15 Chapter 15: Otherworldly

The world that I had just gotten used to had been replaced by nothing but darkness and a tunnel-visioned view of my body screaming and powering up on its own. It was like watching a movie, but I felt everything the protagonist felt and had no control over his body.

'This is so annoying… Why in the fuck didn't I think more about those wishes?' I couldn't speak, but I could hear myself grunting like a damn gorilla.

The awe-so-cool wish that I made under the guise that I'd be a bright idea to maximize my potential growth in the future, was now biting me in the ass.

I could only watch as I beat my own dad to the brink of death multiple times. Earlier, I even felt the sensation of my new tail cutting through piccolo's arms like butter.

Even though I didn't like Piccolo very much, and even though I basically just met everyone, I still felt terrible for my actions. I mean, I was putting the world's safety in jeopardy by losing control, for christ sake.

In my pursuit of gaining power, I ended up losing it while some Broly-like person was taking over. On top of everything, my body was now stronger than ever.

Although I couldn't utilize most of my body parts, I could freely move my eyes. And using my eyes, I could see that I was now in a new transformed state. One that I had never been in, or seen before.

It wasn't Super Saiyan, and it wasn't Legendary Super Saiyan, but something new that I had been granted to me because of the activation of all of my dormant DNA.

My hair changed colors, my muscles grew, I had a weird purple and yellow electricity all over. My Ki was rapidly overflowing to the point that I felt like I was on the verge of exploding. In this state, I was like a force of nature… but with that all said and done, my pride wouldn't allow me to completely turn into a weird power hungry zombie.

'There's no god damn way I'm going out like this.'

I was gonna win my body back. I just didn't know how yet considering everything time I tried to move, the monster side of me would just fight back.


Goku, now in his red-headed Super Saiyan form, charged at the still shrieking Trunks who looked to be magically increasing in size as well as height.

After making his wish to the Namekian dragon, Trunks grew to the height of his late grandfather, King Vegeta, who was 6'1. But as his Ki skyrocket, he grew upwards of 9 feet and was now officially a hulking monster.


While the Monster Saiyan wailed restlessly, Goku noticed that something was off. Although Trunks no longer had his pupils in his transformed state, he felt as if the man's eyes were no longer fixated upon him. It was like he was distracted.When one had battle intelligence on the level of Goku's, minute details like this were things of note.

Because of this, Goku to the opportunity to strike him dead center in the abdomen, punching him directly in his stomach, causing the air to be knocked out of his lungs.


With his strike, Trunks wheezed, Dropping his head, stunned by the impact.


Uppercutting Trunks, Goku caused him to fling his head back.

Although slightly disappointed that his strike didn't cause Trunks to be sent flying, Goku was satisfied with the amount of damage his assault caused.

Subconsciously feeling victorious, Goku stagnated momentarily. With his moment of hesitation, Trunks grabbed his still erected arm, holding Goku in place.


Like an enraged toddler, Trunks hurled Goku into the ocean with tremendous force, enough to create a gigantic splash so massive that it parted the seas, almost instantly hitting the ocean floor.

After a few moments, Goku found himself engulfed in water, extremely fatigued. Not because of an injury, but because of the toll that he was receiving from the Kaio-ken.

Because of his lack of mastery in the super Saiyan form, Goku himself was falling victim to the savagery of the Saiyan biology. The Keio-Ken required one to be in sync mind, body and soul. The Super Saiyan form when unmastered required an individual to be emotional in order to utilize to full totality.

The conflicting nature of both transformations were destroying the Saiyan physically and mentally.

'Damn it… I can't just use this the entire time. I'm gonna die at this rate. But if I don't, the planet is pretty much guaranteed to blow up.'

This very real dilemma put Goku in an even more emotional state, and his Ki reflected as much.

It was becoming harder and harder for him to control his body. his muscles were spasming every time he tried to move and his Ki was constantly plummeting and spiking. Meanwhile, he could tell that Trunks was only getting stronger.

Not allowing Goku to fully recover, Trunks shot out a condensed Ki orb that Goku was certain would put the planet in jeopardy.

'That's not good.' Goku internally panicked.

"Times 10!"

