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Object Class: Keter Description: SCP-X is a humanoid that calls himself as "Zhang Jue" and came from a parallel universe with traits that are unaffected by most SCP anomalous objects. Long-term observational studies reveal that he has a mildly antisocial personality and loves to trash-talk. SCP-X can obtain the ability of a particular SCP anomalous object through physical contact, and the ability obtained will be adjusted accordingly to his condition. Special Containment Procedures: Special attention needs to be paid to the containment of SCP-X. (Special precautions towards themself) SCP-X should be contained in a single villa designed by a French designer, not less than 50 x 50 x 20 meters, with a garden on the top floor and a swimming pool with no less than 200 square meters in the courtyard. The Foundation shall assign a male staff member over 50 years of age, trained in British royal etiquette, who shall wear a wig 24 hours a day to assist in the management of the villa. The staff monitoring the SCP-X behavior must undergo a monthly psychological evaluation. There have been cases where staff had quit the Foundation because they could not stand the trash talk. Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 40 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://w ww.p atreon.c om/nahyesq

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SCP-1162 Experimental Record

When Zhang Jue opened his eyes, it was already dawn, and the bright sunlight spilling through the gaps in the curtains was somewhat blinding. He lay in bed and did not get up immediately but carefully recalled the contents of his dream, fitting them all into his memory hall. This time, there are quite a few new discoveries and more mysteries.

What was that shadow? What was the 'it' that Yue Qingcheng was talking about? What happened to the people? Why didn't Yue Qingcheng turn to those lifeless people? Is she still normal, or is she really a human?

A long list of questions lingered in Zhang Jue's mind, but there were too few clues now, and he didn't know what the answers were. Zhang Jue hated himself sleeping for a short amount of time; if he could have stayed in that world longer, he might have made more discoveries. He had tried to do this with the help of drugs, but there was one most important problem he couldn't solve. He didn't know at what point he was digging too much.

From the first time he went back, there weren't any normal things that happened to the world. It was all abnormal as he suddenly had a dream one day. Despite his strict routine, he was able to sleep until dawn. It was as if fate must have caught him off guard.

But Zhang Jue was not a pretentious person, and it looked like the lifeless people that would always stay that way, so there was no need to rush. Zhang Jue had been in Europe for almost a month, except for the occasional research on Shirley. He was living his shameless life again here.

He sleeps until he wakes up naturally, does experiments when he wants to or doesn't want to do them, and goes to Chen Xiao for a little sparring if he's really bored. Of course, most of the time, he will still be the gatekeeper of other researchers' experiments to ensure that there will be no casualties.

Yang Xue wouldn't rush him, probably because she had a better understanding of his character. She might not be reliable in small things, but she never made a commotion.

This day, Zhang Jue was bored and was discussing academic issues with a female researcher. Suddenly, he heard an alarm in a lab. Zhang Jue hurried over and found that a hole had suddenly appeared in the originally smooth wall. The hole was deep and bottomless, with a diameter as big as two fists.

The hole was said to have appeared suddenly, and the researcher was experimenting with something and then was startled by it the next second of it. People who work at the SCP Foundation are very sensitive to such strange things, so he immediately called the other colleagues.

Everyone was surrounding the hole as if they were afraid that it would suddenly appear in another place again. A few researchers called Yang Xue over as well; during Zhang Jue's absence, she had been promoted to Site Director to watch the experiments at Site-14.

In Site-14, apart from the older experiment supervisor and Zhang Jue, the special advisor, she was the highest-ranking. Zhang Jue looked at it for half a minute but couldn't remember what the hole was.

Yang Xue suddenly patted her head and seemed to have an idea. Zhang Jue saw her expression and laughed, "Dr. Yang. Do you know what it is?"

Yang Xue sighed, "I can't rely on you for everything. I just think it's a bit like an SCP I've heard of before, but we won't know if it is or not until we confirm it." Yang Xue dialed a phone number, and after a few minutes, she hung up the phone.

"Confirmed?" Zhang Jue asked.

"Mmhm." Yang Xue nodded, "It's SCP-1162."


SCP-1162 is a hole that grows in the wall with a diameter of about 14.5 cm, and its depth will vary depending on the current user. Once a person sticks their arm into the hole, they will take out an object they have lost or are looking for, and accordingly, the person will immediately lose another object.

