I'll Surpass The MC

I claimed to be better than the MC. An Eldritch entity decided to put my claim to the test and reincarnated me into the world of the novel I read. But, I’m not alone. There are five other reincarnates? Wait, wait, wait! Why is the MC a regressor now? That wasn’t part of the script! ... Contact me (Discord): anvelope Discord Server: discord.gg/BR5kt99dhV

Anvelope · Eastern
Not enough ratings
700 Chs

I’ll Use You Against Yourself

"You're late," Brangara grinned as he noticed a golden flash high up in the sky, observing the ashen faces of Boul Brimgan and Harla Brimgan, "Had you arrived a few hours earlier, things might have turned out different."


He extended his hand, carrying a tiny, broken shell of an Empyrean Snapper filled with blood and pieces of its flesh, "Want some?"


"That's a pity," He muttered after two minutes, seeing the golden flash return the way it came from.


"But," His expression turned serious as he stared at Boul Brimgan, 'This guy dared to come here after knowing that I was fighting the Cooter Clan? Does this mean he's confident of facing me when assisted by the Empyrean Snappers?'


For a moment, Brangara wanted to take advantage of the chance to kill Boul Brimgan, 'Since my eight Natures of Subtle Terrain Domination are still active, there isn't a better opportunity than this.'