I'm a Villain not a Hero Book

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I'm a Villain not a Hero


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[R-18 Novel. Smut chapters] •••••••••• "I hate this book, the Villain shouldn’t die! I want the protagonist dead!" Xash slammed the book on the ground but it suddenly flew back to the table in front of him. "What the hell?" [ Do you wish to change the Villain’s fate? Yes or No ] "Of course I want to change his fate." [ Transmigrating the user into the novel ] [ Villain System has been activated ] [ You have been granted a stripped ability, strip people of their ability and have it for yourself ] [ Main Quest: Kill the Protagonist before he kills you ] •••••••••• Additional Tags; OP Ability. Smut, Harem, Comedy, Faction, Beasts, Aliens, Spaceship,… and many others! •••••••••• For more inquires, here’s my Discord ID; CSManga#0027


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