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As a young Peter Quill slowly starves to death in a prison cell on Yondu’s Ravager ship, another soul appears and merges with his body, causing the two souls to mix and become one. A child who lost his mother to cancer and was abducted by space pirates in the very same night… A middle-aged man from another universe with all sorts of future knowledge packed into his head… Both trapped in a much darker version of the MCU. Oh! And it’s Star Wars as well! Male Lead/Main Character: Peter Quill or Star-Lord Female Lead/Love Interest(s): ????? (A/N: I was thinking of having two partners for Peter since Star-Lord is known to be promiscuous, but we’ll see. IDK yet.) If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Advanced chapters are available there. www.patreon.com/AlienWarlord

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C31 Peter & Windu Vs Ronan

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Ronan, his features twisted in rage, surged forward from the wreckage, his eyes fixed on Peter and Windu with a fiery intensity. "I had plans for you!" he bellowed, his voice echoing menacingly through the hangar. "You were to be my leverage against the Republic, a means to an end. But your insolence has sealed your fate. Now, I shall relish in tearing you apart piece by blood dripping piece!"

His hammer, pulsating with a dark energy, seemed to hum with anticipation of the violence to come. Ronan's anger was a palpable aura, charging the atmosphere with a volatile tension.

Peter, seemingly unfazed by Ronan's threats, offered a cheeky smile. "That's quite the long hammer you have there… You wouldn't be compensating for something, would you? Because I read on the Holo-Net that guys with small… well, you know… they need big toys to make up for what they lack in other areas…" He hinted, gesturing down at his crotch.

Beside Peter, Windu's expression shifted to one of mild exasperation as he glanced over at his padawan. "Remind me to restrict your Holo-Net access when we return to the Temple."

"What?! Why?" Peter whined like a child, completely ignoring Ronan, which seemed to only infuriate him even further.

"Because you shouldn't be learning such vulgar information." Windu countered, following Peter's lead, treating Ronan as if he weren't even there. "It could impact your training…"

"But how am I supposed to watch Lekku foreplay videos on Twi'lekTease.com?" Peter groaned, naming a very real website, which he may or may not visit on occasion.

Ronan's face contorted with rage, his patience snapping like a brittle twig. "Enough of your insolence!" he bellowed, his voice thundering through the air. "Your juvenile mockery and blatant disrespect end here!" With a fierce scowl etched deeply into his features, Ronan lunged forward, his movements fueled by a mix of anger and a desire to silence them once and for all.

Appearing before the two Jedi, Ronan launched a flurry of strikes with his hammer. The air around them vibrated with the force of each attack. Working together, Peter and Windu skillfully avoided and blocked, telekinetically halting any concussive blasts before they could reach them.

Peter, tapping into his training and the bond he shared with Windu, found a rhythm as they moved in tandem. He ducked under a sweeping blow from Ronan, spinning to deliver a slash of his lightsaber that grazed the Kree's armor.

"Oops, almost got you there," Peter smirked as he dodged Ronan's retaliation, moving just in time to see Windu send him sliding backward with a telekinetic blast.

"Ugh!" Ronan grunts as he catches his balance, his blood boiling. "Insignificant bugs!"

Ronan roared in frustration, his assault intensifying, swinging his hammer with such force that it shook the air with each movement.

Windu, recognizing the pattern in Ronan's attacks, waited for the right moment, then parried a particularly vicious strike with his lightsaber, redirecting the energy back towards Ronan. The energy clash produced a blinding explosion, similar to a flash bang, momentarily stunning his opponent.

Windu seized the opportunity, using the Force to pull Ronan toward him, creating an opening. "Your anger blinds you, Ronan. It makes you weak." He commented as he swung his sword, aiming to sever the Kree warlord's left arm.

Peter commented, circling around to Ronan's back. "Yeah, and it also makes you pretty ugly. You might want to work on that."

Still partially blinded, Ronan manages to narrowly evade Windu's blade, the tip grazing his armor as his eyes readjusted, "Your arrogance will be your downfall!" He snarled, regaining his balance.

However, before he could fully recover, Peter appeared behind him, a fierce, unforgiving look on his face. With precise movement, Peter swung his lightsaber, cutting through Ronan's left arm like butter.

The sudden loss took Ronan by surprise, his eyes widening in shock as he staggered back, his arm clattering to the floor beside him, his hammer still grasped in his remaining right hand.

Ronan glared at the two Jedi with a mixture of disbelief and seething hatred, his pride wounded. "You…" he gasped, struggling to maintain his composure. "You have no idea what forces you've just unleashed. The Kree will not forget this insult, nor will I."

