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New world, new rules, and Atlas Vain Wysrial knows the cheat code: Cursed Ether Energy. Betrayed in the Origin Realm, he's on a revenge fueled journey. Ancient weapons? Evolved through Cursed Ether. Primordial armors? Cursed for extra flair. Godtier Demon Beasts? Yup, Cursed to oblivion! Embark on an epic odyssey as you follow the Undying Cursed Magus on his triumphant ascent through the different kingdoms, worlds, and realms! It's revenge season, and this ancient cunning genius is rewriting the rules, one curse at a time! —— Release Rate: 2 Chapters daily. 250 Powerstones = 1 Bonus Chapter. 500 Powerstones = 2 Bonus Chapter. 100 Golden Tickets = 1 Bonus Chapter. Castle = 1 Bonus Chapter, Spaceship = 2 Bonus Chapters, Golden Gachapon = 3 Bonus Chapters. Monthly Goal: [if we hit 1000 winwin buys this month, there will be a 5 chap mass release on June 15th.] Discord: https://discord.gg/dyDtEbGH

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Exit Exam (Part 2) Knowledge Test

*1 hour later.*


*Ding* [1 Normal Wolf Slain.]

*Ding* [1 Goblin Slain.]

*Ding* [1 Long-Fanged Bat Slain.]

"That's 64..." Sol panted heavily as he spoke, beads of sweat trickling down his face.

He stabbed his spear into the ground, "Looks like it's over." He said, noticing that no more demon beasts were being spawned in his zone.

Before him lay the corpses of dozens of demon beasts. Sol hadn't let up even one bit, hunting every demon beast that attacked him without resting for even a second.

He was at no real risk of being injured, but his energy was definitely sapped by this point.

Just then, a message appeared in front of him.


Congratulations! You have passed the demon-beast-hunting section of the exam. The next step will commence in 5 minutes.


"I can't use Ether to manually strengthen my body, as that is impossible without a spell in the Origin Rank. However, with the knowledge that I have, I can still repair my body and stamina."

As he said this, he sat down on the spot in a meditative position, crossing his legs and closing his eyes.

Entering his Zone of concentration, he focused the Ether Energy within his body to heal himself.

He focused on calming his heart, which stabilized his stamina. Then, he used the Ether Energy to repair the muscle fibers that he damaged during the hunt.

After his five minutes of rest were up, Sol opened his eyes and stood up.

"I'm mostly recovered. The rest should happen on its own while I take this knowledge test. But, what cheeky bastards, whoever made this exam. Instead of putting the knowledge test at the start, like normal, they placed it after a battle."

Sol smirked, not being able to help but be slightly impressed by the creators of the exam.

"There is a large difference between testing whether one knows something in a calm and controlled environment, versus what they know in a tense and tiring situation. These will result in completely different answers. It's a good move by the exam creators."

As he said this, another panel appeared in front of him.


The knowledge test will now begin. Please say "start" whenever you begin to answer the question, and "end" when you are done with your answer. Be as specific as needed. Your first question is multistaged and is as follows: How does Ether Energy work in terms of cultivation? When you gather Ether Energy, is it depleted from your core permanently after you make use of it?


'Good. An easy question to start. Since Ether Energy is also the main form of power within the Origin Realm, this should be a free question.'

"Start. Ether Energy can be absorbed into the Ether Energy Core via the meridians using any sort of cultivation technique. Gathering Ether into your core is more like upping the limit of how much your core can carry the Ether Energy. This means that whenever you absorb Ether Energy, you aren't just collecting it, but setting a bar for how much your Ether Core can hold. So, to answer the second part of the question, no, Ether is not depleted permanently from your core after collecting and using it. The amount of Ether will return to its upper limit over time in your core depending on how much you have cultivated to make that upper limit. End."


Correct. Next question: Say and describe all of the different Cultivation Ranks.


'Huh... also another simple one.' Sol thought to himself before giving his answer.

"Start. The first Rank is the Origin Rank. It has nine Stages and is when early cultivators form their first foundations. The Origin Rank is when you originate and strengthen the first Layer of your Ether Core. Afterward, you gain another Layer on your Ether Core after the breakthrough of each rank. Second, is the Ascension Rank, when you form the second Layer of your Ether Core. This is also the rank where you create a unique attribute to attach to your Ether Core. This unique attribute allows you to receive a specific power if done well but is not needed. Next, there is the Zenith Rank, where the Third Layer of your Ether Core is formed. After Zenith is the Eminence Rank, the creation of the fourth Layer of your Ether Core. This rank also allows you to become a noble through the Imperial Family's blessing. Finally, there is the strongest rank: Apotheosis, where you form the fifth and final Layer of your Ether Core. End."


Correct. Your final question is: What is the need for Great Sanctuaries and Sanctions?


'Hmm... this one is quite tough.'

"Start. Log: Also in this world of Nemeris, there are accounts of giant wars taking place amongst incredibly powerful races. In the end, the four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Gorth escaped to a small piece of the planet, an island called the Glory Haven. As the name suggested, this place was a Haven for weaker races. Anywhere else except for this island, or in other words, the mainland of Nemeris, became completely uninhabitable, and therefore, its history was long forgotten. Even in Glory Haven, however, the wilderness is very dangerous, so different groups of different races created giant Great Sanctuaries to live in, each one having five Outer Sanctions and one larger Inner Sanction. End."


Correct. You have passed this section of the exam, and will promptly move on to the final step.

Collecting current exam score...





Match found. Initiating duel...


At that moment, Sol felt a slightly ticklish sensation throughout his body.

It was similar to the feeling he got before he was transported to the Jetai Forest.

Just then, with what felt like another blink of an eye, he was in a completely different setting.

Everything that he could see around him was white. An infinite space that seemed to stretch on forever.

As he looked around, a person suddenly materialized in front of him, temporarily coated in a blue aura.


Let the match begin.


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