SCP-1162 also has the feature that if it is not used within 168 hours, it will randomly move to another stone, concrete, brick wall, or floor, and the previous hole will remain. Despite it will no longer have the anomalous property.

SCP-1162 was previously contained in Site-31. Some years ago, when Yang Xue went to study, she had heard others talk about it. It is to be believed that the staff of Site-31 did not know what mistake was made and did not use SCP-1162 in the last 168 hours, so it ran amok and just so happened to come to Site-14.

Yang Xue just called to confirm that the original SCP-1162 hole in Site-31 is already not working. After receiving an affirmative answer, she then confirmed that the hole that suddenly appeared was SCP-1162 without a doubt.

Because SCP-1162 itself is not dangerous and must be used frequently to ensure that it does not break through the containment, the Foundation has experimented with it a lot, and the permission level is not high, and many researchers have records of their interactions with SCP-1162.

After learning of its characteristics, the researchers within Site-14 began to fist pump and jump at the chance to try it.

"Dr. Yang, can we try it?" A researcher asked. Seeing everyone's expression, Yang Xue couldn't afford to spoil their fun.

She glanced at Zhang Jue and saw the latter nod before saying reluctantly, "Remember to fill in the application report."

"Oh yeah!" Everyone shouted excitedly. These researchers probably didn't have any recreational activities, and doing interactive experiments with a harmless SCP would make them happy as hell.


The following excerpt is from the Site-14 part of the SCP-1162 experiment record.


Test person: Researcher Ding Xinchi

Recovered item: Contra game cassette

Lost item: a Notebook

Note: I lost this when I was in elementary school. Is it telling me that there is no future in research and that I should go home and play video games?


Test person: Researcher Zhang Fa Cai

Recovered item: a Nokia cell phone

Lost items: an Apple Brand Phone

Note: Oh, shit! That's a whole month's salary!

Recovered items: a ballpoint pen without oil

Lost item: a Montblanc pen

Note: Oh shit! That's a whole year's salary!

Recovered item: 10 Yuan Paper Money

Lost item: 100 Yuan Paper Money

Note: I [Data Expunged], I'm not playing with this anymore!


Test Person: Senior Researcher Huang Shang

Recovered items: 100 Yuan Paper Money

Lost Items: 10 Yuan Paper Money

Note: Hahaha. Old Zhang, let's go down to a restaurant tonight. I'll treat you.


Test person: Agent Liu

Recovered item: a bullet casing

Missing items: a round of ammunition

Note: Well… looks like it was lost during the last mission.

Recovered item: a round of ammunition

Lost item: the same bullet casing

Note: Did this hole just backfired at me?


Test person: Dr. Zhao

Recovered item: a Durex.

Lost item: a piece of chewing gum.

Note: Reasonable.


Test Person: Researcher Tian Huizhen

Recovered item: a butterfly hairpin

Missing item: a lipstick

Note: This was given to me by my first love, we didn't end up together, and now he's my ex's ex.

A consultant's note: You have quite a lot of information here.


Test person: Agent Deng

Recovered item: a smelly sock

Lost Items: left foot sock

Note: It's okay. It's only a left foot anyway.

Recovered item: left foot sock

Lost item: right foot sock

Note: It's okay. It's the same when you wear it differently.

Recovered item: right foot sock

Lost item: left foot sock

Note: ...

Recovered item: left foot sock

Lost item: right foot sock

Note: I feel like it's playing with me.


Test person: Researcher Wang Lei

Recovered item: a pair of red g string underwear.

Missing item: a button

Note: It's not mine. It's really not mine. Come on, guys! Believe me.


Test person: Deputy Director of Experiment Yang Xue

Recovered item: a notebook

Missing item: a pencil

Note: This was my notebook when I was in elementary school. I remember this. It has my signature on it. Hey, why can't I find my signature?


Test person: Special Advisor Zhang

Recovered items: a wallet

Lost items: a ball of waste paper

Note: It's really my wallet. Can this thing cross between worlds?

Notes from Deputy Head of Experiment Yang: The wallet contained items suspected to be an SCP. Which were burned by Advisor Zhang for unknown reasons.

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