I'm a cat? No! I'm an SCP

What would happen if an ordinary SCP-obsessed teenager became an SCP? Embarking on a journey to become the strongest SCP, the teenager begins to collect many beautiful girls from various worlds as his harem. Worlds: 1.The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited Hunter 2. - 3. 4. Note: I used a machine to translate my novel into English if there are wrong words or spelling please forgive

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9 Chs

Chapter 1 : SCP

I don't remember when exactly this obsession began, but one thing is for sure: the desire to discover, explore, and become a part of the SCP world was the greatest desire in me.

I could never let go of my desire to prove to the world that what was often regarded as mere fiction by society was actually the real truth.

And it's not just an empty obsession like kids have with superheroes they see on television that will fade away over time.

This desire and obsession started when I met her. The little girl in the gothic loli outfit who claimed to be my older sister and my only real family.

I didn't understand what she was saying at the time, but from then on, my interest in Scp began.

Although my parents said I was fantasising, I was sure it wasn't a fantasy when I met that girl.

At school, my friends started avoiding me because they thought my obsession with Scp was weird. Just like how most people would avoid a school bully or an otaku who always talks about his Waifus, that was the treatment I received for the past 3 years.

I'm honestly starting to doubt the path I'm taking, is it the right thing to continue living in isolation from people because of my obsession with Scp?

Maybe this is the right time for me to accept the fact that Scp is just a fictional story, after all in two months I will be entering college.

No matter what I do I never really find any of them.

Right now I'm walking home from an abandoned factory that has a lot of creepy rumours behind it, people claim that they saw some strange white cats roaming around.

But what did I find out after visiting the old factory? The answer was that there wasn't even a single white cat there, not even a single life form other than a few cockroaches and rats scurrying around on the dirty floor.

To be honest, the reason I came here when I had vowed to get rid of my obsession with Scp was because my friend enthusiastically told me about this place.

Fully equipped as a ghost hunter, I brought along a camera and some portable radar that I made myself to detect the presence of Scp.

Although I was sceptical about the effectiveness of this rotten thing.

"Ha~" I let out a resigned sigh.

Once a rumour remains a rumour, none of them ever really come true.

I was starting to feel like a fool for believing in all these cheap rumours.

But as I stared at the camera in my hand she appeared, a white cat with creepy eyes could be seen sitting on a rock looking at me arrogantly.

While an aura of intimidation and horror surrounded her, I stared at her stunned for a moment.

"You!" I muttered, for a moment my hand shook as the camera in my hand fell.

A feeling of happiness and fear arose in my heart, I was happy to see that this cheap rumour seemed to be true but at the same time I was scared if all of this was just another fool of mine.

Is this really real?! Is she Scp? It must be Scp! I'm sure of it!!! But what if it's not?

While my mind was still in turmoil, my feet unconsciously began to walk towards the cat in front of me with a slight tremor of happiness.

"Meow~" The cat meowed seemingly annoyed as I approached it while its eyes stared at me intently.

But another feeling arose inside me, this is...longing?

I don't know why it would appear, is it because this is the first time I've seen Scp's footsteps? Although I'm not sure he's Scp.

As I got closer I heard the cat in front of me moaning, seemingly uncomfortable with my approach.

I didn't care, I just wanted to get closer, I wanted to touch her, but just as my hand was about to touch her my vision scrolled.

The full moon in the night sky looked beautiful as I looked at it slowly, but just then my gaze rolled back to see myself falling on the ground with blood flowing from a clean cut neck.

Ah~ Is that so? So this is the end of my life? He...hahaha so she really is real! I'm not a fool obsessed with fiction!

Happiness enveloped my mind as my head continued to move away from my body. Slowly my vision grew darker as my consciousness began to fade.

But the last thing I saw was the white mist that came from the white cat starting to envelop me.


SCPs are the embodiment of the anomalies that exist in the world, no one knows when they appeared or what caused their appearance in the world.

They are just a bunch of mysteries that continue to envelop people with feelings of fear. SCP itself is divided into several main classes such as Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumiel, Neutral, Apollyon, and archon.

With each class having a different level of danger from each other. Unlike youkai that require human fear and negative emotions to continue to grow stronger, SCP are different.

They are born with an inherent existential concept from the moment they are born.

They do not rely on human emotions to grow stronger, but rather develop over time in a natural way.

Right now, one of the most dangerous SCPs was sitting in front of me, savouring a cup of tea with a suffocating peace, although there was guilt creeping into his eyes.

Finding myself suddenly face-to-face with an entity I had previously only dreamt of. My heartbeat surged rapidly in front of this fantastic presence.

He had white hair with deep red eyes while his irises conveyed the firmness of a ruler.