Peter, twirling his lightsaber with a nonchalant air, couldn't help but retort, "Well, It'll be hard for you to remember much once you're dead. And as for the Kree, meh…" He shrugged uncaringly. "They're already a nation at war, and I'm sure once we return to explain how the despicable Ronan the Accuser attacked us unprovoked, peaceful Jedi, the Republic will make that war much harder as well…"

Ronan grits his teeth, a vein throbbing on his forehead. "Lies! Your words are nothing but slander and lies, crafted to undermine my honor!" And he was right.

After all, although he wasn't the most agreeable in their meeting, Ronan was not the aggressor in this situation. Peter was the one to throw the first stone, so to speak.

"The truth is written by winners, and sadly, it's not looking too good for you…" Peter countered, clearly admitting that he would lie. "I mean, forget about winning, I don't think you'll make it out of here alive."

Windu, slightly perturbed by his Padawans outlook on life, couldn't argue with the logic of it either. He tightened his grip on his sword, glancing over at Peter, signaling that it was time to end this.

With a nod, they circled Ronan, who, despite his grievous injury, readied himself for another assault. His eyes burned with a fire that was both terrifying and pitiable. "I…will not…be defeated by…peace-loving monks," Ronan spat, gripping his hammer with his remaining hand, its purple glow brightening by the second.

As Ronan lunged forward, his weapon raised for a devastating blow, Peter and Windu acted in perfect harmony. Peter darted beneath Ronan's guard, a blur of motion, slicing at the warlord's legs and forcing him to kneel. Windu, materializing at the warmonger's side, stabbed his blade into his right shoulder.

"Aarrghhh!" Ronan screamed in agony as his flesh was penetrated and cooked from the inside out, dropping his hammer in the process.

And with precise control of the Force, Peter pulled the Universal Weapon to himself before it could even touch the floor, catching it in his off-hand. "Don't mind if I do…" he muttered in awe, admiring his new property.

Ronan, now on his knees, looked up at his conquerors, the realization of his imminent demise dawning in his eyes. "You may kill me…but my cause…my purpose will live on. The galaxy…will be cleansed through swift and righteous Kree justice," he declared, his voice a hoarse whisper.

Peter exchanged a glance with Windu, a silent agreement passing between them: he couldn't be allowed to live. Too many lives have already been lost because of his malicious actions. If they spared him now, many more would be added to that long list of names.

Simply put, the universe would be a much better place without Ronan the Accuser…

With a swift, clean motion, they raised their sabers high before bringing them down to decapitate Ronan, his head toppling to the floor, his last words still hanging in the air.

Seconds later, the warlord's body fell as well, his head rolled to a stop a few feet away, his face frozen in an expression of fanatical conviction.

As the dust settled, Peter and Windu stood over Ronan's lifeless body, the intensity of the moment slowly fading. Windu, his stoic expression shifting, turned his attention to his Padawan, a worried look blooming on his face.

"Peter," Windu began, his voice even but layered with a depth of concern, "are you okay?" His eyes, more perceptive than most, had picked up on the slight tremor in his padawans hands—a telltale sign of inner turmoil.

Suddenly, Peter's jovial, victorious demeanor faltered, a seriousness showing that was as rare as it was alarming. "I… I don't know," he confessed, locking eyes with Windu. "When I fought those soldiers, it was… it was the first time I've ever taken a life."

He paused, struggling to find the right words. "And what bothers me the most is how easy it was, and how easy it became to do it again... I hate that it feels this way, like I could kill another platoon of Kree without batting an eye. They attacked us, and we didn't have a choice, I know that, but..." His voice trailed off, words escaping him.

Windu listened intently, understanding the gravity of Peter's admission. Most Padawans never faced the stark reality of killing, as the Jedi order has been at relative peace for thousands of years, making Peter's experience a clear deviation from the norm.

"What you feel is natural, Peter," Windu said, offering a reassuring nod. "The path of a Jedi is many, with some trails more difficult to traverse than others. But it is how we tread down these pathways that define us."

Before Peter could respond, a sudden commotion broke their solemn reflection. Nebula, her usual stoic facade giving way to a rare burst of emotion, came running toward them. In an impulsive gesture of excitement and relief, she leaped onto Peter's back, embracing him tightly.

"You did it! You're alive!" she exclaimed, her voice a mix of happiness and disbelief. She had watched the entire fight from the safety of their ship, her heart in her throat.

However, seconds later, realizing her uncharacteristic display of affection, Nebula quickly disengaged, stepping back with an awkward look on her face, doing her best to look anywhere but at Peter.

The sudden shift in her behavior left both Peter and Windu momentarily bemused.

'She seems much happier than the Nebula I know…' Peter thought with a smile, guessing that Thanos, if he even existed in this universe, hadn't had enough time to completely ruin her yet.

Peter, despite the emotional rollercoaster of the day, couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. "Yeah, I'm alive," he replied, grinning at Nebula. "Thanks for worrying about me."

"Whatever, who said I was worried…"

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