I'm a Daemon, so what? (Tensura/Multicross)

A normal guy reincarnates, but just when he's getting his life together, he gets summoned to another world. Watch as he navigates the treacherous waters of the Cardinal World and makes some friends along the way. Harem Multicross This is a cross post of a fic I have on another site, I will post daily for now, but may spontaneously stop if this stops being worth it. I plan to divide the chapters into parts as well. Anyways, thanks for reading! Support me or read ahead on: https://www.p@treon.com/theogbasilisk My discord: https://discord.gg/VxR5Gn72Fp

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Chapter 15: Preparation

Story: I'm a Daemon, so what?

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Chapter 15: Preparation

Didn't realize I skipped a chapter, so here take a bonus chapter I guess 


- Felix -

As Rimuru leads me to the Western Gate I consider what it is that Ramiris could be here for.

I remember during the Walpurgis after party she was nagging Rimuru about moving her Labyrinth to Tempest, but Rimuru refused. He most likely didn't want to deal with her on a permanent basis, and I can't blame the guy. The pipsqueak can be annoying, she's like a buzzing fly, literally. But she grows on you, so I don't personally mind her in small to medium doses.

Once we arrived I overheard one of Rimuru's subordinates arguing with Ramiris.

"I've already told you! We are taking over this place!"

…. Dude.

Even Ramiris can't be that dumb right? She knows this is the territory of another Demon Lord doesn't she? When she goes around saying stuff like that, she can be easily misunderstood as claiming that she wants this territory for herself.

"Even if you say that, we have to report to Rimuru-sama first, so please stay here while we report to him."

"We abandoned our previous place just to stay here! We are poor and homeless now!"

"Even if you say that, this land is under the rule of Demon Lord Rimuru-sama, you must get his permission first if you wish to reside here."

Umu, well said random subordinate!

"Tsk, the pity card didn't work either, if that's the case we don't mind resorting to violence! I'll tell you now, my Beretta is the strongest! She can easily take care of all of you!"

She is just digging her hole deeper and deeper, I can tell Rimuru is getting upset by what she is saying too.

Rimuru sneakily snuck behind Ramiris and picked her up with his hand.

"K-kyaa–! Ah, what's up Rimuru, how's it going? I hope you are doing alright."

Smooth, real smooth.

She definitely knew she fucked up with the way she was looking around for help, she spotted me and I saw a gleam of hope enter her eyes, only for it to leave when I turned towards the side.

"So that's the Demon Lord Ramiris? How disappointing, she is not worthy of being of the same stature as you my Master! Do you want me to purge her?!"

"Uhhm, no, don't do that Lalatina, I appreciate the offer though."

An odd gleam appeared in Lalatina's eyes when I said that, "Hehehe, my Master thanked me!" At least she isn't rolling around the floor like a degenerate. It seems she kept my words in mind when I told her to only be like that in private.

I look around the area, and notice a shack located just outside the gate.

Did Ramiris build a shack to stay in? Seriously?

"Ramiris-sama! I have brought more wood!" Ah, and there's Treyni, I was wondering where she was, she is usually stuck to Ramiris like glue.

"Treyni-san, what are you doing here?" Uh oh, Rimuru looks upset, poor Treyni.

"Ah! L-long time no see Rimuru-sama." She looked towards me and bowed, "It is nice to see you as well Felix-sama." 

"You as well Treyni."

"Beretta, come and explain everything to me." It seems Rimuru has had enough of Ramiris' shit and is asking the only reasonable one in the group for an explanation.

Beretta is wasted on Ramiris, but oh well, none of my business.

Unique Skill: Reverser has been analyzed.

'Oh, I forgot to check if Beretta has a Unique Skill, nice work Odin.' I'm still not used to being able to directly access one's Skills.

What an interesting skill, it allows the user to create and fuse opposing natures in a new and contradictory form. 

I should be capable of theoretically fusing two things with completely opposite alignments together. Another nice skill to add to my portfolio.

'Ah, are you able to analyze Ramiris' Skill now that you've been upgraded?'

'Notice, Odin is incapable of fully analyzing the Intrinsic Skill: Small World, however Odin was able to gather some data that may be useful in the future.'

'Man you still can't analyze it? It must be some broken ass Skill then.'

"Beretta! You traitor!"

Beretta said that Ramiris wanted to move to Tempest no matter what, I'm a bit insulted that she didn't even consider coming to Azeroth, but seeing as Tempest has far more attractions I guess it makes sense.

Beretta tried to stop Ramiris, but since Treyni agreed, Beretta was outvoted and forced to come along.

It seems Treyni has been spoiling Ramiris far too much.

"Just as Ramiris-sama has said, the previous entrance to the Labyrinth had been sealed so we can move here."

"Umu! That's right Rimuru! If you chase me out I'll be homeless!" No matter how you put it Ramiris, you had it coming.

