I'll Surpass The MC

I claimed to be better than the MC. An Eldritch entity decided to put my claim to the test and reincarnated me into the world of the novel I read. But, I’m not alone. There are five other reincarnates? Wait, wait, wait! Why is the MC a regressor now? That wasn’t part of the script! ... Contact me (Discord): anvelope Discord Server: discord.gg/BR5kt99dhV

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Weaponised Staff

The body of Brangara sent flying to the Zahara Kingdom landed right as the figure of Yennda was on the verge of dissipating. Upon seeing that everyone was safe, Brangara condensed the Tangible Nature of a Razor Rat and hurled it in the direction of his other body.


A few seconds later, the Empyrean Snapper Tangible Nature noticed a tiny dot flying in its direction, visible clearly as it was spamming Shredded Lunge. The waves of Prana it generated faintly reached the Empyrean Snapper Tangible Nature as the Razor Rat dissipated.


The emitted presence was more than enough for Brangara to understand the situation at the Zahara Kingdom. Had the one hurled been a Shifting Ant Tangible Nature, it would mean that he would have to leave everything and tunnel his way to the Zahara Kingdom, for the situation there was serious.


But as the one hurled was a Razor Rat Tangible Nature, it implied that he could focus on shredding apart his opponents.