1 Betrayal of a Friend

The rain was pouring so hard with lightning on that night. A girl was seen walking exhausted after running away from her home. The rainwater completely disguised her tears falling from the girl's beautiful eyes.

Exhausted and cold, she chose to take shelter in front of a large house, hoping to ease the cold after nearly an hour of rain. The girl closed her eyes while leaning against the wall.

She tried to remember the incident she would never forget in her life. The betrayal of her husband and her best friend happened before her own eyes.

At home, Leon publicly showed off his affair with Steffi, Marianne's good friend. Marianne was his legal wife. Leon and Steffi's affair had been going on for almost a year without Marianne's knowledge.

Even all the maids in Leon's mansion seemed to support their master's affair from the madame. Those maids did not like Marianne from the start. They were very happy when the master had another woman who warmed his bed almost every night.

"How much longer do we keep doing this Leon?" Steffi asked quietly while feeling Leon's broad chest. She loved teasing Leon when they were done making love.

"Patience, Steffi. After I divorce that ugly duck, you will immediately get the title of Mrs. Ganke," Leon replied hoarsely. He was exhausted after their vigorous sex.

"I'm tired of pretending in front of that ugly bitch, Leon. I want to immediately show her that I am your woman," said Steffi in a voice made like she was about to cry.

Leon opened his eyes and stared at Steffi, who was staring at him without blinking. He then kissed Steffi's forehead slowly.

"Since the beginning, I invited you to come home with me, you are my woman, there's no need to doubt that, Honey. And one more thing, you don't need to be afraid of that ugly woman. Her days are numbered. She won't stay here for too long. After I divorced her, she will soon get her dirty feet from our house, "said Leon seducing a sulky Steffi.

"Really?? you didn't lie, did you Leon?!" shrieked Steffi excitedly.

"Of course, Leonardo Ganke never lies," Leon replied with a soft laugh.

"Oh, Leon, I love you ...."

Steffi could not finish her words because she was already kissed by Leon. They then started their second round of making love. After they rested for fifteen minutes, now they were full of vigor and could make love passionately again.

Without Leon and Steffi knowing, behind the slightly open door, there was a woman who was standing with trembling legs. After seeing and hearing all of their conversations, the tears of the woman named Marianne had flowed incessantly.

Quickly, Marianne returned to her room and grabbed a suitcase. She put her important clothes and documents and a bunch of dollar bills and jewelry. Soon, she walked out of her husband's, Leonardo Ganke, house. She walked in the rain by dragging her suitcase aimlessly.

"How could you do this to me, Steffi. You were my best friend... you are evil Steffi ..." cried Marianne, condemning her best friend's actions with her husband.

Marianne, who worked as an art curator, was betrothed to Leonardo Ganke, who was the heir of a large German company. They were arranged for marriage by Leon's grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Ganke.

She fell in love with Marrianne when they met at the art studio where Marrianne worked. Since she thought they would be a good fit, finally Mrs. Catherine Ganke arranged for Marrianne to meet her grandson Leon. Even though Leon didn't like Anne, he couldn't do anything but agree to the wedding plans.

When they finally got married, Leon left Anne in their wedding suite at the hotel owned by the Ganke family. He chose to spend the night with a sex worker rather than with his wife, Anne.

During their marriage, Leon never touched Anne, who had an old-fashioned apperance and style. And finally, Leon had an affair with Steffany, Anne's best friend from the art studio.


The sound of thunder made Anne finally opened her eyes and came back to her senses from her bad memories.

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