I'm a Pastor, what the hell is an Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreak Spell?!

Author: Yiqian Qingdai
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What is I'm a Pastor, what the hell is an Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreak Spell?!

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I found myself in a parallel universe, awakening as a male priest. Everything seemed perfect; after all, as a healer, specializing in aiding women should pose no issue, right? However, I couldn't help but wonder about some peculiar spells in my repertoire. Firstly, what in the world is the "Instantaneous Outbreak of Acute Gastroenteritis" spell? And don't even get me started on the "Osteoporosis" spell. What purpose could these serve in my healing endeavors? The confusion only deepened with spells like "Blood Burn," "Gradual Freeze," and "Mental Chaos." Can I still peacefully focus on healing women with such ominous abilities? Comparing my spells to those of other professions, I couldn't help but notice the stark contrast. Mages wield "Doomstorm" and "Ice Age," swordsmen boast "Sword Rain: Homecoming" and "Wind-Cutter Slash," while archers showcase "Arrow Rain: Shooting Stars" and "Storm Arrow." Yet, my ultimate spells are disturbingly named "Cancer Cell Proliferation," "T-Virus Infection," and "Rabies Outbreak." In the midst of it all, a certain character, some crying girl, laments, "Noooo, I just took a bath, who would have thought that I would become infected!" Meanwhile, a villain chillingly asks, "Do any of you know what it feels like to burst apart while spouting blood? No! You don't know!" Even a boss character confesses, "Dear family, who can understand? I just took a nap, and when I woke up, I suddenly found that I have no kidneys!"

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Overall 10 out of 10 but too broke to continue reading it, got locked too early 😒.


Story is good so far, world and system is fairly interesting, went premium at chapter 17 which is bad. Some things can be inconsistent which is annoying, I suspect the Author might be mostly making it up as they write without much planning. - Like in chapter 1 they imply that monsters are fairly common outside the city. - Then a few chapters later in chapter 5 we're told that most of the monsters have been killed off over the years except for some in the old forests in the mountains. - Then later but still in chapter 5 it's also too dangerous for normal people to go outside the city at all because of all the monsters outside. - Then in chapter 7, there are once again almost no monsters outside the city and you can only find them far away from the city in the old forests. It's a small thing, but to have so much conflicting information so early into a novel isn't a good sign to me for the long term.


ummm no i take back my last comment, this novel is utterly rubbish not even passable one. i thought giving full details of your unique skill to strangers is already bad enough, i mean the skills that mc had are all mutated one so they're one of a kind... so what happened was, he's actually giving his consumables object that can raise specific stats for free, to his so called "comrade" so now, despite mc is level 14 he only had 100 as his max stats but his "comrade" also had 103 stats despite him only in level 10 i mean, doesn't it make this mc looks like a nanny to his "comrade" no secret between comrade, and what i have is also what my "comrade" has. i should've known why we all hate chinese novel with this kind of nonsense going on


I really like this novel, with the exception of its fixation with dating, polyamory, and hookups . I didn’t give it 5 stars because of this and the writing style is a bit imature I’m that the characters aren’t fully fleshed out for full marks. Being a medical professional, I greatly appreciate the accuracy of medical terms and descriptions. This novel is fun fun fun. I usually don’t read this genre, but got hooked from the description onwards. Definitely worth reading, I’m just curious as to the estimated total length of the novel. Will it be >300, >400, or even more chapters? Please consider reading this novel; it’s well worth the time spent.


i like the different, unusual power of the mc. it gives a new outlook and attracts attention


Umm, they got a good beginning with interesting concept and premise... but they lack the executional ability to sharpen this novel into more than a passable novel, for example the main character is a normal person despite the fact that this is his second life with his previous memory intact. this is derived from the thoughts that he actually explain every details of his skill to other people, i mean you could just give the general outline but left the details such as the range of your ability and how to much extent your ability could be used. one thing that every transmigrated-based theme is they had low-key or mc who hide their full capabilities, but this mc lacked this kind of common sense. he didn't bother to hide his ability, even excuse himself to bother other people so they could know his ability to full extent.


raw name for reference 我牧师,急性肠胃炎爆发术什么鬼


the story development is quite awesome I've read the mtl version and the mc is kinda malicious apart from that I can kind of read between the lines around chapter 100 a race called inferiors I can somewhat think what they were referenced from honestly that just blatant racism but I got it really that's why my ranking for world background is only 2 stars


overall poor translation stupid characters and almost very poor story writing


The concept is interesting but the story isn't well written. A generic urban fantasy with no consistency or world building. The endless filler and false drama was what made me stop reading.


This is a pretty funny novel the translation isn't the best but you can easily understand what's going on as long as it keeps getting updated I recommend giving it a read.




the later chapter translation killed it. very hard to read . 'samsung' appeared in the tire is very annoying


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