Rimuru went ahead and thanked his subordinate for dealing with Ramiris, then proceeded to scold Ramiris.

It seems that while they were building their shack, they were stopped by the guards, and things just escalated from there.

"Ah, I have an idea!"

I cut in before he could continue, "Since it seems like you have everything sorted out, I'll return to Azeroth. I only came to introduce Lalatina, and tell you about that other thing we talked about. I'll come to pick up your list soon though."

"Ah! Okay see you later Felix!"

I waved Rimuru, and Ramiris goodbye, and then teleported us back to Azeroth. 

Almost all my preparations for traveling worlds are done, just a few things to sort out now.

"Ah, is this Master's bedroom?! Would you like me to pleasure you Master?! Is that why you brought us here?! I would be more than willing if so!" She quickly undressed herself and I couldn't even stop her seeing as she used magic to get rid of her clothes leaving her in only her lingerie. Purple Lace, it quite suits her. Her bra is barely containing her sizable bust.

She really did grow up from that childlike form huh?

God damn it, stop distracting me Lalatina!

You know what, fuck it. "Yes Lalatina, that is exactly why I brought you here." Hopefully this will get it out of her system, I'm definitely not doing this since she is hot as hell and I'm horny.

No sir.

I sit down on my bed then look towards a panting Lalatina, "Kneel." 

She quickly does so, now how does one properly Dom a Masochist?

- Lalatina -

She quickly got down to her knees as her Master had ordered her. To think she would get the chance to serve her Master so soon!

Arcueid and Megumin will be incredibly jealous! She may have been the last one of the three to join her Master, but she would beat them in this race!

She had been desperate for the chance to serve her Master ever since he had awoken her hidden desires. She had thought the best feeling was when others grew through her abuse, but she was wrong, oh so wrong.

The moment her Master had caused her Pain, and Pleasure on a Soul Deep Level, she was hooked, it was almost like a religious experience.

And she loved her Master for showing that to her. He was the perfect Master that a woman like her could ask for, he was strong, handsome, dominant, and knew just how to treat a woman like her.

She would do anything for him, he wanted someone dead? Done. He wanted her to be his Pet? Done. He wanted her to degrade herself? She would love to! Truly, she was a lucky girl.

She couldn't wait until her Master gave into his more baser desires, and it seems like she might be in luck!

Ah, she wished her Master had summoned her sooner, if only she encountered him back when he was still in the Daemon Realm.

She has a lot of lost time to make up for, and she won't tolerate disappointing her Master.

- Felix -

I look down towards Lalatina as she struggles to get my pants off.

Okay, just gotta channel my inner sadist, or something.

I look at her mockingly as I say, "You can't even take my pants off properly, how useless, and you expect to serve me like that?"

Lalatina's legs shiver as she looks up to me with desire, and worship in her eyes. "Ah! I apologize Master~. Please let this useless slave worship you properly~!" I wouldn't say you are useless, you are quite useful when it comes to killing my enemies after all. But if that's how she wants to play it, I'm fine with it.

At the very least I can try out the new Sex Magic, or as I like to call it Lust Magic I have been developing.

It uses properties from Luminous' Unique Skill: Lust, in that I can use it to cause Pleasure, or Pain to someone's very soul. Along with that I made a few more standard Sex Magic Spells, like increasing or decreasing pleasure, the ability to induce an orgasm, along with a Spell that blocks the target's ability to orgasm, but it does not block the build up.

The last one can be considered quite the cruel Spell, but once I got started making those spells, I couldn't stop. Magic is truly fun to mess around with.

Lalatina finally got my pants off leaving me in just my underwear, and shirt. I lay down on my bed with my back against the headboard and look towards where she is kneeling, "Now that you have finally gotten my pants off, use your massive tits to pleasure me."

"Ah~ Of course Master!" I quickly use the spell that blocks Lalatina's ability to orgasm, causing her to feel a constant build up, until I allow her to orgasm. 

I'm curious when she will break and ask for release. Lalatina crawls towards me, it's a bit of an awkward position, but it isn't supposed to be easy for her. She takes off her bra showcasing her tits for me to see.

She manages to envelop my cock with them, but I feel like something is missing. That's right, there is no lubrication.

"Hey slave, lick it before you do that." She nods and starts to lick my dick all over. 

She starts moving her tits up and down, and gets her face closer to my tip and gives it a kiss. "Ah, that's good, that's all you are good for, and my cock will be the only thing you are going to be kissing from now on." The words come out almost instinctively, man, I haven't even kissed her yet and we are doing this.


"Did I say you could speak? Get back to work."

She really is corrupting me with her degeneracy, oh well, I'm having a good time so it's fine.

