1 Prologue

"Life." A man spoke.

"What is it worth?

"Money? Power? Position?"

It was as if the world was scared to answer him. The large room felt awfully cramped and the high ceiling looked like everyone could touch it with their hands. Was space itself warped?

"Life!" The man continued. "Only life is worth life." He didn't make sense. But to the boy in front of him, the boy who looked fierce and shivered, it meant everything: it made sense.

"Quit your blabbing. I didn't come here to listen to that. You hurt them-" The boy pointed at the three girls on the floor. "And you're going to pay for it." The small fire in the boy's palm burned bright, too bright, almost as bright as the sun.

The man broke into sinister laughter, a laugh that made the world go silent. "Come!"

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