241 Chapter One Hundred and Forty: Bloody Battle with Di Shitian _2

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"I am already at the peak of the Fifth Level, only needing to merge my intention with the heaven and earth, and I can step into the Sixth Realm!"

"It's not hard for me!"

"The key is, which realm of comprehension should I use?"

"It is not the more realms of comprehension the better."

Jiang Ming was swiftly mulling over the thoughts.

Comprehending more realms, integrating more into Heaven and Earth, would bring more power, but it's not like that.

Wanting to merge intention with Heaven and Earth, first relies on one's own acupoints as a bridge, controlling with will, and then blending intention into the Heavenly Heart.

This requires the realm of comprehension to be complete.

After integrating one, if you want other realms to imprint on the Heavenly Heart, you need to blend them with the first realm of comprehension.

This is also considered another way of blending realms, just more difficult.


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