I'm a Daemon, so what? (Tensura/Multicross)

A normal guy reincarnates, but just when he's getting his life together, he gets summoned to another world. Watch as he navigates the treacherous waters of the Cardinal World and makes some friends along the way. Harem Multicross This is a cross post of a fic I have on another site, I will post daily for now, but may spontaneously stop if this stops being worth it. I plan to divide the chapters into parts as well. Anyways, thanks for reading! Support me or read ahead on: https://www.p@treon.com/theogbasilisk My discord: https://discord.gg/VxR5Gn72Fp

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Chapter 32 Part 3

Moments later I heard, "Ah! Felix what are you doing here?" Asked the chunni True Dragon.

"Sup Veldora. I wanted to spar with Hinata and wanted to see if I could borrow the area you will face challengers in. Then maybe after if you're up for it we can have a spar ourselves."

"Ghaha! Of course my brother! Feel free to use my lair to teach your student a lesson." That doesn't sound ominous at all.

"And what about sparring with you?" I've been very curious about how Veldora scales against his sister Velzard. I know he isn't at her level, but how large of a difference is there between fellow True Dragons?

"Indeed, we shall have a spar! Our battle will be legendary!"

"Alright, just hang around for a little bit then. Ah, what about that bug Zegion, what's he up to? He's your student too, right?"

Veldora nodded with a smug smile on his face. "Indeed! He is currently training against the Tempest Serpent a few floors above."

I nodded. I don't make a habit of sensing every single Floor of The Dungeon. But still that's quite impressive. And he still has a lot more potential to be unveiled, especially since part of him is made up of Rimuru's flesh.

Honestly he reminds me of a shonen protagonist. He has his latent potential in his exoskeleton, he has a mentor that is one of the strongest beings in the world, his very body is made up of the flesh of a Demon Lord, and then he is also learning a martial arts style known to only a few, the Veldora Style Killing Arts.

Dude is a bonafide shonen protagonist.

"Alright, come on Hinata." She nodded and followed me to the center of the arena on this Floor.

I noticed Veldora appear in the spectator's area, Zegion was also teleported in as well. It seems Veldora was going to try and have Zegion learn from this fight as well.

Veldora has all he needs to be a successful mentor, after all he has knowledge of all the badass teachers from his manga. It wouldn't surprise me if his training methods are blatant copies of someone like Bang, Rayleigh, Roshi, or even Whis.

Hinata withdrew her blade and got into her stance as she activated her armor's special effect elevating her body. 

I plan to rely more liberally on my Magic in this fight, after all I would consider myself more of a Mage than a Swordsman, though I am proficient in both.

I withdrew the same stick from earlier and coated it in my Divine Aura.

"Alright, let's get started now."

The moment I finished speaking, Hinata appeared in front of me at speeds most aren't capable of seeing.

Sadly for her I am not most.

I casually parried her strike to the side and then jumped up into the air and breathed scorching hot flames down in Hinata's direction.

Crimson red flames splashed out in all directions, hot enough to burn the very oxygen in the air. I could see Hinata summon her Contracted Elementals and use them to try and direct the Flames elsewhere. Unfortunately the Magicules she was supplying was not nearly enough to overtake my own controlling the Flames. Something she should have known by now.

Seeing her plan wasn't working she leaped backwards to gain some distance on the flames.

It seems she just wanted to try and dispel it with her Elementals in the safe environment of a spar. Which is understandable, she wants to gouge the difference between us if she can, in any way possible since her Unique Skill: Mathematician doesn't work on me. The more information she has the better this spar will go for her.

Honestly fighting against Ultimate Skill wielders without something equal to that is basically a pointless endeavor.

I could tell Hinata was drawing on the power of her Elementals.

"Wind Blade!" I lightly blew in the Wind Blade's direction dispelling it.

"You're gonna need a lot more than that if you want to affect me with Magic."

I wave my hand and send several Ice Blades towards Hinata. Let's see how she will deal with these.

Each of my Ice Blades are equal to the attack of a Legend Grade weapon, something Hinata can deal with but not without trouble. Perfect for training her.

Hinata manages to cut two of them apart but the last two end up getting dangerously close to her before Hinata dodges to the left cutting another Ice Blade apart in the process while letting the last Ice Blade strike behind her.

Good, if she couldn't even do that much it would be quite disappointing.

Still, Hinata has been on the backfoot the entirety of this fight, let's see what she can do if I give her the chance.


I look down at Hinata as she lays on the ground catching a breather.

"That was better than before." I comment.

"Hah, you're one to talk, you don't even look slightly winded." Hinata says pouting.

I roll my eyes. "It takes a lot more than that to exhaust me, I can fight for weeks on end without feeling exhausted, you're a long way from that."

Hinata sighed as she got up. "I know." She seemed to be a bit upset, after all it seems like she hasn't made any progress, but it's hard to tell progress when you get slapped around no matter what.

I'm sure if Hinata went and sparred with someone who used to be her equal she would see the difference.

Her reaction time is quicker, she is far more aware of her surroundings, I've been teaching her some useful tricks with Spatial Magic. Overall she has grown a fair amount.

"Alright why don't you stand to the side, maybe you can learn something from my fight with Veldora." I order.

Hinata nods and goes to stand beside Zegion.