She quickly resumes with her titjob, but this time she attempts to take me whole into her mouth. I can tell she is getting off on this, it seems she is as subby as can be. She doesn't manage to take me all that deep seeing as most of my length is trapped between her breasts.

"Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!" She continued to fuck her face on my dick, it seems she won't go any further until I tell her to.

Slobber, and drool started to drop down from her bottom lip into the valley of her breasts, further enhancing my pleasure.

I notice Lalatina's thighs rubbing together.

She continued to take my member happily down her throat, I could feel her lashing her tongue against the underside of my shaft as her pouty lips remained suctioned onto my member even as I thrusted in and out of her mouth at high speeds.

There was no question in my mind that Lalatina was loyal, it seems that the attack I hit her with on our first meeting really did mess her up pretty badly. I probably should have thought more about using something that can directly harm one's soul, but you live and you learn.

And I would say it was a net positive in this scenario.

I continued to thrust up into her face until I eventually came directly down her throat, groaning happily as I forced her to drink it all down. Her moans vibrated my dick causing me even more pleasure, extending my climax.

Once I was finished I let go of her head, allowing her to release my dick from her lips. She hardly looked recognizable, looking more like the whore she was playing as rather than the fearsome Primordial she was.

For some reason that turned me on even more.

"Quickly clean me up whore, then we can get to the next part."

"Yesh Master~" She looked dazed as she licked me all over, licking up all the remains of my climax.

She must be feeling the effects of my spell at this point, but she hasn't complained about it yet.

"Now that's a good look for you."

She nods submissively as she looks at me with adoration, "Yes Master~"

I consider what to do next, then tell my temporary or maybe not so temporary slave what to do next.

"Get on all fours slave." I feel like taking her doggy style just fits for some reason.

She blushes as she looks at me excitedly, "On fours?! Just like a pet?!"

"Sure, we'll go with that. Whores like you get taken from behind anyways."

She quickly starts panting as she positions herself face down, ass up, giving me a perfect view of her panty clad ass. I quickly took my shirt off and stepped up to grope her ass through her purple panties. I pushed down on her fine bubble butt, Lalatina was far more curvy than she was toned, though in this world, physical appearance didn't mean much when it came to strength.

I slid my fingers past her damp panties and felt how sopping wet she was. A wide smile spread across my face as I began to finger my slutty subordinate.

"Ah~ Yess! It feels so good~! T-thank you Master~!"

I abruptly pull out of her and smack her across her beautiful fat ass, I tug her panties aside and line my cock up with her entrance. Lalatina had but a moment to glance back and whine in disappointment, before I suddenly thrust into her causing her to immediately moan lewdly.

"Ohhh~! Ahhh~! Master pwease more~!" Lust Magic for the win baby!

I continue to thrust into Lalatina as she lightly moves her hips back, looking at her from the back is amazing. I can see her massive tits jiggling to the sides, I immediately extend my hands and grope them aggressively. I quickly find her little nubs and pinch them, "Ahhh~! Yesh Master~! They are all yours!"

"To think you are one of the most feared beings in the world, some Primordial you are, if you ask me, you're only good to be used as a toy."

"Yes~! I'm only here to be yours!" I squeeze her tits as she continues her moaning, "Oh~ Oh~ So good~"

I start pounding her even harder, the only noise in the room is the sound of my hips slapping against her, my grunts, and her moans.

I start to experiment with her willing body, I spank her ass, causing her to moan even louder than before, "Ohh Master~! D-do with my ass what you will! It's all yours~!"

I lean forward and whisper in her ear, "I don't need your permission to do whatever I want with you do I?"

"Nwoo~! You d-don't need the permission of this lowly one~! I apologize for being presumptuous~!"

"That's my girl. Whenever I call for you, I want you to come to me, ready to serve me as quickly as you can, got it?"

"Ah~! Twank you for t-the honor Master~! Pwease let me swerve you moree~!" She really is extremely masochistic and subby huh? She gets off on serving me in whatever way I desire. I can't say that it isn't extremely hot.

Saeko is similar in that way, though not as masochistic as Lalatina is.

"Mashter~ May I p-please cum?" It seems even in her addled state she was able to recognize that I placed a spell on her. Her orgasm has been building, and building all throughout our session. 

"Hmm, only if you ask nicely."

"Pwease Master~ Let me cum~! I promise to be good for you~!"

She needs to work on her begging, but that's for the future, "Here it comes Lalatina, be happy you finally got a chance to be useful!" I release the spell blocking her orgasm right as I release inside of her.

"Ahhh~! I'm cumming Mashter~! Mmmfg~ I'm cumming for you~!"

"Good girl, see, you can be useful after all." I continue to grope her until I finish unloading inside of her.

"Ahh~ I can feel your warmth inside me! I love it~ I love you Mashter~!" Ah, is she broken? How the fuck did she fall for me so quickly? Oh well, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"I'm not satisfied yet so brace yourself."

