51 Granny Oyo Chides Ruvva

"That was a spectacular victory, I must say." Instructor Mandu commented once they landed on their Settlement. He stared at Inala and whispered, "You were right about that Imagination Art. All I had was a mere glance and even that almost destabilised my Spirit Container."

"I…survived." Inala gasped as he landed on his Settlement, relieved as he broke out in cold sweat, "They were scary. Too Scary!"

"I get what you're saying. Even as a master, I was overwhelmed by their aura." Instructor Mandu stared at the goosebumps that had formed on his skin, "The Settlement Leader and Lady Mother were on a whole other level."

The duo entered a channel and made their way to Inala's house. Once Inala entered his house, Instructor Mandu bode his farewell, "It will take a couple of days before the orders start coming in. Get some rest and prepare as much clay as possible. I had to push back the portrait orders because of this event."

"I'll be ready," Inala bowed in gratitude, "It's only thanks to you that I can contribute to the Clan."

"Don't mention it," Instructor Mandu waved casually and walked away, "Continue working hard and increase your contribution to the Clan."

Inala closed the door and slumped on the floor in the living room, exhausted. After resting for an hour, he got up and began to cultivate, 'I wouldn't have to worry about Parute Fruits. I obtained a wealthy client this time. Each order would easily net me hundreds of Parute. I'll reach my goal without issues.'

"That means…" He grinned and began training, "I should become as strong and sturdy as possible. Isn't that right, Gannala?"

Two soft slaps resounded outside. For others, the sounds served as a distraction. But to him, it was encouragement. Humans were social creatures. Inala too was no different. And the only reason he became a shut-in in his past life was due to his disappointment towards society.

Even here, he was still alone. He didn't have anyone to have his back, as he was an orphan. No one in the Academy wished to befriend a Death Row Student. After all, not anyone thought he would survive his death sentence.

They didn't wish to get attached emotionally to someone like that. That was why no student approached him.

The seven colours among the Death Row students were competitors. They couldn't become friends. At present, Inala and Grehha had allied, but that was only until the First Major Disaster.

Their goals were aligned until then. But there lay more treasures beyond that, one set per each. It meant, as long as they cultivated, Grehha and Inala would return to being competitors and even enemies.

Considering such a person as a friend wasn't possible. Being unable to confide in someone indeed made him lonely. And in a setting where death stared down on him daily, it made him feel like an abandoned child in darkness, without any support in sight.

In that situation, Gannala had his back. The 44th Empyrean Tusk was aware of his origin, his thoughts, and his worries. Despite everything, she supported him, silently acknowledging his efforts.

She spurred him to work harder and encouraged him. Every crisp tail slap was to intimidate the enemy. But all the gentler slaps were directed at him as encouragement.

There were no words exchanged between the two, but they could converse. Whatever Inala thought was read by Gannala. And she replied by varying the intensity of her tail slap. After hearing it enough times, Inala was beginning to understand the emotional intent behind each.

Being alone would eventually make him mad, especially since his home was in a corner of the settlement, devoid of any human interaction. That was why, he talked to Gannala nonstop. He felt he would be able to stay sane that way.

Inala couldn't say whether or not he considered Gannala a friend, but the Empyrean Tusk was someone he considered valuable on an emotional basis. He had already formed an attachment to her.

Even though it was bad, considering she was old and would die in the future, he didn't care. "I'll do my best to ensure you survive the First Major Disaster."

"Ruvva, where is Master?" Virala was confused, "I didn't see her for the past two days."

"I'm not sure. Let me check her room." Saying so, Ruvva climbed down the stairs of their house and arrived at a node. Four channels spread out from there, each leading into a housing area where Granny Oyo's children and grandchildren lived.

Ruvva's parents, unfortunately, died long ago. Hence, she had been living with her grandmother all along. She turned and entered a channel that led to her grandmother's secret house. It was where Granny Oyo refined various medicine for the Clan.

She arrived before the door and knocked on it, "Grandma, are you inside?"

"What happened, Ruvva?" Granny Oyo's voice came from within, "I'm busy."

"I was just worried." Ruvva said and turned the doorknob, saying after noticing that it was locked, "Can I come inside?"

"Sure," Granny Oyo's voice resounded softly as the door opened.

Ruvva entered the house, which was pretty much a room. It was shaped like a cube, with the length of the sides spanning thirty metres. The walls were covered with shelves, stored to the brim with all sorts of vials.

In the centre of the room stood a massive Pranic Beast that was shaped like a chameleon, but on its back stood a vat, slightly tilted towards the front. Intense heat billowed within the vat, like tongues of flame.

There were swirling regions of hot and cold within, the pressure varying as the Pranic Beast desired. The variations caused multiple extracts of the substances to flow out and react in a certain way, transforming into tonics.

Pranic Beast—Pitcher Salamander!

"Amazing!" Ruvva muttered in a daze.

A couple of hours later, the process concluded as a stream of liquid flowed out of the vat, spread into hundreds of streams, and entered tiny vials each. Following that, the Pranic Beast vanished after a burst of Prana; Granny Oyo stood in its place.

With a thought from her, a dress flew towards her; she calmly wore it and stared at Ruvva, "How's your relationship with Virala?"

"It's going good." Ruvva nodded, "I wish to wholeheartedly support him…"

"Don't be stupid," Granny Oyo uttered coldly, "A valueless woman would be used and discarded mercilessly."

"V-Virala isn't like that," Ruvva argued.

"Maybe, maybe not. But," Granny Oyo snorted, "Don't be someone that would allow him to entertain such thoughts."

"Virala is significantly more talented than you. He's absorbing whatever I teach him at a rate dozens of times faster than you." Granny Oyo commented, "As long as he doesn't die a premature death, he'll become a master. But what about you? Even with my support, you'll barely reach the peak of the Body Stage."

"He'll feel you're inferior. And if he chooses to go with another woman, you won't even have enough strength or authority to keep him in check."

"Then, what must I do?" Ruvva cried, "I truly love him."

"It's simple," Granny Oyo grinned cunningly, "I'll impart you a certain Skill."

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