5 An Ordinary Man and His Dog.

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Meanwhile, a battle was happening at the top of the mountain. 

"And I even wondered what monster could be so ruthless! So it is just a Leopard Monster!"

"Leopard Monster, give back the girl to us! And we will consider keeping your dead body in one piece!"

The two young men were high in spirits, along with a young woman, the trio surrounded the Leopard Monster in a triangle. 

"Ha-ha-ha! Three tiny stinky kids trying to slay monsters, aye? How brave of you. Today, I, Lord Leopard, will eat all of you!" the Leopard Monster laughed, as his body transformed into the shape of a human, though his legs and head remained as a leopard. 

"Cut the nonsense, bring it on!" The trio positioned their long swords in front of them, they touched the swords with one finger in unison and called out, "Yujianshu!"

In an instant, the three swords elongated toward the sky, forming the shape of a pyramid that trapped the monster inside. 


The Leopard Monster roared and a golden demon Dan flew out from his mouth. The Dan glowed in a mysterious red light which formed into a light shield surrounding the monster.


The long swords were unable to penetrate through the light shield. The three cultivators were startled in disbelief, "How could it be?"

This was the first monster they faced after completing their cultivation. At first, they thought they could use this opportunity to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, the first monster they faced was way out of their league! 

"Hah! Did you think you can be the hero after cultivating for a few years? I, the Leopard Lord, have cultivated for two hundred years, I can easily kill you three with one finger!" The monster announced with pride, with a sharp flash in his eyes, three red lights glared out from his eyes directed at the trio. 

The trio had no time to escape. They fell onto the ground instantly, their swords lost the shine simultaneously and fell onto the ground with them.

The monster kept its demon Dan away and looked at the three cultivators from head to toe, and he finalized his gaze on the young woman. He licked his lips with excitement, "Oh look at you, female humans have yummy flesh, I'm sure you will taste delicious."

The two men panicked, they growled, "Monster! If you dare to lay a finger on Junior, I'll kill you!"

"We're the disciples of Wanjian Immortal Sect, our Sect will fight you till your death!"

"Look at your desolated surroundings, what am I afraid of? I'll now eat your beautiful Junior right in front of you, one bite at a time!" The monster declared cruelly. 

The trio was frightened, the looks of fear and disappointment appeared on their faces. The two young men cried out, "Let go of our Junior, why don't you eat us first?"

The monster ignored them, he gradually approached the young woman.

Suddenly, a loud galloping sound was heard. 

A glint of hope appeared on their faces, they looked up to see who was coming to save them.

Unfortunately, all they saw was a black ordinary dog walking toward them. Seeing that, their hope dissipated instantly, leaving them in complete despair as if falling from heaven to hell.

The Leopard Monster said coldly, "What is an ordinary dog doing here? Lord Leopard is in a good mood today, I'm not going to eat you, get out of the way!"

Blackie did not flinch, he remained on the same spot. Out of the blue, he opened his mouth and said coldly, "Leopard Monster, surrender now before it's too late."

"Huh? So you're a little Monster Dog!" The Leopard Monster was caught short for a while, before bursting into laughter, " Hey black dog! Have you turned crazy from cultivating? Do you know who you're talking to?"

The three cultivators were shocked by what Blackie said, at first they thought they misheard what he said. 

How could a dog be so confident? The first thing he said was to ask the monster who claimed to be Lord Leopard to surrender? 

"Whatever, my master is coming soon, I don't want to waste my time with you." Blackie shook his head arrogantly. If it was not for his ordinary outlook, one might have assumed him to be some kind of bigshot!

"Ha-ha! You're looking for trouble!" the Leopard Monster laughed out loud, he opened his mouth to lash out a swarm of wind ready to suck Blackie in.

However, Blackie did not flinch either, he remained unmoved and simply raised his paw. 

Suddenly, a strong wind struck and the sky turned gloomy. Within the dark clouds, a huge dog paw appeared out of the mists and crashed onto theMonster Leopard. The paw looked exactly the same as Blackie's paw, except it was many times bigger, as big as the Five Finger Mountain of Tathagata.

Instantly, the Leopard Monster cried out a loud 'meow' like a kitten, he returned into his leopard form with his fur spiking out like a hedgehog. He wanted to escape before realizing he was transfixed, unable to run, all he could do was to watch the approaching paw from the sky crashing into him.

"I'm just a small Monster Leopard, I beg you, Lord Dog, please forgive me and let go of me!" The Monster Leopard begged.


Suddenly, his leopard brain exploded before the paw even landed on him. His brain could not withstand the gigantic pressure induced by the paw. In the next instant, the paw disappeared and the clear blue sky returned as if it was all but a dream.

By then, the three cultivators stared at Blackie without breathing, they stood transfixed like three statues.

However, Blackie acted as if he only did a very small trick, he explained calmly, "My master likes to experience the life of a mortal with an ordinary identity. Remember this: the three of you killed the Monster Leopard, I had nothing to do with it. When my master gets here, do not mention anything about what I did. Treat my master like an ordinary man, and treat me like an ordinary dog. Is that clear?"

The three cultivators nodded blankly. They were overwhelmed with fear and anticipation. A powerful Monster Dog like this, who could possibly be its owner? They heard that hidden experts liked to conceal themselves as ordinary men to experience living an ordinary life. So it was true after all, and they were about to meet this extraordinary person soon!

"Blackie!" Li Nianfan called out worriedly as he ran up the hill. He smacked Blackie's head angrily as he scolded, "Didn't you hear me calling out to you? Why did you run so fast? You're so naughty!" The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he was. He rubbed Blackie's head angrily.

The three cultivators' hearts almost fell out of them watching this. They could feel their blood halted and goosebumps all over their skins. This was a Lord Dog with a gigantic paw! Even their master, no, even their entire sect combined, could not defeat his paw!

Yet, this Lord Dog was being told off and smacked by this man. This was a wild world. They did not have the heart to see this, as they were afraid that the Lord Dog would get mad at them.

After telling off Blackie for a while, Li Nianfan only realized there were other people around him, he saw the three cultivators, a dead leopard with its exploded head, and Nanan fainted under a tree not far away. It seemed that this was the ideal scenario, after all, the Monster Leopard was defeated by the three cultivators. He was in luck! He rushed toward Nanan to check on her, when he saw that she only fainted, he let out a long relief.

"I'm Li Nianfan, thank you the three heroes for slaying the monster and saving Nanan today. You all brought peace to the Fallen Town," Li Nianfan thanked them sincerely.

However, the trio appeared awkward, one of them answered with a shaky voice, "Mr. Li, you're being too polite. We actually didn't do much."

They realized there was no trace of Spiritual Qi in Li, he seemed like a completely ordinary man. They could not help thinking in awe.

'An expert is indeed inscrutable, they could do whatever their hearts desire.'

'Li Nianfan…Nianfan… doesn't 'Nianfan1' stand for nostalgia? No wonder he concealed himself as an ordinary man, perhaps he was nostalgic for his mortal days. He is an expert indeed. A real expert!'

The cultivators reasoned anxiously in their minds.

Among the trio, the young woman in a blue dress said, "Nice to meet you, I'm Bai Luoshuang, they're my seniors, Luo Hao and Qin Zhu."

"Nice to meet you all, Miss Bai, Hero Luo, and Hero Qin," Li Nianfan greeted them politely, he could not help staring at the dead leopard in awe. It looked like any ordinary leopard except bigger.

This was the first time he had come across a monster in this Immortal Realm, and he even saw it at such close distance! It was a shame that he did not manage to watch the process of them defeating the monster.

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