"Sorry Mashter~ P-please use me as you wish~" And so I do, many more times.

As I lay next to Lalatina, my hand groping her ass, I contemplate the wisdom I have gained through post orgasm enlightenment. 

I have become a degenerate. I blame Lalatina. But still, I shall handle Lalatina properly, so no other has to! My noble intentions surprise even me, it seems I should have been born as an Angel, not a Daemon.

"Ahhh~ Master, pleash use me more~!" This girl is even dreaming about me, there is seriously something wrong with her.

But what can I say, yanderes are kinda hot,well so long as they are not the monogamous variety at least, worrying about whether I would be killed in my sleep would get annoying fast!

'Odin! You must protect me from all these dangerous threats, okay?'


'I'll take that as a yes, thank you for always having my back Odin!'

- Mariabell Rosso -

She looked towards her grandfather as he considered her proposal, that slime, Rimuru Tempest, was holding a festival and invited rulers, and nobles from all over to attend their Founding Festival. Her grandfather's proposal was far too soft for dealing with a Demon Lord that was reaching too far.

He was considering sending a Duke under their command to the festival, and ordering them to find leverage over Rimuru Tempest. The Duke would have eagerly accepted seeing as her grandfather offered him a seat among the Five Elders, the true rulers of the West.

Her grandfather wanted to find leverage over the new Demon Lord, and then do him a favor in order to use that as an advantage when they invited him to join the council. He wanted to test their potential enemies resolve and see how they would react.

Their pawns have been greatly reduced, the Rosso had suffered great losses recently, the merchant cut contact with them, Hinata still lives, and her grandfather was discovered by Luminous and was forced to flee from his former position as a Luminary. 

The Jura Tempest Federation's culture seemed familiar to her, the foods that she had heard about, along with their technology, and ideas.

It was all far too familiar to her. 

That was why she wanted to destroy them before the rest of the world found out about them. Once they do, Tempest would find themselves given immense political power seeing as every Nation will want a piece of the pie.

And then there was the other new Demon Lord, Felix White who also poses a significant threat. It is said that he wiped out Clayman and his army in one attack, without the former even knowing what was going on.

She believed those rumors to be mere exaggerations, after all even she isn't capable of that in one attack. And she considers herself to be equal to those Demon Lords.

Still, the threat of those two Demon Lords cannot be underestimated, never before have two Demon Lords allied so closely with each other, to the point where going against one of them means going against the other. 

Milim Nava was also said to be quite close to Felix White.

A truly troublesome matter.

"Have we come to this at last?"

"Grandpa, you should let me go."

"Sigh, yes Mariabell, it seems that I will have to send you in order to deal with this upstart Demon Lord. I didn't want to destroy this new kingdom after hearing the reports about it, but two Demon Lords working together is far too great of a threat to the Rosso. Duke Muze won't be capable of handling this matter on my behalf."

Muze, so that was his name, she forgot.

Her grandfather believed that as long as he had her, the Rosso were invincible, and he was correct, for she was Mariabell of Greed, and the world will belong to her. But that very reason was why he was so hesitant to send her. He didn't want her in danger.

"You are right to be interested in their culture grandfather, I've seen, heard, and experienced it all myself, it sounds just like I remember. But that is why we must get rid of them before the rest of the world finds out."

"I see, be careful my dear granddaughter, do not underestimate our opponents, they are still Demon Lords.."

"Do not worry too much, for I am Mariabell of Greed. I desire all, and I will take all. This world belongs to the Rosso!"

"Very well, I grant you full authority on the matter, go to the Founding Festival being held at Tempest, find some way to deal with one of the two Demon Lords, whether it is Rimuru Tempest or Felix White, it does not matter who, just get one of them off the board."

"Yes grandpa, look forward to good news."

She left the room swiftly and began plotting. She can attend with Guildmaster Yuuki, he had mentioned to her that he was invited. He will provide valuable cover for her.

Now which Demon Lord should she control first? Her Greed was invincible, but she still decided to go for the Demon Lord's one at a time. First she will get Felix White under control seeing as according to her grandfather, he likely has not completely completed his awakening yet so it should not be difficult to control him with Greed. More proof that the rumors about him are grossly exaggerated. She can finally put Yuuki fully under her control after the Festival as well.

She gained quite the useful asset when Yuuki had discovered where The Chaos Dragon was sealed and left it under her control, she was easily able to dominate it with her 'Greed' leaving it at her mercy.

She considered bringing the Chaos Dragon to the Festival but decided against it, the Dragon might draw unwanted attention to her if it is detected, but she will have it stay just outside of the Jura Forest just in case.

Soon she will have a Demon Lord under her thrall, one step closer to completing her goals.

