words would have no effect on him, someone like her has not known what guilt or regret is since she was born.

"Besides, brat, you should speak more carefully, if I lose my temper, you lose your mind." I felt her finger pierce my head even more.

However, since he talked about killing everyone in the orphanage, I lost my fear.

"Get lost! I don't even know what pendant you're talking about."

"Oh... are you sure about this? I've been looking for the pendant all over the world for years, it wasn't until a few days ago that I came across you."

"I wasn't really sure about it at the time, but for some reason today was a little different."

"Do you know that your power leaks everywhere? It's very attractive to us monsters."

"The necklace must be an ancient one made of celestial bronze and gold... It is of vital importance... look, let's make a deal, as long as you give it to me there will be no problems in giving you a less painful death; plus I will let your friends live." how are you?".

Leo hesitated for a moment, when he mentioned a gold and bronze pendant, he remembered the one he brought with him into this world.

But that wouldn't make sense, he was sure that except him and Mrs. Helen no one else had seen it; why something he brought from another world would attract the attention of a native demon.

For a moment Leo felt that everything was wrapped in a fog, everything seemed to escape from his hands.

He realized for the first time that he knew nothing at all, his destiny seemed no longer within his reach, he was weak and incapable; He didn't seem capable of doing anything at all even though he possessed infinite potential.

He no longer even remembered when it was the last time since he felt so helpless...he wishes to become strong, enough to never feel this feeling again.

Leo clenched his fists intensely and an unstoppable desire arose in his heart.

The Fury was looking at Leo calmly, in her opinion no matter what he did, she would never be his opponent.

Although he did not know which god he was the son of, this boy was only interested in the pendant.

After all the gods no longer...


With a loud sound of wind a loud cracking sound sounded.

A shadow flew out and crashed into a concrete wall.

Fury only felt severe pain and his jaw broke.

The strong pain made his eyes turn red with anger and he quickly climbed out of the hole created earlier.

When she looked around her there was no one but her and Leo.

'You.. bastard.. I will kill you!'


Looking at the damage he caused with the blow just now Leo looked at his fists stupidly, a moment ago he felt a burst of energy and felt his body lighten; as if some kind of limitation had been broken within him.

But unfortunately this feeling was momentary, once he hit the demon on the head he felt strong pain in every part of his body, blood stained all over his face and clothes; He had broken bones in his hands and feet as well as an intracranial fracture.

That punch just now exhausted all his strength.

Leo sat down and waited calmly for the fury to come out. His head ached, his eyes blurred, and he stayed awake by sheer force of will.

When he saw a shadow quickly come out of the hole, he couldn't help but sigh, it seems that after all, he won't survive today.

'I wonder if they'll scold me later for not cleaning my plate.'



When he saw him leaning on the wall he got very angry, he had already forgotten everything his sisters told him before coming.

Right now he just wanted to kill it, break it into pieces and feed it to Cerberus.

Leo heard the footsteps coming towards him; In this quiet alley he felt especially noisy, Leo could no longer bear the pain and slowly lost consciousness.

But before he fell he saw a thick, sharp hand close to squeezing his head.

But before he succeeded a strong emerald-colored lightning flashed along with a somewhat aged voice.

'Avada Kedavra'.

Then everything was plunged into darkness.