I'll Tell You Every Day

The female lead who died miserably under the hands of her scheming half-sister is reincarnated but does not choose revenge. Instead, she chooses to live for herself, to chase after her dreams, and to fall in love again. Author's Note: A slice of life, sweet and fluffy romance novel. Recommended for those who like light reading. Not recommended for those who want to dive into the action at once.

Anri · Urban
Not enough ratings
173 Chs

Chapter 103

Liu Jin pointed towards a floorboard that had been slightly lifted.

"I have a strong feeling she's alive. Look at this." He bent down and pointed towards a protruding iron nail from the lifted floorboard.

"She cut her ropes using that?" Zhihao asked.

Liu Jin paused.

"I think so. The girl I saw… she was afraid but her eyes were also full of determination. She had probably given up hope that someone would come save her."

"So she saved herself…"

Liu Jin nodded.

"Then – then where is she?" Zhihao asked, confused.

Liu Jin paused to think. He then remembered the night when he and Luli caught Hou Bingwen throwing a tantrum in the music room. Did Mingxia escape then?

His eyes widened and he immediately turned to face Zhihao.

"She must have escaped on the night we found the cameras in the music room."

"H-huh? But that's already been a few days ago!" Zhihao panicked.

Liu Jin racked his brain for answers.