105 Chapter 105: Forced Spirit Fission

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Everyone present was stunned when those he had absorbed in the past suddenly came out of Cell's body.

"Somehow Gohan managed to make Cell expel those he absorbed" Goku smiled happily.

"I don't know how the brat did it, but it's amazing" Raditz was just as happy, "he touches us"

The cell juniors backed away nervously swallowing saliva, and their progenitor was no better than them.

"W-what did you do to me?" Cell gathered his remaining strength to utter those words.

"I used forced spirit fission to force you to expel everyone you absorbed, and not only them but also the energy you've stolen."

"B... but how?" Cell managed to ask.

"For every hit I've given you, I separated the vital energy that kept you together with the beings you absorbed, you are a very stupid"

"If you thought that by having the cells of the best fighters, you would be a great fighter, you are very wrong" Gohan scolded him.

Cell spat out a good amount of blood and held his stomach. Gohan crossed his arms, prepared to continue with his explanation.

"You were so focused on beating me that you didn't realize that for every second that passed, your power and energy decreased"

"The more you increased your powers, the faster your life energy would separate. That's why I let you absorb the other Cell, do you understand?"

"By doing that the life energy that was holding you together with your absorptions totally separated, and with that I won the fight" Gohan explained happily.

In the middle of the end of him Cell clenched his fists, Gohan had practically been playing with him as he could have easily defeated him.

"I've left you attached to the other Cell, it's as useless as you are" Gohan reached down and took the bodies of 17, 18, Piccolo and used teleportation.

He appeared on the cliff where the warriors were and put the bodies on the ground. Slowly all of them began to open their eyes.

"W-what happened? W-where am I?" 17 was the first to speak and noticed Gohan's presence. And right away he saw his sister next to him.

"Long story, but in summary I made Cell expel them" Gohan replied smiling and approached 18, "Did you see? In the end I saved you hehe"

18 was quite lost in the situation, she looked at Gohan and seemed to understand everything. "I-I didn't ask you to save me shorty... but th-thank you"

Piccolo looked at Gohan, and smiled slightly, "You've become very strong brat, I see why you defeated that monster Cell"

"Nice to see you too Piccolo, but I'm not done yet" Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan before all of their eyes.

'So that's his current power, he's out of this world' Piccolo inquired wordlessly, and the androids were also stunned by it.

The boy mustered all the energy from him and suddenly spooky versions of him came out of his mouth, "Super ghost kamikaze attack!"

Each one of the ghosts went for a Cell junior, which upon noticing them tried to dodge them but they were not lost sight of.

"Hyaaa!" a Cell junior tried to hit a ghost, but by doing so the ghost instantly exploded taking the Cell junior with him.

The others noticed that but it was too late, the ghosts went after them and exploding they destroyed them all.

"Now I'm done hmpf" Gohan dusted off his hands and then all the Z fighters landed next to him.

"You've been amazing Gohan, I'm so proud of you" Goku stroked his son's hair, "Hey, you're finally back Piccolo"

"Yeah, and from what I see I've missed quite a bit, haven't I?" Piccolo smiled slightly.

"You'll have to catch up, almost all of us have increased our powers" Raditz crossed his arms showing a slight smile on the side.

"Cell's victims will have to be resurrected, the forced spirit is very incredible but it has its limits" Gohan pointed looking at the group, "Huh?"

"HAAAAAAA!" a scream made everyone feel upset and when they turned around they saw that Cell had increased in size. He seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

'Damn, he's not supposed to have any life energy left' Gohan gritted his teeth at the serious miscalculation he had made.

"H-how come he still has so much power left?" Raditz froze as he felt the energy released by the monster, "Th-this is not possible!"


They all paled at that. Vegeta gritted his teeth and charged an energy sphere to destroy Cell once and for all. "He Dies Miserable!"

"I'm going to explode at the slightest touch! So don't try it!" Cell exclaimed smiling and Vegeta clenched his fists, "You're all going to die!"

"I-it can't be, is there nothing we can do?" Yamcha fell to his knees hitting the ground. And Goku bit his lip worriedly.

"I'll take him off-planet" Gohan stated seriously earning everyone's looks.

"Don't do that Gohan!" Goku looked at his son.

"Dad, the explosion won't kill me. Plus I can survive in space" Gohan smirked, "I'll be back as soon as possible"

Goku clenched his fists looking down, he felt very dejected because he was loading his ten-year-old son with a lot of responsibility.

"Dad, do you remember the day I asked you to train me? Do you remember all those afternoons where you taught me so much?" asked the Saiyan.

"Yes son, I remember" Goku replied.

"Everything was to one day take over and protect this planet from evil as you have been doing for so long"

"As much as I would like to be here with you, with mom and the others, I chose this life, I chose to be the protector of the Earth, don't feel bad, dad"

"I'm Gohan! The son of the great Son Goku"

Gohan teleported away, and appeared in front of Cell, who widened his eyes in puzzlement, "You and I are going, big guy!" he yelled charging the beast.

"W-wait Gohan!" Cell exclaimed in vain.

Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan two and rose with Cell's body into the sky in a matter of seconds until leaving the planet.

They left Earth, it didn't take long for them to leave the solar system. Gohan used all of his strength to push Cell away from him by far.

"W-what are you up to?" Cell asked seeing that Gohan was gathering energy in his hands.

"Completely destroy you Cell! KAMEE... HAME..." Gohan concentrated all of his power.

"N-no... DON'T DO IT!" Cell tried to stop him.

"HAAAA" Gohan yelled throwing the energy wave towards Cell, who upon receiving that attack ended up exploding into millions of pieces.

A nearby planet exploded as well and Gohan used an energy barrier to protect himself, otherwise even he would have been consumed.

'That attack should have nullified his regeneration ability' Gohan thought remembering Cell's ending in the original series, 'I used all my power'

It had been his most powerful attack to date, Cell couldn't survive, much less after losing his main absorbs.

Gohan put two fingers to his forehead ready to go home, but something chilled his blood. "Why the hell am I still sensing energy from him?"

There shouldn't have been any of Cell left at all, with an attack as powerful as that his brain core should have been destroyed.

"Wow, do you think you're the only one who's been playing this whole time?" a voice alerted him and Gohan raised his eyes in astonishment, Cell was perfect!

"W-why are you still alive?" Gohan asked.

"Because I'm immortal, the second wish that doctor Gero asked the dragon balls was my immortality" Cell replied with a smile.

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