I'll Curse Everything To My Liking

Author: WriterTheos
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What is I'll Curse Everything To My Liking

Read I'll Curse Everything To My Liking novel written by the author WriterTheos on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, magic, weaktostrong, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


New world, new rules, and Atlas Vain Wysrial knows the cheat code: Cursed Ether Energy. Betrayed in the Origin Realm, he's on a revenge fueled journey. Ancient weapons? Evolved through Cursed Ether. Primordial armors? Cursed for extra flair. Godtier Demon Beasts? Yup, Cursed to oblivion! Embark on an epic odyssey as you follow the Undying Cursed Magus on his triumphant ascent through the different kingdoms, worlds, and realms! It's revenge season, and this ancient cunning genius is rewriting the rules, one curse at a time! —— Release Rate: 2 Chapters daily. 250 Powerstones = 1 Bonus Chapter. 500 Powerstones = 2 Bonus Chapter. 100 Golden Tickets = 1 Bonus Chapter. Castle = 1 Bonus Chapter, Spaceship = 2 Bonus Chapters, Golden Gachapon = 3 Bonus Chapters. Monthly Goal: [if we hit 1000 winwin buys this month, there will be a 5 chap mass release on June 15th.] Discord: https://discord.gg/dyDtEbGH

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"WHAT WAIT NO! Ok ok ok we can talk about this Mason..." she tried to negotiate as she hid in a hole covering her head with a simple block of cobblestone. "Why did you have to threaten Paul like that?" (the pandas name was decided then and there unfortunately for 'Paul') "I was just making sure youd hide instead of trying to fight. you know you suck at pvp" the voice teased over the headset making her face red... not in embarrassment but anger. this girl was quite competitive so almost instantly she broke the cobblestone and using basic skills if the game by jumping and placing a block under herself she got out of the hole readying to dodge an arrow and kill the skeleton. just to see Masons suit wearing character standing there with a single arrow in his leg. which if you're thinking shed tease him for getting damage it should be noted that, she in fact, has 9 arrows all over her characters body. including the eye. "I know you too well Coby. but good diamond scouting. maybe I should upgrade your equipment to iron..." Mason said as he turns mining the diamond before jumping up the blocks heading to the exit as coby follows close behind. "That's not fair! I had it handled I could've killed it myself!" she whined feeling looked down on. again. sadly before Mason could apologize an offer her cute animals to compensate her moody attitude the ground violently shook. not just in his city, Cobys too. "AH MASON!"she screamed as all the tables and chairs in the cafeteria started to move forcing people ti fall or get shoved by them as loose trays ended up in the floor tripping those trying to get out of the way of the moving furniture. "Coby! Dont tell me you have an earthquake too?" he asks as she could also hear screaming in the background of his mic. All across the world, at the same time everyone experienced the same thing. an earthquake which toppled sky scrapers, moved bunkers, crushed anything that wasnt made of steel... well some cars did fall into a giant crevice and get crushed when it closed itself. but even after all that the suffering didnt end. as government managed to get on their feet to start helping the citizens of their own countries... a tsunami hit. everywhere. storms raged, animals attacked after land was shrunken. it's almost as if the entire planet shrunk and the mass of water rose hundreds of kilometers. many lives were lost. in the earthquake, 8% of earth's original population died or were missing. the tsunami finalized any doubt about the missing being alive as a further 27% drowned or were swept out to sea. the storms caused further damage as another 5% died to lightning, freezing temperatures or just falling I'll from the wet and cold and barely any shelter. the animal attacks lost us another 17%. in total 57% of earth's population died in a span of a month and with most hospitals being underwater, crumbling or over run with wild animals of all shapes and sizes. the rate of birth declined as infants died in the arms of mother, fathers, strangers, and maybe if they were lucky... doctors. through all of these statistics, Coby and Mason survived... for now at least. ------------------- Authors note I'm not an english major nor did I excel at it in school. I'm just a casual worker who loves making up worlds before bed and have previously written fanfic about 6 years ago on wattpad. theres gonna be cliche cringe bs and probably poorly written scenes as well as mature content varying between sex, r4pe and torture. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Chaotic_Xavier · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs
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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Here He Comes!
Volume 2 :The Academy
Volume 3 :Demon Unleashed

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Wonderful story to read on a day where you want to relax and unwind. There are some shortcomings in this story, but they don’t affect the plot or thrill you get when reading, as the writing quality speaks for itself. There are some issues with story progression, though. I would give this a read but wouldn’t put it on the top of my list.


Absolutely phenomenal stuff Author. you'd best pop a bottle of Champagne and not because it's the new year... Because I wanna set myself on fire and jump out a window... After realizing how great this novel is... On comparison to an ant... Antman... Keep it up broooooo!!!!!


looks dope which to be expected from this author.keep it up.


The story really hooked me from the first chapter, and I look forward to the next one. What hook me up? you should read it yourself, you won't regret it.


Wow! Absolutely floored with how amazing this is. From Atlas’ badaasery to Sol’s sad predicament, the Author has done a flawless job of drawing you in. We need more chapters! What’s taking so long?!?


I haven't had a fantasy story hook me in like this in a while. The writing quality is great, the characters are interesting, and it seems like there's a pretty well thought out world for them to explore. Looking forward to see how this story progresses!


Great first chapter, looking forward for the development.


Is there romance in this novel? please no it holds back the MC


Very promising story! The first chapter started out with a bang and an engaging cliffhanger. The writing is great, and you can thoroughly understand everything that is going on. Well done! 11/10


Really nice start!The dialogues feels natural and quirky over all I eagerly await more . The mc seems likeable so over all I can say this novel has potential if properly delivered


Must say, it’s was quite the read for just the first chapter, I see immense potential for this book.


What a thrilling ride, author has done a great job! I could imagine the look on those 6 lol. Now there is just a need for more chapters! Need more chapters quickly, drop 100 at once.[img=update]


That was intense! I thought he going to reincarnate in other world but it was just dream! I have to say I like the story from first chap.


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