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I'm a Walking Disaster With My Unwanted Virginity


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Again shamelessly giving my book 5 stars. (I'm not doing this just to increase ratings, promise) Anyway, congrats myself on reaching 100k views. *patting myself on the back* (why's this so hard?) Enough messing around. Thanks, everyone. Glad you like my work (and hopefully me too). Though updates will be 6~8 chapters a week, I hope you guys stick around and enjoy yourselves. The purpose of this book is pure enjoyment and fun. So, enjoy yourselves XD. And if you've got questions feel free to shoot them at me. (You even mail me, link's in the bio)

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How Do I Begin? I have no idea. Anyway, this will be a harem novel with powers. The apocalypse stuff happened long ago but it has a lot of influence on the plot a little later on. I'll update this daily but as I'm more focused on my main novel Dawn- an age of darkness, things might be slower. And this is my first time writing in this genre so if anything strikes you funny, do let me know. Do give me all your power stones and hopefully I'll win.


I know the author on a personal level. So I might be a little biased. But honestly, this is a good story. I think the details could be improved and perhaps that would make this a gem. But id still read this. not because the author is holding a gun to my head( I assure you, he isn't) but because I like this story


Suitable for anyone who like overdrawn nonsense drama especially between MC and girls. I read till chapter 150 on pirate website, all i can say is this novel is will make u very frustrated, suffer and angry. I dont feel the joy of reading this sh**. Legitly, i got high blood pressure from reading this. PLEASE END THE STUPID DRAMA KEEP IT WITHIN LESS THAN 100 CHP AT MOST.[img=faceslap]


The writing is decent, the updates seem consistent, story development is alright and there are decent characters. The world building also seems OK. Honestly if you like some what JP-anime vibe story then give it ago. There is nothing that seems wrong, but the character of the MC and the side characters were rather annoying often. Plus the whole thing about everyone keeping things from him isn't my cup of tea and him not remembering things after major events. Plus the whole chapter of talking to himself about how he will not do something only for him to that exact thing at the end was annoying as well along with half of his self talk. All in all, if you are a fan of the genre give it a read and decide for yourself, it has its upsides, it wasn't my cup of tea, but it could be yours.


Excellent grammar, fun plot and vivid descriptions. I think this is a very well written novel! If you're thinking of whether or not you wana try and read this book, the answer is GO FOR IT!!


At first I thought that his name was "Hello". XD that was really dumb for me. Anyway, all I can say is it was a fun read and entertaining. The title is weird and funny. The writing is okay and I know the author has his primary book participating the WSA, so having this book joining a new contest is understandble. All I can say is that the novel focuses more on "telling" and less "showing". It would be more entertaining if the chapters gets a full edit in the long run about the showing stuff and make it more engaging. Overall, 5/5!!!!


An interesting story in an interesting world. I like, that there are some unique and interesting powers. Characters are relatable, especially the dorm senior. Well done author! Added to library and waiting for more!


The plot and writing style is fun and light with a moderate pace. The story flow is also relatable and the character description is good! I think it will be better if you add more description about the places but overall it is an interesting one! Keep up the good work author!!


Is there a summary of the novel or just things happen (, things happen) ........................................................................


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I think you can add more power like aura control for helio he can control +ions and -ions , aura is a thin laker of +ions so I think helio was able to control opponent aura and mude for a little time like make opponent sad , Scared , berserk to feared for a little while


This novel is amazing even though it has a goofy title(but I like it). Well then, first of all, the grammar is spot on. The stability of updates considering he has college is really impressive. The story developing at a stable pace not too fast not too slow. The character designs are good. The world is vast and yeah, that's pretty much it.


The writing skills of the author is top notch. Without a doubt. The funny incidents and the interactions between the characters are smooth and perfect. All the best and keep up the good work!!


it's an interesting book🥰🥰🥰 very nice describing and portraying of characters💜💜💜💜 I wish to read more chapters❤❤❤ please update more author😇😇😇


Writing is well paced and neat, which I appreciate very much as it makes it easy to the eye. I believe the story hasn't delved into its core yet and will be waiting for the upcoming chapters. The world is fascinating, however it would be even better if you described it in more detail. But one thing I want to say is do write at your own pace as you seem to be juggling two novels, and that is a very brave thing to do, if I say so myself XD Keep it up but don't forget to take breaks once a while!


I like this I deducted 1 star from writing quality because there were occasional glitches in the matrix. pacing is good but more action might make it better. it's updated daily. and though im left with some questions about the world, I like this, end of story.


A bit of a slow start to establish world-building. Awesome take and the premise is well crafted. I can see its potential. (For the new readers) Well, the story goes deeper and deeper as you go on so make sure you read it kay? Nice!




Its good ...........................................................................................................................................