I Just Called To Say I Love You  Book

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I Just Called To Say I Love You 


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"Sir, we have an appointment with Mr Jones within fifteen minutes," Amy Miller said "Cancel it, I don't want to be late for my own marriage," Andy Francis said "Wait? What? Are you getting married? With whom? Why we are not informed?" Amy asked anxiously "I think I'm the boss," Andy said "Sorry sir," Amy said and lowered her head "Okay fine, let's go," Andy said before holding her wrist "where?" "How can I marry without a bride?" Andy said while moving out of the office with Amy ..... Well, Do you ever have a crush on anyone? If YES, then to what extent you went for him? Amy Miller who was smart, intelligent, hardworking women has a hard crush on arrogant, overbearing, cold and aloof CEO Andy Francis since childhood but has no guts to express to him. Will Amy proposes him? What if they both got married? Will Andy loves her? Ps:- This cover doesn't belongs to me.


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