- Felix -

I looked towards the dish that Raiden had prepared for me today. It's been a few days since I slept with Lalatina, and she has been constantly seeking my attention, and praise. It seems sleeping with her broke some sort of barrier between us, and now she acts like a devoted bed slave, on top of being in charge of espionage. 

Though I can't say it's a bad thing, she still listens to my orders obediently, and has been doing her job to the best of her abilities.

Though Saeko and her have been having a rivalry of sorts, competing for who gets to serve me in bed. Which is kinda hot, seeing two beautiful women competing for who gets to sleep with me, it would be any man's dream come true.

I suspect the Demoness Trio's interest in me began due to my overwhelming power compared to their own level of strength. 

After all, in this world, power attracts, especially so for a race like Daemons, those three were at the top of the food chain back in the Daemon Realm, so there likely weren't many, if any, that caught their interest. Though my personality seemed to have won them completely over. Other than Lalatina of course, she was just into me by default due to the way our first meeting turned out.

Truly, my isekai adventure is great.

Arcueid, Megumin, and Raiden have been glaring at Lalatina whenever I see them together though. Ingvild just took one look at us the day after our night together and blushed. I even overheard a conversation between Megumin and Lalatina, where Megumin in a not so nice way called Lalatina a thieving bitch. It seems they are all waiting for their turns and Lalatina messed that up by cutting ahead.

Kurumi didn't really care, in her own words she said she was my pet, not in the sexual sense but in the literal sense. I guess majin like her see the world differently than other species, she is a fox after all.

Boy am I a lucky guy, for women as beautiful as they are to want me? Even I am feeling a bit flattered. 

I took a sip of the black tea that Raiden served me and noticed it tasted a bit odd. Not a bad odd, just different from usual. She only introduced me to tea somewhat recently as it wasn't really my thing, but she learned how to make it from Shuna and I didn't want to outright say no when she learned for me. But I was pleasantly surprised, it isn't something I would have on the regular, but when I just want to relax it's the perfect drink.

I notice Saeko giving me a look of trepidation as I continue to drink the tea.

Ah, I see. "Could this have been made by Saeko?"

"Yes Master, the drink has been tested for poison, so it is drinkable."

Well, that's good.

"I didn't expect you to assist Saeko."

"She requested my assistance in preparing something for you, and I did not want her to serve you undrinkable garbage so I made sure to supervise her for your safety."

"I see, thank you Raiden." I look towards Saeko as I continue to drink the tea she prepared, "You too Saeko, good job. This is far better than what you used to prepare."

It might not be food, but it is still far better than her earlier attempts at tea.

Saeko smiled giddily, "Yes! Thank you for your praise Felix-sama!"

Saeko went ahead and poured me another cup, while it is quite bitter, I do still like it. If she can successfully make a cup of tea without it tasting absolutely horrendous, then maybe… maybe there is hope that she can cook a proper meal?

I don't have much left to do before I travel worlds, I just need to pick up Rimuru's list from Tempest, and figure out who I am going to take with me to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Oh! I forgot to even mention to everyone that I will be traveling worlds, I guess it slipped my mind. But who should I take? I don't want to take everyone seeing as that would be overkill, even one of my direct subordinates could fuck that entire world up, let alone bringing multiple.

I do still want the world to be standing when I leave it after all. Maybe I should just bring one or two of my subordinates?

Kurumi should be easy to handle, she can just shift into her tiny fox form and sit on my shoulder. Raiden is always obedient so I don't need to worry about her. Saeko is the one I'm worried about, that girl can go way over the top when it isn't necessary.

The three Primordials serving me are out since I don't want to pick and choose between the three of them, that will only worsen their rivalry.

Maybe just Raiden then? I do want my maid around to take care of me, at this point I'm just as dependent on her as she is on me.

One thing I am curious about when it comes to other worlds is Summoning Magic, does it exist in other worlds? After all, the core of Summoning Magic is summoning another being from another plane of reality. Could there be Daemons who are summoned to other worlds? 

I assume that you would need to know the Summoning Magic from this world or something similar to do that though. So many interesting questions that need to be answered.

I quickly finish up the tea that Saeko served me, "Alright, I have some errands to run so I am going to head back to Tempest, when I do get back there is something I want to talk to you about though." I probably shouldn't delay telling them about my plans to go to another world, they might need some time to prepare after all.

"Yes Master, I will be waiting."

"Yes Felix-sama!"

I nod at them and prepare to teleport to Tempest.

'Notice. Enough collective belief has been gathered to grant the Master a second name. It is recommended you do so in a secluded space as the Master's Magicules may go out of control for a moment.'

Huh, that was quicker than I thought, but I might as well take care of this before visiting Tempest.

'Will I fall unconscious?'

'No, due to there being no further evolution for Master, the Master will stay as a Devil Lord, so the Master will stay conscious.'

'I see.'

