I'm a Daemon, so what? (Tensura/Multicross)

A normal guy reincarnates, but just when he's getting his life together, he gets summoned to another world. Watch as he navigates the treacherous waters of the Cardinal World and makes some friends along the way. Harem Multicross This is a cross post of a fic I have on another site, I will post daily for now, but may spontaneously stop if this stops being worth it. I plan to divide the chapters into parts as well. Anyways, thanks for reading! Support me or read ahead on: https://www.p@treon.com/theogbasilisk My discord: https://discord.gg/VxR5Gn72Fp

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Chapter 31 Part 6

Right now it just makes people take me seriously just by looking at me, along with treating me respectfully as long as they don't have hostile intentions. For those who do have hostile intentions it makes them feel like they are basically looking at death.

And that's only the passive ability.

"It's a new Skill of mine." I respond.

"I see." I inwardly smirked, he's probably pretty confused since Raphael can't analyze it, Odin for the win!

"Alright why don't we go group back up with those four, who knows what sort of mess they'll cause now that Ramiris has shown up." Said Rimuru.

"You're probably right."

The little Pixie was buzzing around Veldora, probably asking about Velzard since she is capable of monitoring everything in The Dungeon, so she of course heard our conversation.

"Hehe, it's been a long time since I've seen Velzard!" I overheard.

She turned towards us and waved. "Hi Felix! Hi Rimuru!"

I gave her a wave back. "What's up Ramiris, are you still lazing about?" I tease.

"Hah! I've been working very hard, thank you very much! Don't make me beat you up." Ramiris said as she began shadow boxing around me.

"Alright alright, cut that out now." Rimuru said.

Ramiris pouted. "Fine! But only because you gave me candy earlier!" 

"Ghaha, don't worry Ramiris! Together you and I shall make this Dungeon unbeatable!" Veldora boasted.

"Umu!" Ramiris nodded.

"Ah by the way Hinata, while the Holy Church is being built, why don't you stay with Felix? His place is far better than any guest accommodations we have available for you." Rimuru said while winking at me discreetly.

Dude. Could you be any more obvious? Hell why would I let her stay at my place in the first place?

Hinata looked at me and then looked away with a blush. "I am quite okay Rimuru, I am fine with my current accommodations."

Don't tell me she actually bought Rimuru's shit about me being into you? Didn't you hate my guts or something an hour ago. 

What kind of tsundere behavior is this? 

Fucking women. Why are they so complicated? 

'Ah, Odin you really are the best, not complicated at all. Umu, you are the ideal partner.'


'Eh, what was that?'

'Nothing, it was your imagination.'

I already know how this song and dance is gonna go.


I avoided a slash aimed right for my head and then sent a small Magic Bullet towards the attacker causing them to back off and block it.

"You're going to need to try harder than that if you want me to take you seriously Hinata." I taunt.

Hinata was glaring at me as she got into her stance.

I've been occasionally sparring with Hinata after she politely requested it from me a little while ago. Just like I knew she cracked at my offer. After all, personal training from a Demon Lord was too good to resist from most.

Of course my training was difficult but she could handle it. Hinata currently had her Holy Mail activated so her flesh was elevated.

"I think I'll start trying a little bit more." Hinata stiffened up, her grip on her sword tightened as she began observing every inch of her surroundings.

I've seriously traumatized her. It's so much fun! One day when Rimuru was watching us at the end he looked at me like I was the devil.

I picked up a branch from the ground and began reinforcing it with my Divine Aura.

This branch is not to be underestimated now that it is being reinforced, Divine Aura is capable of elevating any attacks or Equipment straight into the God Grade.

Hinata charged at me, her Legend Grade blade drawn. Of course I casually blocked it with my overpowered stick. 

After a few more attacks from Hinata I decided to spice things up a bit with Magic. Nothing she wasn't capable of dealing with, but it would still be a challenge.

I waved my free hand and created multiple Icicle Lances and sent them towards Hinata. She effortlessly dealt with them while blocking one of my attacks.

Hmm, maybe something a bit more then? I snapped the fingers of my free hand creating 3 balls of compressed Space and sent them towards Hinata.

