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Team 7 (1) – Part 11

Team 7 (1) – Part 11

The classroom's door opened to reveal Iruka in his usual green jacket.

His eyes held only pride when he looked at the students in the room.

Especially, the two twins that sat in the back of the room.

They were and always will be his two favorite students, though, and he would never say this out loud, but he liked the boy a bit more. Mainly though because he reminded him of himself.

[Naru POV]

"There he is!~" I think, sensing Iruka-sensei's chakra in the room and opening my eyes again.

What I saw after opening my eyes, was that Sasuke's eyes were glued to my face and he did not even seem to notice that he was staring at me.

"Heh~, gosh … now that I can properly see his face and so closely too … he really is handsome, isn't he~?" I think, while also staring at him, a small blush rising to my face.

A few seconds later, he finally noticed that he was staring at me and his face erupted into a wild blush.

Quickly, he turned away to face Iruka who had already started talking about the teams.

"Congratulations to everyone here, you have officially become Genin!" Iruka said, his whole-body radiating joy and happiness.

I see most of the students smiling back at him, clearly being happy to finally start their official shinobi career.

"Alright … without further ado, I'll start announcing the teams!" Iruka said.

It was only on Team 7 that I really started listening to him, because I heard him say Naruto's name: "Naruto, Naruko, Sasuke and Sakura will be Team 7. This is one person more than normal, but we decided that you two twins should be on the same team!"

I smile at him: "Thank you, Iruka-sensei!"

Quickly I turn around to face my brother, both of us had the same bright smile on our faces.

"I'm glad that we didn't need to train under different Jonin-sensei~! I don't know if I would even want to become a Genin if that meant not being on a team with you!" I giggle.

"Same~! That would have sucked!" Naruto says, laughing happily.

I then turn to face Sasuke, who was equally happy as my Nii-chan and me!

"I'm glad to be on a team with you too, Sasuke-kun~!" I say, smiling at him.

"Me too." He mumbles.

"Mhm~, mhm~!" I nod my head happily.

[3rd person POV?]

Meanwhile, Sakura was looking at their interactions with envy evident in her eyes. She was happy to be on the same team with Sasuke … but did the twins need to be there too?

She hated seeing Sasuke look at Naruko like that …

She was not blind! She could see the love in his eyes! It made her incredibly envious! She would make sure to tell Naruko to stay away from him … she did not deserve him! Not now! Not ever!

Sakura eyes turned hateful as she looked at Naruko.

What she didn't expect, was that Naruko would instantly turn to look at her and even directly into her eyes.

Sakura winced and looked way in panic.

"Her eyes … they aren't normal … those are eyes that foxes usually have … those vertical slits! She really is the fox's incarnation, isn't she!" Sakura shivered at the thought.

But … Sasuke was too important … she would face her fear for the fox girl, if that meant that Sasuke would be hers.

She would still tell her to leave him alone! And she would do it today!

The other important teams were:

Team 8: Kiba, Hinata, Shino

Team 10: Ino-Shika-Cho (very normal combination, usually done because the clans are fairly close)

After the teams were announced, they were told that they would meet their new sensei later. They could first eat lunch or something. Their Jonin-sensei would later come to meet them in a designated room.

Naru and Naruto stood up and turned to leave. Just before they exited the room, Naru looked back at Sasuke who was also looking at her.

She moved her lips to say: "Coming?"

He nodded happily. Thereafter he stood up and followed them to leave the academy.

They totally ignored Sakura. In fact, Naru did not even think of inviting her to come with them, as she was preoccupied with something else. After Naru scared Sakura with her real eyes, Sakura had never dared to look at her again, only quietly mumbling to herself about Sasuke this, Sasuke that.

Naru did not want to bother with her, she would not be of any help in their Team either. There was no need to care about her, as long as she stayed the way she was right now. She had realized that Sasuke did not care about her at all, right? Right? Obviously, she hadn't, which caused Naru to sigh.

Naru, Naruto and Sasuke soon left the academy's gates.

Naru turned to Naruto and Sasuke who had been following behind her, not saying a word for the entire way.

"What do you two want to eat?~" She smiled.

"Ramen/Dango." Both said at the same time.

Immediately after that, they both looked at each other and said: "Dango/Ramen."

The had switched what they wanted, but Naru couldn't figure out why.

"Eh?" Naru tilted her head at their answers.

"What's wrong with them?" She thought.

After a few more seconds, they turned to look at her: "You decide(x2)."

"O-Okay?" Naru was bewildered. They had time to go eat both of their choices anyway … she did not get where the problem lied?

"Let's go eat dango first then~!" Her bewildered expression turning into a bright smile.

"Eh?" Sasuke looked at her in disbelief, he had clearly thought her to choose her brother's idea.

Naruto only smiled at her and nodded.