It seems Devil Lord is the highest stage I can reach huh? Veldora is at a higher stage of evolution than I am by default, since he's a True Dragon. It would be nice if there was a similar evolution for Daemons to elevate myself to the same level of existence as the True Dragons, having a goal to work towards is always nice.

Oh well, I am plenty powerful. I'd even say I am capable of beating Veldora in a fight without too much difficulty. Something extremely monstrous considering the fact that True Dragons are considered walking Catastrophes.

It seems becoming a Supreme Demonic Spirit will be out of my reach for the foreseeable future. True Dragons are Supreme Chaos Spirits, and us Daemons can be considered a type of Demonic Spirit. It should be theoretically possible to evolve further, after all there are so many mysterious skills out there, who's to say it is impossible to elevate my existence to that of the True Dragons?

Hmm, definitely something to look into.

It didn't take me long to get a sufficient distance away from Azeroth.

'What do I do now Odin?'

'The Master just needs to simply give himself a second name, Odin will take care of the rest.'

'I see thanks Odin.'

Sounds easy enough. What am I supposed to say? Something like, "I name myself Felix White."

And just like that my power soared. I quickly lost control of my Aura but it only took me a moment to regain control thanks to Odin. Unfortunately that moment where my 'Aura' was unleashed caused the land around me to become almost uninhabitable for miles all around.

I'll have to send someone over to make sure to deal with this mess.

I took a few minutes to get in control of myself, my magicule capacity has increased a large amount, along with my physical strength. My Skills weren't upgraded or anything, but that isn't surprising seeing as far as I know, my Skills are already incredibly high tier.

I can now confidently say that I am about even with Guy now, at least where pure magicule capacity, and magic power is concerned. That's something to be proud of, Guy Crimson is someone spoken of in Legends, someone the entire world fears. To be able to match him, and possibly surpass him is no easy feat.

Now if we fight, our Skills, fighting abilities and experience will be the determining factor.

Man, getting stronger sure is a rush, it's kind of sad that there aren't all that many ways for me to grow further.

I better get used to my new level of power quickly, it's best if I get myself completely under control, at my level accidentally using a little too much power can destroy a continent, though I doubt Odin would let that happen by mistake. Odin really is my cheat, actually I think she is the best cheat one can get. Look at Rimuru, he is also incredibly strong, I doubt he would be where he is without 'Raphael' and its Unique Skill version.

Now that I'm done with my naming it's best if I get going to Tempest now, I wonder what the idea that Rimuru came up with was, I can think of a few fun ways to use Ramiris' Labyrinth.

I teleport into my home in Tempest bypassing the barriers Rimuru put up. I have something similar in Azeroth.It's almost a necessity for any nation to have some sort of defense against teleportation seeing as most sufficiently strong beings are capable of teleportation, if only with its most basic form.

No Nation wants some uber powerful being to teleport into the center of their power and wreak havoc after all.

I take a look around to make sure nothing is out of place then head towards where I sense Rimuru is.

As I am going to where I sensed Rimuru I notice quite a few Orcs going about their business, it seems that Rimuru is starting to build everything that is necessary for this Festival he wants to host.

Oh? Is that a coliseum? It seems that is where he is planning to host this tournament of his, though what is he doing underneath it?

I easily figured out how to get down there thanks to Universal Sense, "Ah Felix! Are you here to pick up the list?"

"That, and I was curious about what you planned to do with Ramiris."

"Hehe, I'm going to make a dungeon!"

"Like the kinds where adventurers go in to try and clear?"

"Yup! I can have an entrance fee, along with there being a bunch of rewards for clearing each floor, I don't know the exact rules just yet, but I think this can help in getting more revenue and people to come to Tempest."

"I see, and I'm assuming you are going to make it with Ramiris' Small World?"

"Yup, that Skill of hers is really broken! I can't even analyze it!"

"I hear you, even I couldn't analyze it. How big do you plan to make it?"

"Hmm, maybe around 100 or so floors."

"That many? How are you planning to populate the dungeon with monsters anyway?" He might be able to use Veldora, he can have him at the lowest level making the monsters that spawn from his Magicules stronger and stronger the lower you go in the dungeon. 

"Umu! I plan to use Veldora."

"I see, going to have him spawn monsters from his Magicules then? That will also solve the issue of him holding his Aura back for too long."


"This Dungeon of yours sounds fun, maybe I can try and beat it." I jokingly say

Rimuru looks at me in alarm, "Absolutely not! If you go in there then there will be no dungeon for everyone else!"

"Ah, you party pooper~."

"Ugh, you're just like Veldora."

"Haha, well Veldora likes to have fun, so he and I are similar when it comes to that. What's the point of living if you don't enjoy it after all?"

"Just don't have your 'fun' at other people's expense when you're in Tempest."

"No promises."

"Ugh, I can't win with you."