Unlike the Icicle Lances she was actually wary of these. She attempted to cut them in half with her Legend Grade blade but before she could do so I appeared in front of her and kicked her in the stomach sending her flying towards the edge of the barrier I placed.

The Archangel Shootdown was just a distraction after all.

I shook my head. "You always focus on one thing Hinata, even while distracted you need to be aware of your enemy. You fall for casual distractions far too easily."

"You call that a casual distraction?! That would erase a normal Enlightened!"

"They are weak, you aren't as weak." I responded.

"Grrr, you're always like this!" Hinata complained.

Ah yes, there is that. Ever since I began teaching her, Hinata has become far more casual, and dare I say it affectionate.

Little Hinata might just be developing her first crush, I didn't even do much, I just beat her up regularly and told her how to improve. I swear this girl is starved for any sort of affection, it's quite amusing actually. Though maybe I'm just her type? I am quite attractive after all.

Still it's too bad that her crush likely won't be going anywhere, at least for a long long time.

Though there is also the chance that I am just reading this completely wrong, Hinata might just have a more soft spot for her teachers. I remember Rimuru telling me a big part of why she and Rimuru fought was because she thought Rimuru killed her teacher.

Though she was still quite the rowdy girl, I remember after our first sparring session, a bloody, beaten Hinata came up to me and said that if I were to go against Humanity she would slay me.

I laughed, that's probably the most genuine laugh I'd had in a long long time.

She seemed to take that as a challenge and has been striving to prove me wrong ever since. 

I shook my head and focused back on the fight.

"Now let's dance!" I yelled as I charged at Hinata, stick in hand.

After Hinata blocked a few of my strikes I decided to get a little serious and began to prepare to use one of the Hazy Style's "mysteries". Basically I pierce Hinata in five of her ten vital points, while using the other five as feints.

"Plum Blossoms - Five Petals Thrust!" I yelled as I attacked all of Hinata's weak points simultaneously, of course I didn't attack at my max speed.

Hinata needs to actually be able to avoid these after all.

Out of the five points I was aiming for, none managed to hit, Hinata isn't called a prodigy for nothing after all.

I clapped as I said, "Nice work Hinata-chan!"

She glared. "Don't call me that!"

"Ah, did you want me to call you just by your first name?! How forward, but if that is what you wish for I will not resist your advances."

Ah the blush on her face was adorable. Teasing her has become one of my new hobbies.

"Ah! Just go die Felix." Hinata yelled, embarrassed.

"Haha, maybe you can try to kill me like you claimed you would if I went against Humanity."

"You still don't think I can do it?"

"Nope!" I responded cheerfully.

It's not even funny how much progress Hinata will need to make to even have a chance at wounding me let alone permanently killing me.

"Alright, now let's keep going!" I yelled.

I snapped my fingers and teleported back to Azeroth, even though I've been having some fun teaching Hinata I'm not living in Tempest.

Teaching Hinata is just a side hobby after all. Though I am curious about how my intervention in her journey as a Hero will affect things.

I don't think there has been a single Hero in history that has been taught by a Demon Lord, but who knows, I don't know everything.

"Welcome back Master." I turned towards the voice and nodded.

"Hello Raiden, thanks for making sure everything was taken care of while I was away."

"It is my duty Master."

"Yes yes I know. I'll go pick up your weapon tomorrow, that's when Kurobe said it would be ready."

Raiden nodded. "I see, did you wish for me to come with you?"

I shook my head. "Nah, it's fine. I'll probably stick around Tempest for a bit before coming back here."

"Very well Master."


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Author's Note:

Sup guys, we're getting closer and closer to The Festival. This chapter was mostly just a cool down chapter after last weeks action heavy chapter.

If you are wondering about the shift in personality in Hinata then I'll just say Felix is misunderstanding a bit, and Odin didn't feel the need to inform him. Think of it as Odin's developing ego being jealous. Hinata acted pretty similar with Rimuru after she learned he was an otherworlder and that he meant no harm. And since Felix is her teacher she sees him in a similar positive light.

Felix generally has an easy going personality so he goofed off a bit in front of Hinata which caused her to relax her guard about him even though she has heard of how ruthless he can be. Of course she is still far from having a "crush" on Felix like he thinks, but who knows if things will develop in that direction.

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