But what makes her truly unique are the white ears and... black tail? An unusual combination, yet the perfect proportions added an undeniable charm to this SCP girl.

"Yeah that's basically how I felt before my death" I complained to the SCP girl in front of me, although I liked her but that doesn't mean I can accept my death easily.

It would be a lie to say I have no feelings of regret, but as the saying goes let bygones be bygones.

Facing the entity I had been searching for a decade, I wasn't too bothered by the thought of dying in her hands, although it probably wouldn't be a good death. This was not our first encounter. Remember when I mentioned about meeting a little girl dressed in gothic clothes? Well, she was the one I was referring to.

"Nya~ Haha, sorry, I honestly never thought that I would be the cause of my own little brother's death, Nya~" With ears hanging limply, the SCP girl looked at me regretfully. There was no trace of lies in her eyes, only pure regret.

"It's okay, I was prepared for such a possibility from the start," I said. There was no remorse in me, but this SCP girl still felt guilty.

Although I could understand the origin of her feelings, I felt that if the positions were reversed, I would probably feel the same way as her.

"It can't be like that, Nya~. After all, you are my little brother, and I feel guilty that one of my clones killed you, Nya~," she said in a voice full of regret.

"I already said that I didn't feel anything back then. After all, I was prepared to bear the consequences of my own actions from the start,"

"Even if you say that, I still can't take this for granted, Nya~," she said in a voice that sounded regretful.

Honestly seeing how remorseful this SCP girl's expression was, I could only sigh before changing the subject.

"Then, Miss SCP 040 JP-"

"Just call me Onee-Chan, Nya~"

"Miss SCP-"

"Onee-Chan!" Her eyes were filled with firmness as she explained her authority.

I don't know why this SCP girl is so obsessive about treating me as her little brother. But seeing her dedication all this time, even before we met here, it somehow made me feel warm.

To be honest, she was the first person other than my parents to welcome me warmly, even though I was often regarded as strange by people.

"Onee-Chan, tell me why you're so obsessed with having me as your little brother?"

"Ah, that? To be honest, it's a secret, Nya~. But since my cute little brother asked, then I'll tell you." The SCP girl put her index finger on her lips, making a smile engraved on her face.

"What is it?"

"It's because..."

"Because?" The atmosphere became tense as I felt the temperature around me start to drop. I even wondered if I had accidentally stepped on a landmine?

Is this some kind of secret that not many people should know about?

"It's a..... secret, Nya~ Hahaha."


"Hahaha, don't make that face, Nya~. After all, I have something much better than just an insignificant excuse like that."

"Hm, what is it?" I made an interested face as I looked at the SCP girl in front of me with interest.

"Are you interested in becoming an SCP like me?" The SCP girl looked into my eyes seriously, making a surprising offer.

"What? Become an SCP?"

Well, this is new news, my friend. Although I had an obsession with SCP before, it never crossed my mind that I would become an SCP.

"Yes, becoming an SCP, Nya~ Are you interested, Nya~?"

Are you kidding me? Of course I would! After all, it's about to be the coolest thing I know. But even then it's impossible for me to show my pleasure openly.

It's a matter of pride!!!

"Onee-Chan are you serious about this?" I asked seriously, honestly this kind of race change issue is not something I can take lightly.

The change from human to SCP I don't know what the side effects of this will be.

"Of course, Nya~ Do you think this Onee-Chan of yours would lie to her cute little brother, Nya~? After all, think of it as an apology from your Onee-Chan, Nya~," the girl said arrogantly, while snorting proudly.

"Are you sure? I know you're strong, but is it possible to bring a dead person back to life?"

"Ah, about that? Actually, you're not dead yet. You could say, you're still alive right now. After all, even that rotten sorceress doesn't have the ability to bring the dead back to life, Nya~," She said with a hint of pride, while insulting a certain sorceress.

"Eh, I'm not dead yet?"

New surprise! I'm not dead, even after having my head cut off.

"Yes, you're not dead. When you were really about to die, this Onee-Chan of yours instantly appeared and gave you my best healing, Nya~. After all, bringing the dead back to life is something that is impossible to do other than by God, Nya~."

Nodding in understanding I looked back at her who now seemed to have a relaxed expression on her face.

"Then will there be any side effects when becoming an SCP?" I asked in a low voice.

"Ah! That? Don't worry because you won't experience the usual changes but rather instantly become a member of His clan~" with a smile on her face the girl looked back at me calmly. Before I even had a chance to reply, the girl moved her index finger towards my forehead before saying.

"It's been too long Nya~ next time let's talk a little longer" with a smile on her face I fainted again. My vision started to darken before I was completely unconscious.