1 Roullete.

Today was supposed to be just another normal day. I woke up and did all my routine as usual, got dressed and left my room for breakfast. At my mother's request, I left the house to go to the market.

I didn't expect that on the way I would find a little girl ready to be hit by a truck, I don't know how but I managed to throw her out of the way and the truck hit me in return.

I'm not the kind of physically gifted person, so I don't understand how I got there in time to save the little girl. Besides, why did it have to be me ?.

My conscience disappeared a few moments later and I realized that my life came to an end, it was so fast and unexpected that I didn't even have time to feel pain.

A few time after I died, I found myself in a completely white room, in front of me was a giant table, with an even bigger person sitting behind it.

There was nothing else in the room, just behind me, there were many small white balls and looking at my body I could see that I am the same as those white balls. It made me realize that this is the first step after death.

I tried to speak, but I couldn't. I also had no arms or legs, all I could do was look at the giant sitting at the table.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?. SHE WILL NOT GO TO A MEETING WITH YOU, EVER, WHILE I LIVE SHE WILL NOT GO WITH YOU YOUR PIVET." A loud scream rang in my ears, I could hear the giant talking on something that looks like a phone. He looks very busy, but I would be grateful if he could explain what is going on.

The angry giant man then hit the table hard and I felt a little headache. A roulette appeared in front of me, it had several names that I recognized, like Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, One Piece, Pokémon, Digimon etc ... And at the top was named, World.

I understood in a few seconds, after reading so many fanfics and novels it can only be a reincarnation roulette.

I won't deny it, for a second I was so excited that I wanted to smile. Perhaps as if he perceived my thinking, the roulette wheel started to spin.

It spun, spun and spun, since I was focused it seemed to take several seconds.

The roulette went through Sword Art Online, Idolmasters and Katekyo Hitman Reborn before stopping at Naruto. I felt any excitement I had disappear.

Naruto, a world of cruel and bloodthirsty ninjas, I am afraid to think about what will happen to me ... I really hope to win something, a Cheat, a system, anything that will help me survive in this world.

While my thoughts rolled the names on the roulette wheel disappeared giving way to words, on top was the word Time. The roulette wheel then started to spin again, stopping at "Day Three after the start of the classic anime." I was confused, which episode should this be in? And even worse, am I going to be a baby while the series takes place?

But again the words disappeared and gave way to new words, I could see that among them were Sasuke, Naruto, Konohamaru, even characters like Obito and Nagato. On top of the roulette was "Character".

So I'm going to be reborn in a Naruto character exactly on the third day after the start of the anime? As soon as I understood it, I felt even more complicated ... I won't even have time to train properly, even worse if the roulette stops at a useless character.

The roulette wheel started to spin and my heart beat non-stop, characters passed and came and I felt like my heart was going to explode with anxiety.

He passed by Shino, Deidara, Kabuto, Hinata and Lee before stopping on a word beginning with Sa. I didn't even look and I already had a smile on my face.

Sasuke, it's not that bad, as long as I don't seek revenge against Itachi I can live peacefully.

But then something touched my head. Shino, Deidara, Kabuto, Hinata and Lee? ... Why the hell is there the character Hinata? ... She's a girl ...

Well, it doesn't matter, I'm Sasuke now anyway ... Isn't it?

I looked at the roulette again and realized that everything disappeared from it and took the form of another roulette and on top of it was, Additional power.

Among the roulettes was, One Piece System, Infinite Chakra and next to them was UR, ultra rare? And other small powers like Haki, Magic, Akuma no Mi. Each power had the letters S, A, B, C and D, in addition to the UR on them.

Rarity ... Roulette .... Please tell me that I will be lucky today ... Please, I beg you luck.

The roulette wheel spun, spun without stopping ... When it started spinning I just looked at the rarity, it went from B, to D and then C, even the S appeared in it and then it stopped at B.

I was a little dismayed, but B is better than a D. I looked at what I won and was a little surprised.


That .... It's a Bleach Zanpakuto, isn't it?

"Congratulations, roullet successful." I heard a voice in my head, but before I can hear everything I heard a voice and I realized that the giant has finally turned its attention to me.

"Huh? ... I still haven't sent you away?. Go to heaven, you don't seem to have bad karma. Next." I did not understand, but it seems that this being has finished talking on the phone and is in a bad mood.

But why did he say "go to heaven", when in fact I am going to the world of Naruto ?... Did he confuse and give me the chance to reincarnate by luck ?..

Before I can think of more things, I feel my conscience slowly disappear.

Ahh ... Naruto world, here I come.

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