240 Silver Ability: Heaven’s Eyes

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Re-opening the system, Su Yang looked at the list of completed tasks above the system list that glittered with silver light, rubbed his hands and clicked [View Reward] in excitement.

[Beep: Silver Point +1.]

After the prompt, there was no more reaction.

With the experience of gold points, Su Yang didn't even wait and immediately clicked on the [?] next to the silver points, intending to read the introduction of his Silver Points.

After reading it, Su Yang was stunned...

'Is this even f*cking possible?'

[Silver Point]

Function: Points that can be added to humans.

1st Point Function: You can add points to yourself to gain a special ability at will.

2nd Point Function: You can add points to any part of the human, choose for them to become bigger, smaller, longer, shorter and so on.

3rd Point Function: You can trigger a human's emotions and use random points to increase or decrease that person's emotional levels.


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