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Translator: Legge

The second day, Saturday.

It was entering Autumn, so the temperature was cool and pleasant.

Today was a rest day. But even if it was not a weekend, Zhang Ye had to take a "long vacation". After leaving the radio station, he was now a free man.

The phone rang.

Zhang Ye did not pick it up the first time, as he was sleeping soundly.

However, the phone kept ringing nonstop, giving Zhang Ye a headache.

He could only yawn as he grabbed the cellphone on the table, "Hello. Who's this?"

"Who do you think is it?" It was Mom's voice, "Why are you still sleeping? It's already 9+! And I want to ask you, what is this matter that is written in the newspapers? How did a rotten kid like you offend his Leader again? If you took the Silver Microphone Award, so be it! It's such a good thing! Even a person who doesn't know your industry like me knows about the award! It's very valuable! But what did you say for your acceptance speech!? Do you still want to work at your unit?"


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