I'm A Little Extra, But Why Are The Villainesses So Obsessed With Me?!

After waking up, Matthew finds himself in a strange world. Here, things like magic, and magical creatures exist. However, as he noticed the familiar name of the crown prince... "Fuck... I really had to enter this freaking novel!?" The reason? He had just entered the world of a reverse harem novel... . . . [Warning]: Homophobic Protagonist, Heavy Plots, Strong Words, Dark Elements/Factors... [Additional Tags]: Fantasy| Adventure| Swords & Magic| Gods| Goddesses| Transmigration| Weak to Strong| System| Sexual Content| Beautiful Female Leads| Multiple Lovers| Milf| Demons| Angels| Mana| Teacher & Student Relationship| Game-Elements| Handsome MC| Smut| Non-Human Characters| Monsters| Dark Elements| Anti-Hero| Ruthless MC| Doting Lovers| Yandere| Obsessive Affection| Cold Female Leads| Villainess| Mermaids...

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The First Trial (2)

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[You have received 50.000 EXP!]

[You have received 10.000 Star Coins!]

[You have been granted a special upgrade privilege.]

[You have been granted a special title—"Chaotic One"]

As he looked over his new rewards, Matthew sank into deep thought. What was the best thing to upgrade with his new privileges...

"Let's see my status."


[Matthew #"%#&#?]

Authority: Platinum

Title: Legend | Chaotic One

Current Level: 17

Sponsor: [ - ]

[Star Coins: 15.000]

[Stat Points: 48]

[Skill Points: 12]


⋘ Chaotic Force: 213 ⋙

⋘ Physique: 49 ⋙

⋘ Charm: 40 ⋙]

[Active Skills:

⋘ Desperation Lv.3 (Need 3 skill points for upgrade) ⋙

⋘ Mermaid's Mark Lv. NULL ⋙]

[Passive Skills:

⋘ Yin-Yang Mark Lv. NULL ⋙

⋘ Neutral Demon Lv. NULL ⋙

⋘ Demon Growth Lv.3 (Needs 3 skill points) ⋙]


⋘ Goddess Of Luck's Necklace ($/?&##&$"/&#?) ⋙

⋘ Purple Flame Sword (Uncommon) ⋙


"There really aren't many things worth upgrading right now. Maybe I should save these for later..." He murmured as he closed the status window.

[You have completed the tutorial!]

[Proceeding to Floor 1!]



"Ugh... this really makes me nauseous..." Matthew groaned lightly, feeling a wave of nausea.

"Well, anyways, let me check my new title now..."


Chaotic One

— Rarity: Mythic

— This title grants the user the ability to only deal "true damage". This means that the user can completely ignore the defense of its target and deal direct damage.


"Oh... my... fucking god." Matthew was beyond speechless.

This ability was incredibly powerful.

"But wait... I haven't seen a defense stat anywhere. Could it be because I've merged all mine into 'Physique'? That must be it."

As he adjusted to his surroundings, Matthew's mood lifted slightly. "Well, this place is really something else."

In front of him, a vast field of dandelions stretched out, waving in the breeze. The leaves rustled as bees buzzed by, creating a lively, enchanting scene.

"Mhm~, this feels good..."

"Just to make sure that its the 'defense' I think it is..."

[Defense (Attribute): Depending on the amount that an user has, it can block a certain percentage of damage. For example, if you have 10 defense and you receive an attack from someone that has 10 strength, you'll only receive 1 point of damage.]

"Yup~, beyond broken it is." He couldn't help but smile widely.

[Welcome to Floor 1!]

[You have fifteen minutes until the 1st trial begins.]

"Trial...? Is it like one of those tower manhwas I've read?" Matthew wondered aloud as he scanned the area for other players.

"Is that... hell no."


"Ma...Mathew?! Bastard, you're also here!?" An annoyingly familiar voice called out before he could slip away.

"Bitc—Stella, it's not nice to see you again." Matthew forced a smile.

"You're still as ugly as ever." He added.

"Bastard...!" A vein popped in Stella's forehead, however, she simply let it go with a small sigh.

"How come you ended up here?" Matthew suddenly asked.

"I've been caught up with work at the hero association... just got the chance to enter the tower now. I didn't expect to bump into you, though."

"I see... Do you know anything about this first floor?"

"Didn't your teachers tell you?"


"You skipped classes?"


"Woah, totally didn't expect that." Stella smiled wryly. "Anyway, since we're both here, looks like we'll be teaming up until the tenth floor."

"UH!? What do you mean by that!?"

"Well, we're teammates until the tenth floor. The first nine floors are trials where two people work together to pass the trials. The 1st floor trial well... it's basically a wave of monsters."

"There's three waves in total, and we simply need to kill all those monsters. This space will be divided into two, where the players will be separated to kill half of the monsters each, and of course, the difficulty will change the monster's attribute and etc. If one of the players dies against the monsters, the other also fails. That's why we're teammates... temporarily."

"Mhm... alright. What level are you anyway?" Matthew asked as he started stretching his body for the third time today.

"Level 6."


"Fuck, you still didn't even recuperate your total power? I thought I was going to receive a good partner!" Matthew frowned in annoyance.

"Well, unlike someone, I'm quite busy and have things to attend to."

"Such as stalking Lilian?"


"Shut the fuck up."

