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Object Class: Keter Description: SCP-X is a humanoid that calls himself as "Zhang Jue" and came from a parallel universe with traits that are unaffected by most SCP anomalous objects. Long-term observational studies reveal that he has a mildly antisocial personality and loves to trash-talk. SCP-X can obtain the ability of a particular SCP anomalous object through physical contact, and the ability obtained will be adjusted accordingly to his condition. Special Containment Procedures: Special attention needs to be paid to the containment of SCP-X. (Special precautions towards themself) SCP-X should be contained in a single villa designed by a French designer, not less than 50 x 50 x 20 meters, with a garden on the top floor and a swimming pool with no less than 200 square meters in the courtyard. The Foundation shall assign a male staff member over 50 years of age, trained in British royal etiquette, who shall wear a wig 24 hours a day to assist in the management of the villa. The staff monitoring the SCP-X behavior must undergo a monthly psychological evaluation. There have been cases where staff had quit the Foundation because they could not stand the trash talk. Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 40 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://w ww.p atreon.c om/nahyesq

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No matter how long it took, Zhang Jue would be very depressed when he recalled the content within the video. He had made many assumptions about what was inside the surveillance video, but he had never thought about this situation.

In the video footage, Shirley was standing alone in front, and he was standing about a meter behind Shirley. Dr. Li was isolated from the crowd at a great distance, and the closest person to him was Yang Xue.

Because of the fear of Shirley, the others were at a distance from the three of them. Only Yang Xue was behind him.

Although the video footage did not clearly capture the action of Yang Xue pushing him, unless the others' arms were two meters long, there was simply no reasonable explanation. Zhang Jue leaned against the roof's railing, trying hard to remember what it felt like.

He was quite sure that someone had indeed pushed him with his hand rather than using some tool. Judging from the video, only Yang Xue could have done it in the position he was in at the time. When you eliminate all impossible circumstances, no matter how unbelievable it is, that is the truth.

Zhang Jue narrowed his eyes. He had always been very confident, even a little conceited. He didn't think he was afraid of anyone when it came to this situation. But this time, it seems to have fallen into the path of others.

The bucket does not leave the well broken. The general will inevitably die in front of the battle. The result of playing with geese all day long is to be pecked blindly by geese.

After coming to the SCP World, he spent the longest time with Yang Xue. In addition to the title of Dr. Foundation, Yang Xue is just a somewhat simple girl. If it was really Yang Xue who pushed him towards Shirley, then it seems that the "somewhat simple" one should be himself.

He is still a bit puzzled. Even if Yang Xue had fooled him repeatedly with a woman's unique acting skills, what was her motive for doing so? Was she part of the MRW organization?

Zhang Jue smiled. This isn't good. After coming to the SCP World, there were always some weird and mysterious things going on. Yang Xue was the only clear clue among all these messy things. If something could be discovered, maybe the places that could not be figured out before could be solved.

"Hey, Advisor Zhang." Simmons' voice came.

After all this time together, he had also discovered this habit of Zhang Jue's. Whenever Zhang Jue was not in the dormitory or the lab, he would usually be on the rooftop relieving himself.

Seeing that it was him, Zhang Jue asked, "How's it going?"

Simmons walked up to him and shook his head. "Without being able to view the content of the video, it's a lot more difficult to analyze. I used various software and programs in the world to decode the video, and I didn't find any signs of editing or overwriting."

The expected result.

Zhang Jue said, "In other words, this is indeed what was captured inside the surveillance video, right?"

"Yes." Simmons nodded, "To fake on this kind of video, you first have to replace the real footage with fake footage. Then after six months of overwriting and finally being forcibly recovered by us with software, the cost of faking is too high, and the controllability is low. The probability of success is basically zero."

Zhang Jue hummed, acknowledging Simmons' statement. If someone wanted to fake the surveillance video, they wouldn't have to go to such lengths. Just give him a complete tape. The reason Zhang Jue had asked Simmons to confirm the authenticity of the video was because he had spent so much time with Yang Xue.

His eyes were not lying, and Yang Xue's concern for him did not seem fake. He tried to find an explanation that would make sense. The video content was replaced and edited like many movies and TV shows. Zhang Jue thought about this in the first place. But now, it seemed that he had thought wrong again.

Seeing Simmons' somewhat strange expression, Zhang Jue said, "There's no need to be insensitive. Just say whatever comes to mind."

Simmons frowned, "Advisor Zhang, I don't know what you saw on the surveillance video, but if you doubt the authenticity of the video's content. Then you've actually overlooked one of the most possibilities of them all."

Zhang Jue looked at him and asked, "What is it?"

"Me." Simmons pointed to himself.

"I wrote the software to recover the video. I have the source code of the program in my hands, if I add a little something to the code, there is no way you can know about it, and this is the one with the highest possibilities for your current problem."

Simmons has a somewhat flinty personality and says whatever comes to mind, even if the object of suspicion is himself. Probably this is one of the reasons why he is not popular with his colleagues and classmates. But this kind of matter-of-fact style was perfect for working at the Foundation.

Zhang Jue nodded and smiled. It wasn't that he hadn't thought about this possibility. In the end, he didn't believe it at all. Their relationship hadn't been good at first, and asking Simmons to help recover the video had been purely his own choice.

If Simmons was really behind it, then it shouldn't be plotted like this. Even if Simmons was manipulating the program, he could have run the program on his computer. There was no need to borrow the site's supercomputer.

Just because Zhang Jue didn't understand the software code, it doesn't mean that the others didn't, and once someone found out about it, the whole thing would be exposed. Most importantly, that MRW, which only targeted Zhang Jue, didn't seem to be that big of an organization, and there shouldn't be so many insiders in the Foundation.

Of course, all of this could be forcibly explained, but overall the probability was too low when you looked at it. So Zhang Jue ruled out this possibility. Instead of always doubting the authenticity of the video and falling into another cycle, it would be better to be open to the facts and see where things would really go from there.

Simmons looked at Zhang Jue and cautiously asked, "Advisor Zhang, are you alright?"

Zhang Jue wondered, "What happened to me?"

"This afternoon, when you just finished watching the video, something wasn't quite right with your expression. As if... frightened by something."

"Simmons, you're hallucinating. In Site-14, who does not know that I, Zhang Jue, a person that could kill Buddha without even need to blink, be afraid of a video?"

"Advisor Zhang could kill without Blinking?"

"What's wrong?"

"So, you don't have any eyes?"



Three days later, at the Jianghai City airport, Zhang Jue once again stepped on a flight to Mei. He hadn't spent less than a month in Site-14 before he had to go on another business trip. Zhang Jue couldn't help but sigh at his own laborious life.

You know, his biggest dream is to be a sea fish that could do anything they want. However, life is cruel. You tend not to get something you really want, and that thing will draw you farther from yourself from time to time.

There was only suffering, no time to go search for a desire.

Breathing in the "free" air, Zhang Jue couldn't help but grunt. Not that he's pretentious. He opened his phone and replied to the question he had just seen.

"Smells like a laxative. That's what would I describe the people of Mei. I just got off the plane, and most of the time, they don't look too happy, as if they have eaten a poisonous soup. Though there is some interesting stuff, but still."

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