2 A Suspected Hidden Expert

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The layout was simple and ordinary. 

"Hello, is anyone home?" The Princess shouted at the door. 


The door was opened.

Li Nianfan peaked from the door, this was the first time in five years that a visitor ever showed up at his door. His eyes glinted in awe when he saw a beautiful lady standing at his door.

'Could this be god answering my prayer? I asked for a girlfriend and now He's sending me one?' He quickly shook off his thoughts. 

The lady exuded an ethereal sense of Qi and she seemed to be a cultivator. With her elegant manner and outlook, she was likely to be of a noble family. How would she ever want to be in a relationship with Li Nianfan?

At the same time, the Princess was sizing up Li Nianfan as he did to her. A hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes when she found out he was just an ordinary man. She was expecting to meet a hidden expert who could help her to solve the difficult situations she was facing at the moment. 

Nevertheless, since she was already here, she said in a natural and poised tone, "Nice to meet you, I'm Luo Shiyu. May I come in?"

"Of course you may." Li opened the door and made way for her to enter. 

He had no reasons to reject this cultivator, who was also a beautiful looking lady. After all, it was nice to make some friends. 

"Thank you." Luo Shiyu entered the house with her maid. 

Upon entering, a cobblestone path led to the inner court. Across the path was filled with different varieties of plants and colourful flowers, releasing an intoxicating fragrance. It was pleasing to the eyes and senses. In the middle of the courtyard stood a beautiful pavilion surrounded by the living room and bedrooms. 

Luo Shiyu felt a surge of serene peacefulness the moment she set foot in the courtyard, as if the yard had some kind of mysterious power to calm the souls.

The robot walked out from the room, welcoming the guests in a friendly tone, "Welcome to the house."

Shocked, the young maid ran in front of Luo to protect her from the robot. "Ah, Pri—Miss, be careful!"

Li Nianfan reassured, "Ladies, don't be alarmed. This is my housekeeper, Xiao Bai, he is a robot," he then turned toward the robot, and ordered, "Xiao Bai, apologize to the two ladies."

"My apologies to have startled you ladies." Xiao Bai apologized fluently and bowed like a gentleman. 

Luo Shiyu stared at Xiao Bai in disbelief, "A robot? He seems to have Spiritual Intelligence. Is he a Spiritual Robot?"

'A Spiritual Robot is a legendary treasure, according to the legend, only the top graded Spiritual Machines could make a Spiritual Robot. Most importantly, this Spiritual Robot seems to have an extraordinarily high Spiritual Intelligence, it wouldn't be a surprise if he is actually an Immortal Robot.' A sense of fear came across her face the more she thought about it. 

Li Nianfan saw her face, and reassured her smilingly, "Miss, you've been mistaken. Xiao Bai is just an artificial intelligence, made with advanced technology. This is nothing close to a Spiritual Robot."

"Artificial intelligence? Advanced technology?" Luo Shiyu repeated dubiously, not understanding a word she was saying for the first time.

"Just some small tricks, nothing special." Li Nianfan was speechless. Unbothered to explain further, he turned to the robot. "Xiao Bai, please pick a watermelon from the backyard to serve our guests."

"Okay, Master."

Did Li Nianfan actually call a Spiritual Robot with Spiritual Intelligence 'some small tricks'?

Flabbergasted, Luo Shiyu took a deep breath to calm her exicitement. She heard that many of the senior experts who had reached Transcendence, enjoyed pretending to be mortals in order to experience living the ordinary life. Could she have bumped into one today? 

With the thoughts in her mind, she held on her breath nervously, both excited and worried at the same time. 

Li Nianfan walked them to the pavilion, with a genuine smile, he gestured, "After you, ladies."

"Oh, thanks." Luo staggered, recovering from her thoughts.

She looked around and saw an exquisite Changqin placed by the corner, she asked, "Sir, do you enjoy music?"

"Just something to kill time with," Li answered casually.

Luo Shiyu seemed to be keen on making friends with this 'expert'—or at least she suspected. She added, "A dear friend of mine is a wonderful musician, why don't I introduce her to you the next time we meet?"

"I'll give it a pass. I don't really know much about music." He waved his hands with a bitter smile. 

'If Luo Shiyu is an Immortal Cultivator, her friends must be cultivators as well. There's absolutely no way for me to make music with them. What if they don't make music with soundwaves but give out electromagnetic waves? Won't I be killed by accident?' Li Nianfan thought bitterly, although he did earn the title of 'Music Saint'.

His thoughts were interrupted when Xiao Bai brought out a watermelon, finely cut and prepared. "I hope you enjoy the watermelon."

Once again, Luo Shiyu was greatly impressed by this Spiritual Robot. Other than its weird outlook, it was just like a real person. Out of all the other Spiritual Robots, Xiao Bai must have been one of the best. 

"Please, help yourself." Li Nianfan picked up a piece of the watermelon and started munching away. 

To him, it was the perfect time for a cooling watermelon, under the warm heat as he was just getting thirsty after his lunch. 

Luo Shiyu saw him enjoying the watermelon and picked one up for herself. To her, watermelon was something ordinary. As a Princess, she was served with immortal fruits and spiritual juice. Watermelon was a fruit for ordinary people and not for someone like her. Yet, she had to pay the due respect to Li Nianfan, as she suspected him to be an Expert. She noticed something different about the watermelon. 

'Hmm? This is so pretty! It glows like a red ruby! This is nothing like the watermelon I have eaten before!' 

She took a bite. 


'So crispy! So sweet!' She was amused as the juice blasted upon her bite and flowed in her mouth, like naughty children running around1.

In an instant, a strong scent bursted at her taste buds, Luo Shiyu moaned with pleasure. 'Ah! This is so delicious! Yum!'

How would a watermelon taste so fine, so delicious? This was no ordinary watermelon! Or so she thought. 


When she swallowed, the watermelon juice streamed down, washing her throat. However, what happened next was magical. She felt the liquid turning into a gas spreading throughout her body.

'Is this…Spiritual Qi?'

She could not help and took another bite—a big bite. 

Again, so cooling and refreshing. At the same time, a big swarm of Qi entered her body and bursted in her belly.

Qi, that was really Spiritual Qi! Even one bite of the watermelon was as good, or even better, than one whole Spiritual Fruit!

Slurp! Slurp! 

Luo Shiyu got lost in the moment. All her rational thoughts vanished along with the sweet, delicious and densed Qi she was gulping. She had only one thought left in her brain—eat! 

Swiftly, she munched on one piece, two, then three!

Li Nianfan stopped eating after his second piece and observed Luo Shiyu feasting uncontrollably. His eyebrows twitched with a glint of suspicion in his eyes. 

Was she really a cultivator? It was just a watermelon, was it not?

Luo Shiyu did not stop until she had eaten six pieces of watermelon. Finally, she became aware of the mess she caused and her face flushed with shame. She lowered her head slightly, too embarrassed to look at Li in the eyes. 

Before she knew it, a surge of scorching heat filled up her body with endless Spiritual Qi bursting out from her belly.

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