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I’m Really a Superstar

Chang Yu

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One of my all-time favorite novels. A very unique setting that uses Xianxia genre's common themes like growing in 'strength' (cultivation), face-slapping moments, and awesome reaction chapters. This novel is particularly difficult to translate especially since the author delves into many different literature/cultural fields in different languages, and then translate them into a Chinese background. You can expect to find a Russian poem or an American song that the translator then translates back into English. Thank you CKTalon for introducing this novel to us, and thank you Legge for providing quality chapters at a good release rate. Welcome to our family!

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At the start it was quite interesting but as the novel progressed the MC became racist,stupid, illogical and perverted.I have totally stopped reading it.If it gets better I'll try again.


Very interesting story with a repetive cycle of getting hired, doing well, pissing someone off and getting fired which gets boring to the core. Also a lot of offending are just senseless just for the face smacking at the end. If I have a talented employee I do not need to antagonize him for no reason.


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The humor in this novel is great and I find the poems here quite interesting to say the least. However, I only managed to read up to 500 chapters since it has become so repetitive. Also the plagiarizing of the mc in this novel although still bearable for me, but I cannot stand his intense nationalism and racism. He make fun of other countries but say nothing to his own country and its people who as we all know the ones who are making things difficult for him.


It has racist content and and Chinese biased against Korean and Japanese which has shown multiple times that. I don't need to read this anymore it is not even that as all the content is off actual artist in Real world and not made by author for the characters and story it is a stolen work with racism involved and all spiced up to make a novel that is selling already famous people's work. Which is a given that will make this novel famous.


Good translation. That's about it. It was fun at the beginning, but after some chapter, we got the same pattern again and again. Plus the "strange" relation with women. Plus the racism (i stopped when the MC got a Korean singer beat up by a mob, principally because he's korean). My bad, it's not racism, as the MC tell us over and over again, it's nationalism xD The funny thing is, the MC keeps telling us about how Chinese are the best, but he is only doing plagiarism. The irony is delicious, but I think the author is too dumb to spot it.


Racist and repetitive novel. MC is a borderline rapist, and starting a couple hundred chapters in the author keeps inserting a racist and nationalistic China first everyplace else second ideology. Foreign or non-asian characters are only introduced as enemies and in extremely racist ways. Additionally the MC's "romances" with several of the heroines essentially amounts to repeated attempted rapes, groping women who are asleep, etc... Overall despite a pretty good start the author is scum and it leaks into this novel.


Warning! Think ten times before reading this, 'cause you'll die laughing if you do. The story is good. There are remarkable Chinese poems and stuff translated by an excellent translator. This is a must read novel and is in my favorite list


So this is a novel about a man, with multiple personality disorder, who was moved to a parallel universe where he, without an ounce of talent, with hard work climbs the ladder of fame. I don't think that I read more than 2 chapters in a row where I wasn't reminded by an old Top Gear episode Clarkson said the following: "It seems then that the expression copyright infringement does not translate terribly well into mandarin", and the irony of quoting someone else while talking about this book is not lost on me. The novel has terrible world building, as a ton of things are missing from literary arts, a lot of which was crucial for the civilization to develop as it did, but nothing is brought in to replace it. The character design lacks any dept creating a punch of two dimensional props. The exception being the main character who has so many contradictory character traits that I can only explain it via multiple personality disorder. Let me give you one example, he on multiple occasions commits, by law in most civilized countries, rape. By forcing physical contact with women where it is clearly not wanted. And then a chapter or two later he is super angry on a guy who dared to touch a woman without allowance from that woman. And is described as being mad on the guys conduct, as in not described in playing with the guy so he can beat him up. I grant I have not finished the novel, but there are so many other well written books out there so I don't see a point in reading this one just to see many of those good works being butchered by the author.


Two words to describe this novel, absolutely garbage. Where do I really begin, I can go on about the author using the same tropes literally every 50 chapters, "look this a totally amazing story/poem from my past life (people go wow)", random douchebag highly jealous villain with supposedly high knowledge about stories/poems "this is story/poem is bad (people go "villain knows everything, so this story/poem is bad"), MC goes, "I'll show you whose story/poem is bad", then a competition between the MC and the villain, where the MC wins after many tedious chapters. Now take this formula and repeat it for the entire novel, I'm not even kidding. The next part is how overly racist the MC is. That person is white/brown/black, so he's evil. The Chinese patriotism is so high that this novel might probably be included in mandatory reading in Chinese schools. Not just good nationalism, but the novel is also filled with disparaging comments about other countries directly or indirectly. Kudos to the translators for working so hard on translating this novel.