Veldora takes the cue to appear in front of me as I am storing my stick for future beatings on Hinata.

"Finally! Our battle will be legendary Felix!" Veldora boasted.

"You already said that." I commented.

"Indeed! Now let us get started!"

I nodded and took my spot across the room from Veldora.

I'm curious about his Veldora Style Killing Arts, I've seen some of the moves it contains but not all of them. It will be fun to see what other moves he has recreated.

Veldora was in his humanoid form currently, though I'm not exactly sure if he is stronger in this form or his True Dragon form.

I'm going to have to take this fight seriously, though I'll stay away from Time shenanigans so the spectators can actually see what is happening.

I assume Veldora is a Digital Lifeform, he is a True Dragon after all.

'Incorrect, the Storm Dragon Veldora is not a Digital Lifeform.'

Huh, that's surprising.

'Got it, thanks Odin.'

I guess even True Dragons have things they actually need to learn.Veldora and I looked at each other, and then the battle started immediately.

I tilted my head to the side avoiding one of Veldora's punches while kneeing him in the pelvis sending him flying back.

All of a sudden I felt a massive Aura erupt from Veldora, I contested it with my own Aura and rushed at Veldora, my fists coated in Stardust.

It would be foolish not to go all out against a True Dragon.

My earlier attack didn't seem to do much damage which isn't all that surprising.

I noticed Veldora gathering a massive amount of his Aura into his fist.

The moment our fists collided I felt Veldora release all the Aura he gathered at once, sending me flying all the way across the Floor. Though the Stardust coating my hand did far more damage to him than it did to me.

My entire right arm was gone alone with some of my shoulder.

No biggie though.

I flexed my newly regenerated arm and then teleported to where I sensed Veldora and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks while he was down.

All of a sudden I was about to be struck by Black Lightning, fortunately Odin had me covered and placed a barrier to block it.

'Notice. Due to the Ultimate Skill: Faust, Lord of Investigation Veldora was able to hide his intentions from the Master.'

'But not from you huh?'

'Correct. Due to the data gathered on Faust it was possible to detect.'

'Nice, thanks Odin. Now let's do this!'

"Hah! As expected of you Felix! It is no wonder my Skill warned me that fighting you would be difficult." I looked towards the voice and was met with a slightly wounded Veldora.

Of course the wounds weren't enough as I could see Veldora regenerating in front of my eyes.

That Probability Manipulation of his is going to be a pain.

Heh, well I could just make it so that no matter how much he tries his Probability Manipulation will keep failing to change his odds against me. Of course I'd have to be far far stronger than I currently am for that to happen.

"Now let's get serious!" He yelled as claws grew out of his hands.

'Notice. It is detected that the Intrinsic Skill of the True Dragon Veldora is Dividing, allowing him to utilize his claws to cut through anything.'


Fucking True Dragons.

'You can't copy it?'

'Negative. Due to the Skill being so entwined with Veldora's nature it is impossible to copy.'

'Dang it.'

I dashed backwards just as Veldora dashed forwards, his claws are capable of casually breaching Infinity so it's best if I avoid being hit.

I aimed my palm in Veldora's direction and fired off a Nuclear Canon which Veldora casually cut through with his claws.

I began drawing on Satanael and felt myself grow stronger. Once I was ready I dashed towards Veldora, a hidden surprise in my palm waiting for him.

Veldora slashed at me with his claws which I casually avoided with Future Attack Prediction. Unfortunately for Veldora he doesn't have such a Skill as I used Death Streak right next to him.

Death Streak is a Magic capable of penetrating almost all matter while not having any physical destructive power.

The Dark Light immediately went rampant and began attacking in all directions as I dashed back to avoid it. I made sure to place a barrier around Hinata, Zegion and Ramiris who showed up so they wouldn't get hurt.

I expected for at least 70% of Veldora's body to be destroyed or corrupted by the Dark Light. The only reason I used it was since it was impossible for Veldora to die to it thanks to his nature as a True Dragon.

But I was wrong, it seems Veldora's control over Faust exceeded my expectations. Normally to master an Ultimate Skill you need years of effort. Even Guy hasn't mastered Satanael to this day, but Veldora was able to manipulate the probability the Dark Light would hit him.

Veldora still roared out in pain since a tiny bit of the Dark Light nicked him, not even Pain Nullification could negate it all as it was an attack on the soul.

Of course I didn't feel pity for him, he was a mighty True Dragon after all. I'm sure he's had far worse wounds.

"Gah! What a painful Nuclear Magic Felix!" He roared out.

But he got it together quickly.

Round 2 of our spar was far more chaotic. I used Ouroboros to change the distance between us making it so I was capable of easily reaching him while it was far more difficult for him.

I ended up getting a few cuts on him by cutting him through Space. 

He ended up getting angry, deciding to just use his Divider to cut through Space itself to reach me.

Fucking cheat.

"How about one last attack Felix! An energy clash!" He wanted to do an energy clash? Count me in!

"Let's do it Veldora!"

He nodded with an excited look on his face. Now I'm sure he will use a kamehameha, but what should I use?

Stardust would be too much as it would easily overwhelm him.

Screw it, I'll just throw a Red at him.


I aimed my palm in the direction of his beam. "Red!"

Our two attacks met, both fighting for supremacy, but before we could see the results Rimuru appeared.


Party pooper.