1 Rebirth Hyuga branch house

The Hyuga clan

Training gym.

"Listen to me. The goal of our Hyuga clan is to become Konoha's strongest!"

The old patriarch Hyuga hissed with all his strength.

Below, a group of children aged 5 to 10 are practicing Gentle Fist hard.


One of the 5-year-old boys was breathless because of exhaustion.

"Huh! Shiratori, haven't you eaten?"

The old patriarch Hyuga stared, and angrily drew the dragon whip in his hand at the boy.

The dragon whip is a special whip invented by the old patriarch Hyuga, with thorns and barbs.

Draw it on a person, and the skin will be spattered with a whip!


The boy was struck on his back by the whip, and suddenly there was a fierce pain, and his thin body fell to the ground.

The rest of the people were silent.

"Waste! Waste! Waste!"

The old patriarch Hyuga continued to wave the whip in his hand and beat the latter frantically.

When the boy was practicing, he was already exhausted.

Now I have to be beaten severely, I can only curl up on the ground, whimpering in a low voice.

"Still pretending to be dead here, get up quickly!"

The old patriarch Hyuga's tactics were fierce, and he didn't show any mercy because the boy was of the same race.

Because the latter was born in a branch house, to the clan, he was a slave!

The branch house will be planted with the curse of Caged Bird since childhood. Once it violates the order of the Zong family, it will be punished by life rather than death, or even death!

"My father… is it too harsh for a child?"

Hyuga Hizashi on the side couldn't help but speak.

However, the old patriarch Hyuga didn't buy it at all, and a pair of white eyes glared at him.

"What do you call me?"

"Extremely sorry… Master Patriarch!"

Hyuga Hizashi knelt down, feeling sad.

"Huh! Don't forget your identity, Hizashi!"

The old patriarch Hyuga treated his own son so harshly, not to mention his treatment of other tribesmen.

"My father… Hizashi was also unintentional. Please don't punish him."

Hyuga Hiashi hurried forward to persuade.

As the eldest son of the patriarch, he, the only heir appointed by the clan family, was qualified to call his father.

"Hiashi, you will inherit the clan in the future, now show me a good look and study hard!"

After all, the old patriarch Hyuga still gave the eldest son a face, and no longer blamed his younger brother.

Hyuga Hizashi's heart is even more bitter.

This is the ancient Hyuga clan!

The hierarchical status within the clan is strict, and no one can surpass it!

"It hurts… It really hurts…"

The boy was lying on the ground and sobbing, a pair of raised eyes flashed vaguely with hatred!

However, the old patriarch Hyuga, who possesses high-purity Byakugan, has keenly noticed this.

Or in other words, he doesn't need confirmation at all.

As long as he thinks it is, it is!

"Why? Still want to resist the old man?"

A cruel smile appeared on the wrinkled face of the old patriarch Hyuga.

"Very good! I will let you know what branch house is against the horror of the clan!"

Raising his hands, he knotted several complicated knots.

This is a technique that only the clan has passed down from generation to generation, manipulating Curse Mark: Caged Bird!

"Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

The boy only felt a scorching heat from his forehead, as if his brain had been burned, and he was suffering from an incomprehensible violent pain.

The scream of the boy resounded in the training gym.


who I am?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

The boy opened his eyes.


There was a sharp pain in his head, which made him wake up immediately.

"Wait? Didn't I write novels at home…what is going on…"

The boy looked around the strange room.

Frozen for a moment.

Perhaps it is due to the author's occupational disease.

He quickly accepted the absurd reality before him.

"That's it, it seems that I have passed through."

The boy found a mirror.

Looking at the reflection in the mirror, his face was pale, showing the appearance of a sick child.

Especially the eye-catching D-shaped pattern on his forehead looks very disgusting!

The thin and weak body is covered with bright red scars!

"Naruto World... Konoha Shinobi Village... Hyuga clan, and is it still a branch house?"

His current name is Hyuga Shiratori.

I have to say that this is a bad start.

Anyone who has seen Hokage knows that this is a pedigree-only world!

The Senju family, the Uchiha family, and the Uzumaki family next.

Hyuga clan?

The title may be there.

In fact, it's just a soy sauce role.

In the original book, Hyuga, who kept chanting "Konoha's strongest", had never seen a powerful ninja.

Rebirth in Hyuga's house, and still a humble branch house, it really doesn't have any money!

Hyuga Shiratori checked and found that his body was already scarred at a young age.

In his memory, he was often beaten and beaten by the old patriarch Hyuga.

It even launched Curse Mark: Caged Bird.

That's the torture that life is better than death!

The original owner was probably tortured to death alive, right?

That's why it will be occupied by him who is passing through.




Perhaps the obsession left by the original owner is at work.

Hyuga Shiratori subconsciously also developed a strong hatred for the old patriarch.

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