79 One of the Station Leaders Fainted!

Translator: Legge

The poem was done reciting.

Without staying an additional second, Zhang Ye went straight backstage with the trophy in his hand. He only left his back and the outcry of thousands of guests and judges!

Holy ****!

What modern poem was this!?

Could you mean that your Beijing Radio Station is Dead Water? Your radio station's Leaders are devils? No, there was no need to begin the sentence with 'could', he clearly meant that! This sort of poem was not profound. "Dead Water" was extremely easy to understand. That's right; it was used for scolding!

"What the f***!"

"Isn’t this way too overbearing?"

"Is this person mad? How can he say that?"

"Wasn't he going to thank the unit and his Leaders?"

"That's right; I even believed it. Haha, this will be interesting!"


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