Swiftly cupping his palms together, Goku shot a Kamehameha aimed at the Ki blast which his muscle to tense so extremely that every bone in the both of his arms crack, diverting its trajectory toward the sky which cause a large blue and purple explosion,

The ocean split once more in an earth shattering power struggle between Goku and Trunks which shifted the tectonic plates, creating even more natural disasters all over the world.

Everyone on the battlefield was unaware, but nearby volcanoes began to erupt, while in far off lands, entire cities were being wiped away by tsunamis and hurricanes.

Whilst Goku had his eyes set on protecting Earth, Trunks had his eyes fixed on destroying it.

Before Goku could plot his next course of action, Trunks was in his face with a coiled arm aimed at his head.


Goku was punched so hard that when he was sent crashing through an iceberg, instead of shattering it, he punctured through it as if he was a crimson Super Saiyan bullet, making his way clean through the other side, plummeting into the water where he disrupted schools of fish.

Floating deep in the sea with a skull fracture, Goku looked up to see Trunks floating above the surface… but he wasn't attacking. He only stared at Goku blankly, breathing heavily, as if lost in thought. He was acting strange again, Unfocused just like how he was moments ago.

Unbeknownst to Goku, the truth was, Trunks was having a battle internally.

In his strange pseudo-lucid state, he was fighting just as hard as Goku to keep the planet safe. But in Goku's eyes, all he could see was a drooling, bloodthirsty monster.

'Man… I really hope that he can't swim,' Goku thought as he looked up at the man with his failing body.

From Goku's perspective, he saw Trunks' neck spasming, as if he was being possessed by a poltergeist. He didn't know why Trunks was taking so long to move, but he didn't question it. He needed as much stalling time as he could get seeing as this worked in his favor.

But on a nearby island, Vegeta, in his base form and Piccolo watched the intense brawl nervously, not daring to blink.

Vegeta looked at Trunks with gritted teeth while Piccolo had his eyes set on Goku, worried.

'Damn this cursed child… He's beyond what I can reach At the current moment… And that transformation… I've managed to turn into a Super Saiyan, but him… He is what the legends depict. A true Legendary Super Saiyan,'Vegeta thought fearfully.

He had a well of emotions he was experiencing all at once. Like any rational being, he was afraid of dying and was even shuddering from the immense power Trunks exuded; But at the same time, he was spiteful toward Goku, coming to the realization that he, in Kai-Ken, was the only person on the planet that could contend with Trunks. But there were other emotions he felt as fell… Deep down, as he watched Trunks, he was sickeningly proud.

Trunks, although in an unidentifiable state, was embodying the very definition of power. He was an indomitable warrior and force of nature that destroyed everything in his path. In terms of survival of the fittest, Trunks was a survivor. But he was also his son.

Trunks came from his DNA. If Trunks was his son, then he too was capable of achieving such feats if he pushed himself beyond what he had already achieved in such a short amount of time. Perhaps… Perhaps if he wished his tail back, he too could obtain such a level of power.

Vegeta had already mastered the Great Ape form in the past, so maybe, if he was to regain his tail, and utilize it along with Super Saiyan, he would achieve something to the extent of his son. To those thoughts, Vegeta began grinning maniacally as he fantasized.

What he didn't know was that it wasn't the tail that granted Trunks his power, but it did, indeed contribute to it.

Meanwhile, Piccolo's thoughts on the fight were completely different.

'He's a goddamn monster. Goku's out there on the cusp of death just trying to keep up with him… And judging by the way his Ki is acting up, he's gonna die. And quick if he doesn't figure something out soon. I would jump in, but this isn't like how it was with Raditz. With how effortlessly Trunks cut my arms off, he'd vaporize me the moment I stepped in… Vegeta too.' He thought, glancing over at the man.

But that was when he noticed Vegeta smiling.


"Just what the hell do you find so entertaining about this? You think this is funny, you porcupine? You do realize that after he's finished with Goku, we're next, right? He's not gonna stop just because you're his old man." Piccolo spat with frustration.

Vegeta, hearing his comment, looked at Piccolo with his same nervous smile.

"Oh… I know, Nameik. I know that very well. What's being displayed in front of us right now is a Legendary Super Saiyan in all of his glory. It's the full potential of what we can achieve."