Naru started walking with Naruto right behind her, only for her to stop and look back at the frozen Sasuke: "Coming? We still need you to show us where you want to eat! I've never tried Dango before, so I'm curious! We have time for both ramen and dango anyway~!"

Sasuke blushed at her smile … but soon started rushing ahead in order not to have his blush seen by either of the twins. He was clearly embarrassed.

"Haha, he's embarrassed!" Naruto laughed.

"He's so cute~" Naru laughed softly.

"If you say so~" Naruto said, before quickly pulling Naru along and following after Sasuke who had already left them behind.

[Just outside the room they were told to wait in]

"Dango are delicious~!" Naru said while smiling at Sasuke.

"I'm glad you liked them." He said, his ears slightly red.

"Hehe~, you two~." Naruto snickered to himself.

They closed in on the door and Naruto moved to open it.

Inside, Sakura was already waiting. In fact, it looked like she was incredibly bored, or so Naru thought.

"How long has she been waiting here already?" Naru wondered.

They entered and sat next to each other, though, slightly leaving a few seats of distance between their group and Sakura.

Sakura's eyes clearly sunk at their action.

By now … Sakura was rather sad and lonely. She just imagined what their training would be like and she knew that if she didn't change anything … then she would always be alone.

Those three already looked so close … there was simply no place for her, or so it seemed.

Sakura needed to do something to make Sasuke wake up. He shouldn't be with those two … they were Monsters. That's what her parents had always, always told her!

And she believed them … especially after seeing that Naruko had fox's eyes. And she knew that that was no illusion! They were real!

She looked at the three that were happily laughing and discussing who their teacher would be … she felt envious. She would show Sasuke that Naruko was not who she seemed to be! She would make him hate Naruko!

Then … Sasuke would come to her, right? Right?!

While Sakura planned as to how she would manage all that, the door to the room opened.

It revealed a man whose face was covered in a mask that extended from below his Jonin-jacket.

His left eye was covered by the hitai-ate he had tied to his head.

His hair was grey and incredibly spiky.

"How is his hair grey, he doesn't seem that old … and how does he even manage to make it look like that?" Naru wondered. She had felt someone looking at them from one of the windows, but as that person held no malicious intent, she did not let it bother her. She was more interested in talking to Sasuke and her brother. She felt the grey-haired man to be kind of familiar, as if she had seen him before … she probably had some memory about him before, but that was gone now.

The only real thing that she remembered about her past self was that she had always been depressed, lonely, disgusted at herself and scared about almost everything that had to do with other humans.

The memories about the Naruto universe were almost useless now too, she already knew most of what she still remembered from living here anyway!

"Hello you four. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I'm your new Jonin-sensei. Actually … I had thought that Naruto would plan some kind of prank on me to see my capabilities as a Jonin, but it seems that I was wrong. I'm pleasantly surprised by that. Meet me on the rooftop." Kakashi said.

After that, he directly shunshinned to the rooftop, leaving the four dumbfounded new Genin rookies alone.

After a few seconds, Sakura stood up and started walking towards the stairs, not forgetting to look back at Naru with hateful eyes, thought they also contained a hint of fear.

As soon as Sakura had left the room, Naru looked at her Nii-chan and Sasuke: "Stairs?"

"Nah … let's just shunshin up there? What do you say, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Shunshin?" Sasuke was slightly surprised. He also knew that jutsu, but he couldn't use it yet.

Seeing that Sasuke was slightly bewildered, Naru just laughed and put a hand on each of the boys' shoulders.

Without Naru doing any hand signs or saying the jutsu's name, the three just disappeared and reappeared on the rooftop.

They lazily sat down on some stairs that the rooftop had and waited, together with their slightly surprised teacher, for their pink-haired teammate that was slowly climbing the stairs.

Meanwhile Sasuke was also marveling at Naru's ability to use the jutsu without doing any hand signs … that meant that she was highly proficient in using that jutsu, right? Maybe he could ask her to teach him later … or, maybe he should rather ask her brother, in case it would annoy her? He was unsure. He'd think about that later.

"The files never said anything about them knowing how to use the Shunshin no Jutsu … hmm, maybe I've underestimated them, especially the girl. I know that she can sense chakra signatures quite a few meters away from her, without even really trying at that. It seems like a defense mechanism. She reacts only when she is looked at with malicious intent, even if she noticed other people looking at her. Interesting, certainly interesting. Both of the twin's chakra pools are at least several times bigger than mine … it's just … how is she so good at chakra control? Sakura has great chakra control, but that's because of her below average chakra pool. Naruko shouldn't be that good at controlling her chakra at this age. And if she can do that, why can't her brother do the same? Did she train in it and he didn't? I'll figure that out later … it seems like the other girl arrived at last. There will be some problems with teamwork, I guess. But … maybe, just maybe, they will pass the test?" Kakashi thought while looking at the team in front of him that was now finally complete. The pink-haired girl had finally joined them.

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