30 Empyrean Incubator

'What…just happened?' Grehha was confused. Based on their conversation, he could confirm that the Empyrean Tusk could indeed access all the information in his body, including his brain like he was a Bone Slip.

The Mystic Bone Art was created by the Empyrean Tusks. The Mammoth Clansmen that cultivated this cultivation art lived on an Empyrean Tusk all their lives, drinking and eating the produce in the Empyrean Tusk's body.

Considering the treatment they received from the Empyrean Tusk, it could be considered that the Mammoth Clan was part of the Empyrean Tusk's immune system, protecting it from external harm while also gathering the food necessary for its sustenance.

Since the Empyrean Tusk could read all the information in his mind, it meant it was aware of his origin from Earth, including all the plans he had. 'Then, why did it…she continue to stress and address me as her son?'

'That doesn't make sense.' He then patted his stomach, feeling the Ovum that had fused in him, 'Originally, I only intended to use the ovum as an item. But now, she used her powers to fuse it into me to make it a power of mine.'

Tertiary Nature—Empyrean Incubator!

In Sumatra, a cultivator could gain three natures, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Generally, when a cultivator reached the Body Stage and fused their Spirit Container with a Pranic Beast, they gained the Pranic Beast's Primary Nature as their own.

If the Pranic Beast was a mutant, they also gained a Secondary Nature. But, getting a Tertiary Nature was impossible. Only a handful of cultivators had that in Sumatra Chronicles, and all of them were powerhouses among powerhouses.

Even Resha gained his Tertiary Nature only during the Fourth Major Disaster. Therefore, it was astounding how he managed to attain such power before even reaching the Body Stage.

'But, if the Empyrean Tusk hadn't used her power, this would have been impossible.' Grehha paused all of a sudden, terrified upon realising something, 'When…did I start referring to her as SHE instead of IT?'

When he thought about the 44th Empyrean Tusk, he felt emotional. There was also a sense of love and respect, something he only felt towards his mother. How did the 44th Empyrean Tusk become a matriarchal figure in his mind?

He couldn't understand. Even after knowing everything about his origin and his plans, the 44th Empyrean Tusk didn't kill him but instead support him. "What…the heck is this?"

After the Ovum fused into him, he couldn't hear her voice anymore. After wracking his brain for a few minutes, Grehha was still unable to make sense of the situation.

He cleared his mind and intended to focus on his future. He could worry about the rest after that. With that in mind, he made his way back, carefully sealing the entrance once he exited it. His purpose of the visit was done. He wasn't going back there ever again.

Therefore, it was best to erase all traces of his activities, lest any of the reincarnates stumble upon it and get assistance from the Empyrean Tusk.

Grehha returned to the Academy of Refinement and arrived at the cafeteria. He entered the kitchen and made his way to the storeroom, waving his hand towards the storeroom manager, "Sir, I have come again."

"Fucking brat!" The storeroom manager grumbled, "Just because the academy doesn't charge you for food and water doesn't mean you can take as much as you want!"

"It's only a problem if I were to waste the resources, right? I'm not going against our law." Grehha smiled cutely, "I'm working really, really hard, sir."

"These days, you're taking as much as twenty students' worth." The storeroom manager grumbled.

"Today should be the last day," Grehha patted himself proudly, "My exhibit got approved today. Tonight, I'm moving out of the academy dorms. The Clan's going to sponsor me after this."

"For real?" The storeroom manager was stunned before chuckling as he shook his head, "Fine, if you were acknowledged by the Clan, then that's good. Take as much food as you need. Just make sure to never waste anything."

"Resources are precious, alright?"

"Of course," Nodding as such, Grehha filled his trolley full of food and dragged it back to his room. It was a small room, but thankfully for him, it was on the ground floor.

So, he didn't have to strain himself by carrying anything on the flight of stairs like Inala.

Entering his room, Grehha stared at the bound Mud Vipers whose mouths had been sealed with a harness. At the sight of his arrival, they wriggled in anger, intending to break free.

But, he had expertly caged them, turning them helpless.

"It's time to eat," Saying so, he took out his bone sphere and targeted their weak spots, turning the Mud Vipers delirious. Using the chance, he removed their harness, forced food down their throats, and enclosed their mouths with the harness once again.

It was routine by now. He then patted the bodies of each, getting a feel for them using his Prana, and picked a pair of male and female Mud Vipers. He made them mate with each other and then placed them back in their respective cages.

Following that, he rested, tired after the day's events.

Instructor Mandu arrived during the evening and knocked on his door.

"Come with me," Instructor Mandu said once the door was opened.

"Yes, Instructor." Grehha followed the instructor to look for suitable homes to move into. After the First Minor Disaster, the population of the 44th Settlement was a mere twenty thousand, less than half its original.

More than half the homes were vacant. So, he had plenty of options to choose from. Grehha selected the biggest underground house he was eligible for. 'The Zingers would only target the settlement on the surface. So, staying underground keeps me safe most of the time.'

Underground homes were the most dangerous to be in during the Mud Viper invasion, due to their nature of moving in the creases. But once they enter the Zinger territory, they conversely became the safest.

Mammoth Clansmen didn't like any cowards that shied away from battles. But Grehha wasn't supposed to know about the Zingers yet. Therefore, in the eyes of Instructor Mandu, Grehha was picking a home that had just been raided by the Mud Vipers.

'He's daring. I'm liking him more now.' Instructor Mandu praised Grehha's courage and finalised the house.

For the next three hours, Grehha busied himself with the transportation of the Mud Vipers and all his things. Once he was done, he stared at his home that spanned over two hundred square metres in area, split between two floors.

It was the biggest house a student could ever get. 'There's plenty of space to expand the number of Mud Vipers.'

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