"Anyways, what are you going to do about the people that go into the Dungeon dying? I don't think that many people will want to explore it if there is a high risk of death."

"I solved that issue too! Ramiris is able to make bracelets that revive the user at the entrance of the Dungeon when they die."

"Dang, she has some pretty crazy abilities then huh?"

"Yup! I thought she was super weak but then she ended up having that kind of ability!"

"Ha, well don't let her hear you say that or she'll whine at you for hours."

"Gah! Don't remind me."

We ended up hanging out for an hour before Rimuru had to go get some work done. Being an actual responsible ruler must suck huh? He did end up giving me his list though so now I am free to go.

I ended up asking him about Hinata, apparently Luminous ordered her with Rimuru's permission to frequent Tempest, and possibly open a branch of the Holy Knights in Tempest in order to show that they were able to reach an accord.

It seems Luminous is keeping her word then.

"Master, a maid claiming to be the servant of Demon Lord Guy Crimson has arrived and is requesting your presence. She says she has an invitation from her master, what do you wish for me to do?"

Ah, that's probably the invitation to visit him, took him long enough.

"Have her wait in the conference room, I'll be there shortly, thanks Raiden."

"Of course Master."

It seems Guy sent one of his Primordials over, hopefully my Primordials and Guy's maid won't have any issues. Who knows what sort of old rivalries those guys could have? But I think it should be fine, they seemed to get along fine at the Walpurgis after all.

I quickly teleport to the conference room and am not surprised to find Arcueid, Megumin,and Lalatina chatting with the Primordial of Blue, I think her name was Rain. I overhear the last bits of their conversation before they notice me, "Violet, I was not aware that you chose to serve someone." It seems that Guy will soon learn that I also have the Primordial of Violet as my servant. Hopefully he doesn't take it too badly that I one upped him on who has more Primordial servants.

They quickly spot me causing them to pause their conversation as Rain looks over to me.

She does a curtsy, "Greetings Demon Lord Felix White-sama, I am one of Guy Crimson-sama's maids, I have been ordered to invite you to the Ice Continent at any time of your choosing. My Master also ordered me to give you this letter."

I took the letter she handed to me, it was sealed with a familiar Aura, Guy's Aura. 

I open the letter, and read its contents. it said "Yo Felix! Feel free to come visit anytime you want, just don't take too long, I'm bored enough as is."

"Thanks, you're Rain right? The Primordial of Blue?"

"Indeed, Rain is the name my Master awarded me with, and I am known to some as the Primordial of Blue."

"I see, well invitation received, feel free to stay for some food if you want."

"Thank you for the invitation Felix-sama, but I must get back to my master's side, he must be waiting for my return."

"I see."

She does another curtsy as she summons that edgy gate that Misery used to take us to the Walpurgis. 

I look towards the Demoness Trio, "Thanks for keeping an eye on her, I don't want a Primordial wandering around unattended."

Arcueid bows, "It was no problem my lord, Bleu isn't likely to do anything anyways, she was always a lazy one."

"I see, did you guys know her well back in the Daemon Realm?"

This time Megumin cut in, "Hah, as if, her and Vert have been serving Rouge for who knows how long? After their failed attempt at overthrowing Rouge they were killed, and reborn as her servants."

"Seriously? How was Guy able to take on two fellow Primordials at once?"

"That Rouge has always been a monster among monsters, only Noir was capable of matching her back then." Even Lalatina is wary of his strength, wait why are they using female pronouns for Guy?

"Wait you're using female pronouns, was Guy playing female back then?"

"Yes among us Primordials Noir was the only one that preferred the male sex from the start, Guy only started appearing as a male once she got a material body and learned that the male one is more combat efficient."

"She must have been a real piece of work then huh? Anyways let me gather the rest up then I need to inform you of something, take a seat while you wait."

They nodded and took a seat at the conference table. I sent out a Thought Communication to Saeko, Raiden and Kurumi.

"Could you three come to the conference room? I have something to inform you girls about."

"Yes Felix-sama!"

"Of course Master, I was just getting some tea ready for you."

"Sure Felix-sama, I'll come over now!"

"Thanks, I'll be waiting."

I didn't end up calling Ingvild since I don't want to tell Glenda about my ability to travel worlds, I may trust Ingvild due to knowing her character, and even then I had Odin make sure she was someone I could trust. Ingvild is the kind of girl that would hate to keep secrets from one of her only friends. It's best if I don't force her to when it isn't necessary.

It didn't take them long to arrive, I took the tea Raiden hands to me, "Thank you Raiden, now take a seat you three."

"Now I brought you here to tell you about one of my skills, I'm not going to spit on your loyalty by asking you to keep it a secret as I know none of you would do something that can potentially trouble me." These six have proven their loyalty multiple times, it would be foolish of me to doubt them now.

