Reviews of I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot


I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Kinoshita Nakui

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I'm reading the raw currently I'm at chapter 77 and I have bad news... I guess they will also cut one chapter at half like the other novel "Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a necromancer." and the good news is the novel is really great and you won't be disappointed hope so..

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The same vibe as 'I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon'


This is a MTL-tier translation of a novel that is based pretty much exclusively on misunderstanding humor and a braindead MC. Not worth reading.


iam coming to support this novels hahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Idk, I like the idea of the book. However, I just find it really annoying that random ass people just come up to his place and take stuff etc etc. Like idk it's like these people do nothing and just take things from his place... I just find this so fcking annoying. For me, the mc HAS to have some self-respect about himself. There is being kind and then there is grovelling to others, letting them walk all over you etc. This is what the mc is in this book and it is something I cannot stand reading about. Like I don't mind that people come to his place, maybe get to look at stuff etc but to actively take things without even doing anything? That's over the line, there's a difference to looking around admiring compared to taking things. It's like inviting someone to your house and them just taking things from it... Nah, can't stand that. the mc also has to have certain self-respect, some confidence about that he lacks. Hope this makes sense? Just something I want to read about when reading so yeah. My prefrence rly


Trash translation. Average repetitive novel. Shameless copying if names and elements from other novels. CN authors remind me of authors during the Shakespeare Era when copyright didn’t exist and authors would just steal content from each each other.


This is the type of novel that's entertaining at first. After a while, it does become...(very) repetitive. Why do I say this? It's because of the novel's structure. This novel goes like this: misunderstanding 1 - misunderstanding 2 - misunderstanding 3 - misunderstanding 4 - misunderstanding 5 and so on. At this moment when I'm writing this review, it's been happening for 480 chapters already. What becomes equally tiring after a while is the protagonist, there's no character growth or development at all. He is the exact same in chapter 1 as is he is in chapter 480. If that isn't enough the supporting cast always react to the incidents in the same way. Every single time! I would say this novel is entertaining (4 stars overall) for the first 150 chapters. If you go beyond then you'll grow both bored, and upset with this novel's shortcomings.


Monster = beast Robot = puppet Dan = core Mc = idiot _____________________________________________________________________________________


The whole point of this novel is that the mc is OP but he doesn't know it and thinks that he is weak because he didn't cultivate/learn combat arts, while everybody else is afraid of or respectful to him because he can freely use the power of 'rules'. Nobody mentions him being OP while in his presence because they think he wants to experience the life of a mortal, thus develops the misunderstanding that the whole novel is based on.


I will first tell you that this novel has high comedic element , is about a guy who fells that he is ordinary person but the people around him don't think so. Con: 1: upto chapter300 no clear story plot goal 2: repeative scenario (upto chapter 200) after that it has unique linear growth in story 3: high content about food (pro for food lover) Pros: 1: comedy 2: overpowered MC but not too undesirable and plot is not to stupid 3: low arrogant character 4: good story baground and world plotting 5: smooth transition in plot with no goal to a definite goal It's too funny and good story so do try


Reveal spoiler


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


sorry but it annoys me so much when I read all these misunderstandings and mc thinking he's weak. it gets dry eventually. and for those who say its the plot, its shifty plot


the mc is basically a idiot with all whole bunch of advanced knowledge its like giving a dumb person the most advance computer in the whole universe and they only use it to what adult movies because of the graphics as for the people of that world it's like the author is trying to make them dumb so that he can make the mc look more smarter that he actually is like at the start is was okay but there is absolutely no progress in his personality he is just like a clueless baby whose only program to not use his brain when everything is laid out right in front of him and to help and be use by every character he comes across just for the sake of moving the story forward


Trash. (Forget previous character) -> Introduce new character -> give them food/treasure -> act like jp beta mc -> you now expert -> rinse repeat Managed to barely read till 410 chaps only to see if anything changes but no. Also no story, just copy pasta story from CN folktales. 1D characters and shallow interactions. Extreme amount of filler. MC's obsession to eat literally anything. Like even eating someone's pets, he was only think how paws would taste and this and that. Info dump. And on and on and on.


I've read the raws up to 400+ch and I can say that this is a good one. In this one, the MC is pseudo-op. That means that, the MC himself doesn't have godlike powers, but everyone around him thinks so. In addition, everything in the MC's house are artifacts that even immortals will fight for, which basically solidifies his position as a bigshot in the eyes of others. But the MC himself doesn't think that they are artifacts; he thinks that they only ordinary things, which led him to give away most of his stuff. Also, if you don't like the fact that the MC is powerless, don't worry. In the 200-350 chapter mark, he'll gain something so OP that basically no one can touch him, literally and metaphorically. All in all, it's a fun and relaxing read. However, if you don't like repetitive stuff, then I advice you to stay away from this novel. The amount of repeating scenes in this novel is so many that I can't even count it.


Such potential is wasted in this novel, from chapters 35-40 till 400+ the story keeps repeating but with different levels of power. I can see why people would found that appealing on a #weak to strong novel, but here is completely different the mc is already the strangest thing that exists, he just doesn't know that. The author built a pattern for all the characters to treat the mc the same fuc**ing way, except that one bad guy everyone treats the mc like a god.


2.4 star is my real review but ı wıll give it 1 star because it doesnt deserve 4.5 rating at all. Mc is plain stupid and his logic is ex. flawed. All side charecters are poorly written. So called emp of country or his retainers doesnt have any ıq at all. Any way ın my opinion this novel ısnt worth to west your time on it.


Starts out great and is funny. It gets boring and repetitive really quick. I managed to stick around until chapter 340 but I think I'm giving up on it. No meaningful development happens to characters or to the story.


Its good in the earlier chap. After the court master in around 70ish chap. I then realise that its a constant repeat. The pov is not even with the mc anymore. And the romance is kept hanging. Author hust introduce a potential wife, then have her as a background character. Its boring and a repeat. Meet someone(a), then that someone(a) being another someone(b), then (b) also told another someone(c) and bring them to mc and repeat. No difference. Even the status are the same. The someone would be an important figure then will end up do anything to lick mc’s a**.