55 Imprint Acceptance Skill

"Gannala, you're experienced. You have also gone through all my memories." Inala said as he stared at a bunch of items before him that he had just purchased from the market, "Will my plan to obtain the Zinger Queen's power work?"

"Tap twice for a yes and thrice if something is missing." He focused on his ears, hearing three soft slaps, sighing as a result, "So, I'm still missing something."

Inala picked up a brush and began to write a list of items on paper, "I'll be writing the items slowly. Slap twice when I'm writing the missing item."

He was thankful to Grehha. After all, only through the latter did he find out the fact that the 44th Empyrean Tusk could access his memories and read his thoughts. Instead of being flustered by such a fact, Inala rejoiced instead.

After all, the moment he figured out the fact that Gannala supported his actions, he revealed the entirety of his plan to her. Following that, he relied upon her knowledge and experience to perfect his plans.

His only source of information was Sumatra Chronicles. By researching the novel, he derived a result. But, there was no guarantee that it would work. With the slightest variable, things might fail.

The variable could be as simple as a tiny amount of impurity in one of the resources he used. Therefore, it was best to raise the guarantee to a hundred percent.

Gannala served as a perfect database regarding that. An Empyrean Tusk lived for around two millennia. That was an overwhelming duration of life, a timespan in which the knowledge one could accumulate was ginormous.

And as the oldest in the herd, Gannala was the wisest and most experienced. She must have been through situations the other Empyrean Tusks in the herd weren't even aware of. Hence, by taking advantage of her experience, Inala could perfect his plan.

As he wrote down the list, Gannala notified him of the lacking materials. "I still lack three items, huh?"

"Spirit Enchantment Oriole, Humming Stalk, and a feminine Prana Signature." Inala focused on the last item and muttered, "But, don't I already have the last one?"

"Granny Oyo turned me into her Spirit Weapon. Her Prana Signature has been imprinted on my bones."

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Inala frowned at the response and made multiple conjectures, sighing when Gannala slapped in confirmation at one such conjecture, "You mean, I need to transfer her Prana Signature to my Spirit Container? Only then it will work?"

Slap! Slap!

"How do I achieve it?" Inala thought, drawing a blank, "I'm not strong enough to touch her imprint. Even if I use the Prana Domination Skill, my proficiency is lacking to succeed."

Suddenly, the walls of his house shook as faint dust billowed. As the dust fell, the gravity in the room morphed, causing them to move in certain directions as they approached the floor.

Once all the dust settled, Inala noticed a set of words had formed on the floor, "You're speaking to me, Gannala. I told you, right? This method works."

Gannala was using an idea he thought up to communicate with him. The fact that she listened to his suggestion expressed her support. It only made him happy as Inala read the words.

[My Son, Inala! You need to permeate Oyo's Prana Signature in your fused Spirit Container. With my support, you'll be able to overcome the gender restriction and gain the Zinger Queen's power. To achieve that, you need to activate the third part of the Puppetry Skill, seventh part of the Elixir Condensation Skill, final part of the Prana Domination Skill, fifth part of the Bone Slip Skill, first part of the Toxin Refinement Skill, third part of the Spirit Reinforcement Skill, first part of the Toxin Refinement Skill once again, and finally, second part of the Prana Domination Skill. Activate them all in order within three seconds, and you'll create the Imprint Acceptance Skill.]

"Imprint Acceptance Skill…" Inala nodded after a moment of thought, "Alright, I'll attempt it immediately."

Since Gannala couldn't communicate with him directly, she couldn't impart a Skill to him. Instead, she conceptualised the Skill by making a formula using parts of the Skills he knew. It was a genius move only possible for an Empyrean Tusk.

Inala only activated parts of the Skills as mentioned, taking more than an hour to finish a round of activation. He gasped at the end, feeling like he had been holding his breath all along.

After taking a breather and collating his experience, he attempted it a second time, finishing the process in under twenty minutes. By the tenth attempt, he did it under a minute.

Two days of nonstop practice later, Inala was able to bring it under three seconds, observing his Prana stir up in response. Some sections of the parts were naturally omitted by the Prana flow as nodes were created. These nodes joined together as the Mystic Bone Art fired up on its own, piecing them together.

The set of nodes wasn't the Skill. Rather, it was a mere catalyst. When this catalyst influenced the Mystic Bone Art, his Prana condensed into a technique. The catalyst caused words forming the Mystic Bone Art in his mind to leap around, like a typewriter imprinting the inked words on a piece of paper.

The words settled into becoming the Imprint Acceptance Skill. The whole process was inspirational, enlightening Inala, 'Mystic Bone Art is pretty much the alphabet. By activating only parts of the various Skills in my possession, the result I created influenced the Mystic Bone Art. The alphabets rained down in my mind and formed an essay that conceptualised the Imprint Acceptance Skill.'

"As long as I understand the logic behind this, I can experiment and create a bunch of Skills randomly. Maybe I'll even create a useful Skill down the line." Inala condensed his enlightenment, sensing it act as a catalyst for the Mystic Bone Art, deriving a peculiar Skill.

In response, Gannala's tail slapped multiple times, in excitement. Inala too was excited, for this was no different from a fortuitous encounter, "This is all thanks to you, Gannala. You enlightened me by teaching me the process for creating the Imprint Acceptance Skill."

"This changes everything!" Inala grinned in excitement as he observed the new Skill, one that would form the core of his strength, allowing him to conceptualise Skills based on his experience and derive the result from the Mystic Bone Art.

Without any hesitation, he fired up the new Skill by focusing on his experience in carving on mud slabs.

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