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Object Class: Keter Description: SCP-X is a humanoid that calls himself as "Zhang Jue" and came from a parallel universe with traits that are unaffected by most SCP anomalous objects. Long-term observational studies reveal that he has a mildly antisocial personality and loves to trash-talk. SCP-X can obtain the ability of a particular SCP anomalous object through physical contact, and the ability obtained will be adjusted accordingly to his condition. Special Containment Procedures: Special attention needs to be paid to the containment of SCP-X. (Special precautions towards themself) SCP-X should be contained in a single villa designed by a French designer, not less than 50 x 50 x 20 meters, with a garden on the top floor and a swimming pool with no less than 200 square meters in the courtyard. The Foundation shall assign a male staff member over 50 years of age, trained in British royal etiquette, who shall wear a wig 24 hours a day to assist in the management of the villa. The staff monitoring the SCP-X behavior must undergo a monthly psychological evaluation. There have been cases where staff had quit the Foundation because they could not stand the trash talk. Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 40 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://w ww.p atreon.c om/nahyesq

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Interview With SCP-682 Part 5

"Left, left, and left. Right, right, and right. No, forward. Is it because I don't shout Heap ho you can't understand my words?"

"If you dare to ridicule again, then get off my back!"

"Okay, my bad, SCP-682. Feel free to go anywhere."

"Where the hell is it!"

"To the left..."

He and SCP-682 are speeding through the Euclid Class Containment Area within Site-19. Because what is contained there is not really dangerous, so the underground defense force is not very strong. At least much better than the two MTF squads above.

Based on their years of experience fighting with the Foundation and Zhang Jue's command, the two men were in no man's land. Occasionally, when they encountered unlucky security personnel, Zhang Jue would shout in advance, "Move away! I'm riding a Tesla over here!"

Some unbelievers thought that SCP-682 was so fast that he was not able to brake. They must be talking nonsense, but they were all mercilessly run over by SCP-682.

I don't know what kind of deal Zhang Jue and SCP-682 made to reach an agreement to mess around in the containment area of Site-19. Nor do we know what their purpose was and how it would end up. The only thing I do know is that Zhang Jue should have crossed one item off his list of "things that a real man should do once in his life" this time.


It was already a mess when the two MTF Tyrannosaurus and Cobra entered the Euclid Containment Area. Many of the security personnel on duty were missing arms and legs, but very few had died immediately.

I wonder if it had anything to do with Zhang Jue sitting on the back of SCP-682.

The two captains immediately evacuated all the staff and began to set take control of the situation. According to the surveillance video, Advisor Zhang Jue and SCP-682 were scurrying around the various containment rooms.

Everywhere they went, SCP-682 inevitably used its physical body to unlock the doors of the containment room. Either with violence or with its wits. Then, no matter what was inside, he swallowed it in one gulp.

Zhang Jue sits on the back of SCP-682, and it is difficult to say whether this thing is his master plan or not. But if Zhang Jue could convince SCP-682 to work for him, the two MTF captains were a little unconvinced.

No one knows better than them regarding SCP-682's temper, and he is not easy to be provoked.

Ordinary people would let him do anything. Even most of them will be scared to piss their pants. Those researchers who had been studying SCP-682 for a long time were unwilling to spend long hours with it, let alone ride on him.

No matter what Zhang Jue had done. The fact that he could make SCP-682 listen to him was enough to surprise the vast majority of people, whether they liked him or disliked him.

The Tyrannosaurus' captain looked at the containment room destroyed by Zhang Jue and SCP-682 and said, "It feels like they were looking for something."

His vice-captain asked, "What could that be?"

"Fuck if I know." He spat, "Notify Cobra and have them position themselves in the Y4 area. We'll chase them forward from here and try to block them in."


"I had an SCP-682 I never rode. One day I rode it on a told it to steal chickens. I had a small leather whip in my hand; I was so proud of it. It suddenly stopped moving, and I handsomely dropped all over the mud." Zhang Jue is simply lying on the back of SCP-682 while leisurely humming a song.

While crawling quickly through the corridor, clearing away the security personnel, SCP-682 said, "I've seen many of your kind, but this is the first time I've seen one like you."

"Many thanks for the compliment." Zhang Jue nodded solemnly, "I am often aware of being such a good person."

Even though SCP-682 had considerable wisdom, he didn't know how to respond. Zhang Jue's shamelessness had broken through its knowledge of humans. It simply changed the subject.

"You've already achieved your goal. Why do you want to remain here? Isn't it good for us to just leave?"

"Note, it's me leaving here, not you. If I let you get away, I guess the entire Foundation staff would want to go plow my family's ancestral graves." Zhang Jue whistled, looking like he was in quite a good mood, "And the reason why I'm accompanying you here on a blind stroll is, of course, to hide my true purpose. As for you, just wait to be re-contained by them, and you'll be fine."


It's probably been a long time since anyone spoke to SCP-682 like this, and it was a little difficult to adapt for a while.

After a long time before muttering, "Mortal...."

"I know you're not convinced, and there's nothing you can do about it." Zhang Jue waved the leather whip in his hand, "That's the way it is."

"You know, it's the first time I wish those scum with weapons would hurry up and come."

Before SCP-682 could finish his words, he heard a rustling sound in front of him, which seemed to be the sound of a gun being loaded. Immediately after that, there was a burst of fire. SCP-682 suffered from the bullet rain. But this level of attack was not enough to make him injured.

"Captain, don't shoot. It's me! I'm a hostage!" Zhang Jue immediately shouted.

Although he had long expected Bellamy to give them a new order, his life was no longer worth anything. But the drama that should be done still had to be done fully. Sure enough, when he shouted, a voice rang out from the opposite side.

"Advisor Zhang, we received an order to contain SCP-682 at all costs. Now it is surrounded by us. If you still don't get off it, then we will have to apologize!"

With that, a rocket hurtled towards them, exploding violently only two meters from SCP-682. The heatwave hit them, and Zhang Jue's hair was scorched by a few strands. He knew that this was the last chance the Foundation would be nice in this situation.

The two MTF squads were not good at being caught in the middle of O5's Order, and they wanted to both re-contain SCP-682 and not injure Advisor Zhang.

"Okay, you guys wait. I have to control this beast for a while." He said, and he struggled a bit more in a pretend manner, and SCP-682 also cooperated by roaring a few times.

Just then, a woman's voice suddenly came from the headphones of the two MTF squad leaders, "Hello, you two. This is O5-5."

An O5 speaking? Both captains were based in Site-19, so naturally, they could hear the current in-charge O5's voice. Although she was a woman, there hadn't been any accidents at Site-19 in the past year due to her iron-hand policy. It was exactly what the MTF squad needed.

"What are your instructions?" Cobra's squad leader asked.

She was quiet for a few seconds, then said in one word, "I order you two to open fire immediately."

"About that…" said the Tyrannosaurus squad leader, "My Lord, Advisor Zhang has promised to come down and escape from SCP-682."

"No need to care about him if there is any problem. I will take the responsibility."

After a short silence, the two captains responded. "Understood!"

They were MTF captains, after all. It was their responsibility to contain SCP-682. They had already given Zhang Jue enough time, and if they were still quivering at this point, they would not be worthy of this position.

"Attention, all squads, prepare to open fire."

"Attention, all squads, stand in your position."

The two captains simultaneously issued orders to their groups, preparing to launch the fiercest attack on SCP-682.

Just at that moment. A surprising thing happened. Zhang Jue, who was still grinding on SCP-682's back, was suddenly thrown up high by SCP-682. Then, under the astonished gaze of the crowd, he was swallowed into his gut by SCP-682 in an instant.

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