Trunks' strength was of prolific proportions. Perhaps, if it was any other individual, Vegeta would have broken down psychologically due to the difference between his power and the current threat's. But because of their blood relation, he was more so in awe at the scenery that played before him

"Then just what the hell is the reason that you're grinning like an idiot?"

Looking back up at Trunks, Vegeta wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed.

"Because if we end up surviving today, I now know that I can achieve this level of power. He's my son, after all and has my blood flowing through him." At his words, Piccolo was infuriated.

"Survive? And just how the hell do you expect to do that? The planet itself is in disarray. It's about to explode just like my home planet did. Just like your planet did, you fucking power-hungry Idiot!"

"Haha. Woah. Would you look at that? The Namekian doesn't know Saiyan culture. What a Surprise!"

Vegeta voiced sarcastically.

"You call suicide, Culture? That kid is about to kill all of us and we're just sitting here, watching! We need to get the others and leave this planet while Goku buys us time!"

"Then go. I have no intention of fleeing. I'll stay here till the end while you and the other earthlings are running with your tail between your legs. Even if I die here today, that outcome is better than tainting my pride any further. I've frankly had enough of that while under the foot of Frieza."

"You absolute and utter jackass! You would really allow yourself to die for the sake of what? Your pride? For what means?! To watch your own son kill you with his own bare hands?!" Piccolo shouted, lifting Vegeta off of the ground by the remains of his armor.

Vegeta, with his legs dangling in the air, stared at Piccolo and smiled arrogantly, gripping his wrist.

"Pickle, or whatever your name is, let me make this one thing clear. You and I are different," He uttered, squeezing down on Piccolo's wrist, causing the Namekian to let go and wince in pain.

"Whereas your people are peace-loving cowardice-filled weaklings, my people are brave warriors who face adversity with a grin on our faces. If I die in combat, then it was meant to be. If I survive, I'll be able to achieve a level of power Inconceivable to even myself. So don't get in my way." Vegeta stated, kneeing Piccolo in the stomach, causing him to fall on all fours.

"Now, either watch the battle, or leave." He demanded crossing his arms.

Piccolo, while on the ground, looked up at the man with hate-filled eyes wordlessly.

'This short dumb idiot has a death wish… I should just leave him here to die along with Goku.' He thought. But, he didn't. Although all common sense told him to leave, he stayed where he was. Vegeta's words struck him at his core.

Piccolo was intelligent. Piccolo was wise. But like the Saiyans, he had a sense of pride as well. One that didn't allow for him to be disregarded and dismissed in such a manner and one that was beginning to override his rationale.


'This ass hole thinks that just because he's gotten stronger than me that he can treat me any way he sees fit… I swear that after this is all over, I'm dedicating the rest of my life to training. I won't be anyone's stepping stone. Especially when just a little while ago, with the exclusion of Trunks, on Namek, I was stronger than Goku, Frieza in his second form, and Vegeta.'

He no longer wanted to run away. When he thought about it, the other Z-fighters were probably off planet by now, aware of what was happening. It made sense seeing as none of them had shown up already.

If he died, he along with the people of earth would be wished back eventually. But if he ran right now, not only would it boost Vegeta's ego, but it would have proved him right in his assessment of Piccolo being weak. The action of running would have haunted him.

And so, Piccolo decided to stand on his own two feet, and fly away to a neighboring island where he would continue to watch the fight between Goku and Trunks.

Vegeta, Looking out into the distance, saw this action and thought to himself.


'I guess the slug man still has the same tenacity that he held with him back on Namek.'

What Vegeta didn't realize was that with his actions and statements, he had just unlocked a new adversary that would stop at nothing to defeat him.

These seemingly little changes in history had caused a butterfly effect that would ripple throughout the entirety of the multiverse.

[Back with Goku]

'Okay, so here's what I know. My punches do hurt him… but I have to use Kaio-Ken. And not just regular Kaio-Ken, but times 10, which is really messing up my body right now…That wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't given all of Senzus to Vegeta.'

Glancing upwards, Goku saw that Trunks' breathing was getting more intense by the second.

'Ha…From down here, he almost looks like he wants to eat me.' With that intrusive thought, a scarier one followed.

'Oh god, I really hope he isn't hungry!'

He thought, panicked with oxygen bubbles slipping from his mouth.

'Nevermind. Don't think about it, Goku. Don't think about it. Focus on the fight.'

