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Object Class: Keter Description: SCP-X is a humanoid that calls himself as "Zhang Jue" and came from a parallel universe with traits that are unaffected by most SCP anomalous objects. Long-term observational studies reveal that he has a mildly antisocial personality and loves to trash-talk. SCP-X can obtain the ability of a particular SCP anomalous object through physical contact, and the ability obtained will be adjusted accordingly to his condition. Special Containment Procedures: Special attention needs to be paid to the containment of SCP-X. (Special precautions towards themself) SCP-X should be contained in a single villa designed by a French designer, not less than 50 x 50 x 20 meters, with a garden on the top floor and a swimming pool with no less than 200 square meters in the courtyard. The Foundation shall assign a male staff member over 50 years of age, trained in British royal etiquette, who shall wear a wig 24 hours a day to assist in the management of the villa. The staff monitoring the SCP-X behavior must undergo a monthly psychological evaluation. There have been cases where staff had quit the Foundation because they could not stand the trash talk. Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 40 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://w ww.p atreon.c om/nahyesq

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Interview With SCP-682 Part 4

Time went back to the present. Melanie looked at Zhang Jue riding on the back of SCP-682 with a leather whip in his hand, and her whole body was stunned. The last person to do so was still one of those four Famous doctors.

That incident directly led to a massive containment breach at Site-19, with many buildings being destroyed with countless deaths and injuries. I never thought that, after so many years, another person would do such a crazy thing.

The temporary containment room was supposed to be specially made, with all four walls constructed with a very special material. Even if you take a rocket launcher to break it through, it is not likely to blow a hole.

SCP-682 is made with flesh, and it was able to blow out a big hole. The power of destruction is evident. But Melanie still somehow can't figure it out. The glass wall inside the shelter room is designed by her personally. It will automatically send out an alarm as long as it is destroyed, but why is it not triggered?

Even if the alarm device failed and SCP-682 suddenly burst into action, Advisor Zhang had enough time to escape. But he did not do so and rode on the back of SCP-682.

Melanie saw that Advisor Zhang got up slightly on SCP-682, waved the whip in his hand, and shouted, "Get out of the way. SCP-682 went crazy! Yippee-ki-yay!"

I don't know if it was an illusion. Although Advisor Zhang's expression was serious, Melanie always felt as if he was enjoying himself. Despite being shocked by sight in front of her, she pressed the alarm at the first opportunity.

The two squads that had already been waiting outside the door immediately went into the area. Two minutes later, Bellamy called through to the surveillance room.

"Melanie, what's the situation?"

"Mr. Bellamy. Advisor Zhang, he..."

"What happened to him? Was he eaten by SCP-682?"

"No, he rode on top of SCP-682."


"Advisor Zhang Jue rode on top of SCP-682. The two are now hanging in the corridor. The MTF squad has entered to support the situation."

"Fuck!" Melanie heard Bellamy curse a few times, then slammed the phone.

It was prescient that this time Advisor Zhang had been arranged to meet with SCP-682 in this one building. The video footage showed Zhang Jue riding on top of SCP-682, who kept shaking his body and trying to shake him off.

However, Zhang Jue's feet were clamped dead on its back. He was always keeping his balance, like a bullfighter. The two MTF squads surrounded them from afar. Due to Zhang Jue's position, they did not immediately attack it with weapons.

"Advisor Zhang Jue, please get off of SCP-682 as soon as possible so that we can contain it!" The "Tyrannosaurus" squad leader shouted to Zhang Jue over the loudspeaker.

They had already learned of Zhang Jue's identity before being assigned this mission. Originally SCP-682 was out of control. Even if a doctor were riding on it, the two MTF teams would not have hesitated. This was because the Foundation had already had a similar incident.

But Zhang Jue's identity was special, and he had received orders that if Zhang Jue were harmed, their squad would be removed from the MTF forever. It was quite a harsh punishment. They fought and retreated, only daring to use weapons that were not as powerful in terms of damage. But how could they possibly stop SCP-682 with it?

"Get out of the way. Something wrong just happened. No, I can't get down! When I come down, it's going to eat me. Get out of the way! Heave ho!" Zhang Jue rode SCP-682 all the way forward.

The Cobra squad leader shouted over the intercom, "Cartman, what do we do now? It's starting to get out of control! We need to step up our firepower!"

Captain Tyrannosaurus said, "No! Advisor Zhang is still up there. We can't let him get hurt!"

"Lord Bellamy has given orders that SCP-682 cannot be allowed to come out of this building! Otherwise, we'll all be thrown into a disciplinary!"

"Lord O5 has also ordered that if anything happens to Advisor Zhang, both of our squads will start cleaning SCP-682's room from tomorrow."

"What the fuck?! Can I ask which O5 it is?"

"Don't fuck around. I have his orders here. But I have no right to know exactly which one. If you want to complain, it's better to wait until we finish the mission. It's better for me to be given a disciplinary than cleaning SCP-682's containment room."

"Fuck! What are we going to do then?"

"You stall them first, and I'll start a backup plan!"

"At this time, there is some backup plan?"

"Directed by one of the O5's orders. Of course, it's given by the O5!" The two captains determine the tactics and situation.

Zhang Jue rode SCP-682 all the way forward without any problem at all and soon broke out of that complex. Zhang Jue waved his whip and shouted, "Don't shoot, I'm scared." while shouting, "Heave, heave, ho!".

As SCP-682 pushed forward, he said in a low voice, "Can you act more convincing?"

Zhang Jue whistled in the air with his whip and laughed, "We have people who believe naturally, people who do not believe depends on the likeness of a person towards them. I was with David Copperfield, and we went to the toilet together. How come I cannot like him? Because his trick is a movie star level performance."

SCP-682 was silent for a moment. After a few seconds, he said, "I hope I made the right choice."

"Hahahahaha." Zhang Jue rode on SCP-682's back and let out an arrogant laugh, "I have always done business with a fair and reasonable result without any tricks at all. You will definitely not be on the loss here if you follow me! Well, if my information is correct. This should be the place, SCP-682. The time has come to test your ability."

As they spoke, two of them came to open space. In the way of SCP-682 rage, Tyrannosaurus and Cobra squad can only point their weapon from a distance. The skin of SCP-682's body kept changing, scales appeared on the body, and sharp claws appeared on the limbs, eventually turning into a pangolin look.

"This looks very ugly…." Said SCP-682.

"Whatever, just be practical." Zhang Jue laughed, "Come on, I can't wait."

Only to see SCP-682 immediately began to use sharp claws to dig the ground, soon made a large hole, and then with Zhang Jue, drilled in.

Captain Cobra said in shock, "Shit, where do they headed?"

"Shit, that's the Euclid containment area down there!"


"What's going on? What's going on? Why aren't you guys re-contain SCP-682!" At this time, Bellamy met them along the way.

"Lord Bellamy, we received a secret order from O5 to not allow Advisor Zhang Jue to be harmed or else."

"Or else my ass!" Bellamy took out a piece of paperwork, "This is an order written by Lord O5-5 herself, and I now order you two squads to re-contain SCP-682 at all costs! I'll turn you all to a D-Class if anything goes wrong!"

The two captains looked at each other, revealing bitter smiles, and suddenly felt that life was hard. At this moment, Zhang Jue has come with SCP-682 to Site-19's Euclid Object Containment Area. They were scurrying around inside, destroying everywhere. Only God knows what they really want.

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