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Such a disapointing Novel. The concept and the story is really awesome and i really liked it at first. However, around chapter 500 the racism, nationalism and the fact he keeps bullying women made it too hard for me and i dropped it. Retard MC, and racism i know it is something the author wants but damn, all the humor in the world would not make me bear it. I'm european and i still hate it how korean and japan are discribed. those who can, Enjoy


Great story so far. Has gotten really repetitive at this point. Gets skill book, arc becomes about skill book. Conflict ensues, Zhang Ye face smacks. Rinse and repeat. Still great story but 700 chapters is only 6 months. I mean really, you have done all of this in that time frame LMAO. Worth the read and one of the better books on this site.


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


I really can't express how good this novel is. I've been following this since translated chapter 10, and it's been great the whole way. I can't find anything wrong with the story and it's literally one of the best stories out there. I'll try to make it short this time, since it's just so good it doesn't really need any criticism. Here's why: Translation Quality: Qidian, always has some of the best translations (as expected). They choose all their translators well, and the translator for I'm Really A Superstar, makes good translations. The poems and songs and etc. were all translated well and have great quality. I wouldn't believe it if you said you found a mistake in grammar. If you did, I'm 100% sure it was very minor. Updating Stability: The updating stability is great, the chapters are given to you at a reasonable pace and quality, and most of the time, more chapters are given then said. The stability has basically never been thrown off course, and the schedule has always been followed. Story Development: The plot, is unique. The idea might be something common, but the way the author takes it and manages it makes it unique. The story never has a dull moment (other than fillers), and makes you curse for all the cliffhangers. Character Design: All the characters that appear often and are named have distinct personalities, and even a few hundred chapters later they still appear in some way. They aren't boring and they all develop, (even the antagonists). World Background: Most of the information is taken from real life, but that makes the world unique and more realistic, as most stories don't do that. The world changes and develops and makes sense, and you can easily perceive the developments and changes that are happening. That is all, this review is probably one of my short ones, because the reviews get shorter the better the novel is. I recommend and rate this story as a 5.0, full stars. I hope you enjoy reading this!


If you are reading this on this site, then you are absolutely not the intended audience. Racist to a new extreme, comparable to the KKK for Chinese people. I wish I could rate into the negatives just for this disgrace, absolutely disgusting.


Don't read it if you are Japanese or Korean, you'll have to get past a lot, A LOT, of undeserving hatred. Not sure which other nationalities the author goes for after chapter 660. It was a fun read at the beginning. Fun power system, reasonable and relatable MC, satisfying story arcs. Then baam, the author goes nuts. It was so heartbreaking to see a story you enjoy go 'Phantom Menace' on your bottom. The author makes a point of going out his way, forcing situations where foreigners are bad and jealous of the MC and deserve righteous face smacking while people all over China cheer for him. Not the tritors though. You know, people who like anything non-chinese? They soon get what they deserve. I laughed most of the times when things like this came out. Maybe because I 'm not from a country author tries to bash. We have an MC whose power and fame starts off with publishing various literature stuff he basically plagiarised (some from other foreigners that author hates) and the author is actually shameless enough to narrate the story in such a righteous tone that I cringed when I wasn't laughing. Dude, your main character isn't the genius you try to write him as nor is he better than the strawman foreigners who had actually put in real effort to better themselves. Your MC literally plagiarises the works of other great people that your power system made disappear. Your MC plagiarised Snow-white and later on you make him show off before Americans. I laughed, a lot, at the MC. It felt like the author actually turn off parts of his memories while writing some of the arcs. Let me give you a fake example which can easily fit inside this story. A Japanese reknowned poet will come to visit a Chinese university. He will be lecturing some stuff and sneering and spitting snarky remarks at the Chinese students, calling them less-them-genious and stuff. The foreign students would laugh along with some traitors. The Chinese students would get angry and shout and grind their teeth but what can they do right? Some will post the video on social media and Chinese people would get upset and stuff and call for justice but the reknowned poet would post something more infuriating. Then the Chinese celebraty MC would call for a duel, learn Japanese ancient masterful long lost poetry in a second through the system, face smack him, give a righteous lecture of how Japanese people are waste. The Chinese people will shed tear in their greatness, and face smack the foreigners again because they are great. The 'traitor fan girls' would call for MC's arrest, MC will get arrested, plagiarise a long lost poem of how prison can't hold the awesomeness of a true Chinese and people will lose their mind at his awesomeness. Some fan girls will convert and the rest will get a face smack and MC will be released and of to stealing more stuff. While at it, maybe destroy the Japan economy too, just for the sake of it. I'm not being fair. The real arcs are way more detailed and way worse. Author narrates in a way that feels like he's expecting the readers to bask in awe with MC Literacy prowess even though we know where it came from. Instant powerups with no real effort. None. Any other stories of power system at least makes an effort on top of having an op system. I would be ok with that if not for the self oblivious hypocritical story arcs. I still read it though.


I normally read and enjoy martial arts novels, immortal cultivation and all that, but sometimes it is nice to have a break. IRAS is a perfect example of what to read when you need such a break. The story may have quite a linear development, and it is often easy to predict what will happen, but the face-smacking is still as enjoyable as ever. This is by far my favourite non-cultivation focused novel by far.