But I imagine if word got out about my ability to travel worlds, I can imagine how big a pain in the ass the rest of the world would become if they found out I had unrestricted access to otherworlders.

Even Guy might be interested seeing as there are all sorts of interesting things in other worlds. As a Guy, heh, who has been around for eons, I'm sure he would love something new.

Saeko looks at me proudly, "Of course Felix-sama! I am your most loyal subordinate!"

Raiden looks like she was insulted from that comment but ignored it for now, "Indeed, I would never do something like that without your permission my Master."

"I am your pet Master, a pet's job is to be loyal to their owner." Ah, there's Kurumi with her whole pet thing. I'm still unsure about how to feel about that, just a cultural difference I guess?

"Indeed, as those three said, us Daemons are incredibly loyal once we find someone worthy to serve."

"Hah, what Blanc said."

"My name is Arcuied, how many times do I need to tell you this Jaune?!"

"Huh? You tryna pick a fight?!" And they are back at it again.

"Indeed, I am your loyal slave my Master, I may desire your punishment but I will not resort to harming your interests." Lalatina is being her usual degenerate self, though I appreciate her loyalty.

"I see, thank you for your loyalty, now as I was saying, I have a skill that allows me to visit other worlds. I plan to visit the world I used to live in before I was reincarnated as a Daemon to the Cardinal World."

"As expected of Felix-sama!" Why are you agreeing with Sakeo Raiden?!

"Ara, I have known of other worlds for a long long time, but I have not heard of the ability to freely visit them, truly astounding my lord."

"I wonder if there are strong people to fight in those worlds?!" Megumin is being her usual self it seems.

"As expected of my Master." And Lalatina just doesn't care?

I was expecting different reactions to be honest.

"I see, I expected this to go differently, but your reactions makes this quite easy. I plan to go to my old world with just Raiden and Kurumi. I won't budge on this." It took me some time to figure out if I wanted to take more than just Raiden and Kurumi but I eventually came to the decision that taking more people than necessary could cause more harm than good.

Raiden and Kurumi look excited at the prospect of coming to another world with me, but the others not mentioned were a different case.

"But Felix-sama! Who will make your tea if I'm not there?!"

"Saeko, I know that you want to come with me but trust that there is a good reason for me not bringing you. I do care for you and would bring you if I thought it necessary."

"Kya! Felix-sama cares for me?!" And now she is in lala land.

"I see my lord, it does disappoint me that I do not get to venture into another world with you, but you must have your reasons." Huh, what a mature way to see it, as expected of Arcueid.

"Huh?! Why not Master? I wanna come!" That was expected from Megumin.

"How will you slake your lusts without me Master? Am I being thrown away?!" And Lalatina is being Lalatina.

"The reason I'm not taking you guys is due to the fact that the world we are visiting has a low level of power compared to this one. I don't want us to cause unnecessary destruction, so I am limiting the amount of people I am bringing. Don't worry, I plan to visit other worlds as well and I promise to take you all with me next time."

"I see, that is understandable my lord, even the slight use of our power can cause mass destruction."

"Gah! I hate how you are making sense!"

"Ah, I see. I was worried I was being thrown away after being used by my Master." I'll just ignore that.

"Ahh, he said he likes me!" And Saeko is still daydreaming.

"How long will you be gone for my lord?"

"Ah, thanks for asking Arcuied, I forgot to explain, but thanks to my skill, for you guys it will seem like I never left. I will return the moment I leave so no time will have passed."

"I see, as expected." As expected? Whenever Arcueid gets like this, I've found it's best to just pretend I didn't hear anything.

Megumin, Lalatina and Saeko, seem to all have been pacified for now as well. 

"Well, if you guys don't have any more questions, then let's go." I look towards Raiden and Kurumi and have them stand in front of me.

"I am going to absorb you with my Skill, I'll release you once we are somewhere safe in the other world." 

Once I hear her agreements I absorb her with Beelzebuth, storing her in my Stomach.

Once that's done I look towards the five that are staying behind. "Well, I'll see you when I see you."

"Goodbye Felix-sama! I will make sure to prepare an amazing meal for your return!" Did Saeko not hear that no time will pass for them?

"Good luck my lord."

"See ya Felix-sama! Make sure to bring back some souvenirs!"

"Ah, what will my Master do without my body to slake his lusts on?!"

I ignored what Lalatina said and made sure to use all my presence concealment abilities just in case I pop up somewhere bothersome. I then store my Demon Lord Ring in my 'Stomach' as it can theoretically work in other worlds, I don't want one of the Demon Lords to figure out that I'm in another world somehow, that sounds like a pain in the ass to deal with. 

Now that I'm ready I might as well get this started. 


And the next thing I know, I was in a different world.

The first words I heard when I ventured to another world for the first time were, "Domain Expansion!"



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