Shaking his head to get rid of his stray thoughts, he went back to see the bigger picture.

'Anyway, if I get hurt too bad, I'm pretty much done for… I could use the Instant Transmission to teleport to Korin's Again, but if I leave for even a moment, he might blow up the planet for the heck of it. If I'm gonna handle him, I gotta snatch that tail off in Kaio-Ken, and hopefully, this'll be over. Being in Super Saiyan like this is literally killing me.'

Rising above the tide in Kaio-Ken, Goku beamed past the still motionless Trunks, kicking him in the back of the head.

Although his strike was powerful and would have killed a majority of people on the planet, the impact only caused Trunks to bend at a 90-degree angle., only surprising Trunks.

Taking advantage of this, Goku used Trunks as a step ladder, jumping off his back acrobatically, bashing the back of his head with an axe kick, and slamming him down into the water.

While Trunks hit the seafloor, Goku began to heavily pant while his muscles continued to rip and tear.


Goku grunted in pain.

In the split instance that Goku was distracted, Trunks woke up out of his trans and flew back up at Goku with the intention of punching him in the eye.

Seeing the path of the punch, Goku leaned back, narrowly dodging the strike successfully.

What he didn't account for was that Trunks had a Ki blast in his opposite hand that he couldn't sense, nor did he see it coming.

Smashing it into Goku's chest, Goku was sent swirling into the air like a frisbee.

Understanding that he stood in a dangerous position, before the attack burst, Goku coated his broken hand in a thick layer of red Ki and grabbed the orb, filing it off into the distance, burning his hand.

Shaking his hand and blowing on it vigorously, Goku was momentarily distracted.

'Geez, that's hot!'

Trunks, seeing that his attack proved ineffective, hurriedly rushed to Goku, attempting to grab his entire head with a single palm.

Catching on to the oncoming attack, Goku kicked his hand away, diverting it so that it wouldn't harm him. Then, flipping over mid-air, Goku scissor-kicked Trunks in the head.

Trunks, taking the attack head-on, rebutted by grabbing one of Goku's legs the moment it made contact with his ear.


Goku uttered as he looked into the violence-driven eyes of Trunks.

With a drastic amount of gripping force, Trunks crushed Goku's ankle converting bone into ash.


Clasping both hands together, Goku repeatedly slammed down on Trunks' head, Ignoring the internal pain he felt from the Kaio-ken and the external pain he felt from the Kaio-ken.





Trunks shouted, finally releasing Goku.

Feeling an intense amount of dizziness, Trunks, lost his footing, letting go of Goku's ankle.

Goku, while still enthralled with pain, took the opportunity to rotate around the berserker, grabbing his tail, and forming a tiny Destructo Disk at the epicenter of his palm.

"Sorry about this, pal. It's either the tail or all of us at this point." Goku uttered while he held Trunks by the tail.

But Trunks wasn't going to take this lightly.

Right as Goku was about to sever his tail, Trunks looked up and Goku and Opened his mouth wide open.

When he did, a purple orb of Ki manifested, and rapidly began to build in terms of intensity.


A condensed beam shot out of his mouth and directly impacted Goku, bunning the skin off of his forearms, pushing him backward.

Trunks then rushed to Goku, Grabbing him by the hair, then dragged him down to an island, slamming Goku's head into the ground, grinding his face into the cold mixture of dirt and ice.

"Aghhh!" Goku grunted.

Holding onto Trunks' arm, with his free hand, Goku Ki blasted Trunks repeatedly in the face, knocking his head back.

Dazed by the assault, letting go of Goku, Trunks held onto his own face, wailing in discomfort. But the angrier Trunks got, the more powerful he became.


Racing ahead, The berserker punched Goku in the face, lobbing him back like a ragdoll that wasn't bound by gravity.

And because of this extended air time, Trunks was able to run after Goku, punching and kicking him relentlessly before he could even touch the ground.

Trunks then leaped off of the ground, then slammed his knee into Goku's stomach, causing him to bleed from his mouth, cratering the man into the ground.

"Ugh," Goku grunted as the capillaries in his eyes busted.

He was in horrendous condition. He had been warned multiple times not to use the Kaio-Ken along with Super Saiyan by the creator of the technique himself, yet, here Goku was, breaking the set rules that he was very much aware of. But he had no other choice. Trunks was just too strong.