"Ya, ya, ya... piss off." Ignoring Stella's existence, Matthew opened the store once again to buy some items.

'Mhm... Alright.'

[- 5.500 Star Coins!]

'That should be more than enough.' He nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he walked over to the field of dandelions, picking one up to pass the time as he looked up at the sky.

"Ah... if only life was always this peaceful," he sighed, enjoying the gentle breeze.

[Ding!~ The first wave is about to start!]

[Number of monsters: 20]

As predicted, a blue barrier sprang up, dividing the space as Stella had described.

However, Matthew couldn't see what was happening on the other side...

"Fuuh..." Matthew stood up.

[Lv. 30 Red Orc. x10]

[6.000 Health Points. x10]

"It should be quite easy... after all, I can ignore their defense now," Matthew grinned, cracking his neck.

His Physique was at 49, meaning he could deal 490 attack points directly.

Add his [Chaotic Energy] of 213 points, and normally, he would hit with 2130 attack points.

Together, that was 2620 damage, but [Chaotic Energy] was far stronger than typical mana.

From earlier tests that Matthew took the opportunity to make, using all his attributes together proved to be 12.92 times more powerful than regular mana.

That meant his damage would spike to 33,850.4—definitely a one-hit kill.

"Can I take a look at this status?" Matthew pondered. "I'd like to see how much defense they had..."

[...System 2.0 activated.]

[Following the Master's orders...]

[Lv. 30 Red Orc—

Strength: 320

Vitality: 600

Defense/Endurance: 600

Agility: 120]

"Huh? The numbers don't add up... Ah... I almost forgot that the Chimera must have been some kind of Boss, and it was even 20 levels higher. However... chaos difficulty... it indeed is another nevel..." He sighed.

He enveloped his war scythe with mana, and simply swung it, sending a barrage of energy towards the red orcs.



[You have killed a Red Orc and received 1500 + 750 (Title Bonus) EXP!]

[You have killed a Red Orc and received 1500 + 750 (Title Bonus) EXP!]

[You have killed a Red Orc and received 1500 + 750 (Title Bonus) EXP!]

[You have killed a Red Orc and received...]

[You have reached level 19!]

[You have completed the 1st wave!]

"Ah, right... I almost forgot my title gives a 50% EXP bonus. But why didn't it apply during the tutorial?"

"Maybe the titles don't activate in tutorials?"

"Anyway... I should be careful. I'm being granted a lot of overpowered things, if there's one day where I find a place that cancels them... I'll be much weaker."

"I should keep an eye out for that…"

[The first wave has been successfully completed!]

At that moment, the monsters that laid lifeless on the ground, along with their blood simply disappeared.

And as well, the barrier that divided the wide space, also dissipated away.

Matthew looked at the direction of the barrier, and his eyes suddenly widened in deep shock.

"Oh, fuck...!"

[There are 10 minutes left before the second wave starts...]

He immediately rushed towards Stella and made her forcefully drink a healing potion.

"Fuck!? How did you get this hurt?!!" Matthew yelled in deep frustration.

Stella's condition was super bad even though she finished only a few seconds later than Matthew.

"Coug—BLUGH!" Her cough broke into a spit of blood.

Matthew took a closer look and saw she was covered in wounds, with a particularly nasty one on her back.

"I-I didn't t-think the nightmare level would be this ha-hard…" Stella whispered weakly, looking up at Matthew.

"God damn it!" Matthew clicked his tongue in irritation.

"What level are you now?"

"Level... 9. If I can just kill one more monster, I should be—cough, cough!"

"If you don't die first, that is."

'Fuck! I don't want to fucking lose the 1st trial because of Stella!' Matthew clenched his jaw, looking at Stella's poor condition.

However, the time was tickling down...

Stella's vision blurred, and seeing her fighting to stay counciouns, Matthew had a stupid disgustingly yet affective idea.

"Stella..? STELLA!?"

"Wake the fuck up!" He gently slapped her cheek repeatedly.

He looked at the time, and there were only two minutes remaining...

"How come time passes so fast!?"

"Screw it… She will probably kill me after this... but... fuck it. I still want to pass the first damned floor!"


He grabbed an elixir given to him by Pearl and Yumiko, poured some into his mouth, and then leaned close to Stella.

He approached Stella's face, and slighly adjusted her face, before pressing his lips against hers.

Then, he swiftly extended his tongue and passed the liquid to her throat...

"Gulp! Gulp... gulp!"

She swallowed the elixir and quickly, her eyes snapped open just to see Matthew's closed face, while his lips were pressed against hers.

"Haugh... disgusting!" Matthew quickly wiped his lips as he pulled away, making a face that contained a lot of disgust.

'I can't believe I kissed a lesbian's lips... agh... I'm going to puke...!'

"Disgusting... disgusting... disgusting!" He kept muttering to himself.

[The 2nd wave is about to start!]

Seeing the notification, Matthew glared at Stella.

"Don't fucking die, I spent an expensive elixir on you!" he snapped aloud.

Then the blue barrier rose again...

[Lv.40 Red Orc Chief. x5]

[12.000 Health Points.]

"They have more health than the Chimera… strange, but whatever…" Matthew exhaled sharply as his eyes sharpened fiercely.

He threw his war scythe aside as he locked his gaze with the orcs.

"I'll need something to put my disgust into...!"

He started cracking his knuckles...