Each of his punches were enough to level a planet. Each of his kicks were powerful enough to shift the earth off its axis.

Kaio-ken was the only thing that allowed Goku to withstand the sheer impact of Trunks' attacks. The problem was that it was destroying Goku's insides quicker than Trunks could even get to his outside.

Goku, with sand all over his body, struggled to move while Trunks stood over him with his foot on Goku's rib cage As his tail swayed from left to right.

'Damn… If only I could just Reach it.' Goku thought as his inched hand closer to the extra appendage, managing to touch a few hairs. Seeing this, Trunks frowned and moved his Tail.


The sound of his bones cracking echoed throughout the area.


As he shrieked in pain, Trunks all of a sudden froze like a deer in headlights, as if a moment of clarity struck him like a lightning bolt. For a moment, the scorn that Trunks held for any willing adversary disappeared. Once again, the man gained the facial expression of a confused animal

[Trunks Pov]

As I felt Goku's ribs pop like bubble wrap, I poured every ounce of willpower I could into stopping my foot from going through him. Throughout the fight, I was gaining more and more control of myself, but I couldn't yet say that I was in possession of my body.

'Fuck… That was close.'

I panicked.

But as I looked down at Goku, I felt my jaw begin to unhinge like a snake's once more. While it did, purple Ki began to accumulate in my mouth while Goku began to squirm in urgency.

I tried to move my neck to the sky, but it was like I was locked onto him, only able to slightly move my head.


I had already almost blown up the planet a few times already, but this time, I was really about to do it. Just why the hell wasn't anyone else stepping in to stop me?

But as I struggled to close my mouth, Goku stopped wiggling and took note of what was happening.

"T-trunks? Are you in there?" He asked with blood dripping down the side of his face.

To his question, I tried as hard as I could to capitalize on the minimal control I had to shake my head yes.

Seeing this, Goku was almost overwhelmed with relief.

"I knew it… Trunks… I'm…I'm gonna need you to try to fight for control. The planet's in real bad condition right now. You're about to blow it up. Do you have enough control over yourself to stop whatever it is that you're doing?" He asked.

'No, you jackass! If I could, don't you think I'd stop? I can't breathe in space.'

That's what I wanted to say. But all I could do was act out a slight head shake.

"Crap… Then… We're gonna have to go someplace else so we can finish the fight. Too much is happening all at once."

To his words, I nodded my head while the Ki in my mouth was still condensing.

Slowly, Goku, inched his fingers to his forehead.

[Goku's Pov]

(Goku… What are you doing? And what do you mean by someplace else?)


That was good ole King Kai for ya. He knew exactly what I was doing.

(Goku? Why are you not answering me? You better not be doing what I think you're doing!)

Oh boy, was he getting mad? But what else could I do? It wasn't like I could Go to Yardrat or Namek. They had people that lived there. If I teleported there, They'd all die.

Going to King Kai's was the safest bet. If I went there, then it wasn't like anyone would get hurt. At least, not really. And it wasn't like if King Kai died, it would make much of a difference, anyway. I mean, he lived in Otherworld.

(Goku! I know you hear me! Stop messing around! Don't you dare bring that monster here! Especially not with all that Ki in his mouth! He'll blow up half of Snake-Way, more importantly, my car! Just go to the moon or something!)

He was pissed. But what else was I gonna do?

"I mean… I can't really teleport to the moon. I can't breathe in space."

(So you hear me, but you were just ignoring me! Vegeta was right! You are a rat bastard, aren't you?! Do not come here! Do not! I'm serious! I won't forgive you!)

"Ha… Don't be like that. I'm sure you can fix everything once we're there. You are the Greatest teacher in the whole wide world, after all."



Before he could finish, Trunks and I were already on his planet, right in front of him.

"Hear me…" King Kai finished.

Turning his head to us. He took one big gulp of spit.

"Uh… Hi. You must be Goku's friend. I've heard so much about you. I'm King Kai. And might I say, that is a real pretty ball of energy you have in your mouth there… Haha… Ha."

He chuckled, looking up at Trunks who was almost 5 times bigger than him.

Trunks then looked over at him with a crazy look in his eye. Then…


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